• Show Date: 24/04/2011
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Selkirk & District Canine Society

Thank you to the committee of Selkirk & D.C.S for inviting me to judge at this friendly, well run show. There were some lovely dogs, particularly whippets where the quality was in my opinion first class.

Afghan Hound Open (3)

1st Dunn’s Finix Lindores at Gylemuir.

Cream and black dignified bitch of 2 years. Nice long skull and foreface. Dark eyes and nose and lovely low set ears. Strong, long neck. Presented in excellent condition with a beautiful long, fine coat. Well muscled. Excellent bend of stifle. Well set back, sloping shoulders. Tail low set and carried well. BOB

2nd Anderson & Elliott Finix Veldricken

3rd Anderson & Elliott Hubblebub Beira at Finix

Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen Open (3,2a)

1st Reid’s Maudaxi McQuene Roly Poly

18 months old masculine boy. Fabulous temperament. Good size and shape. Beautiful slightly domed head with well defined stop. Good pigment and melting dark eyes. Low set ears. Good length of neck. This boy really powered round the ring from strong, well muscled hindquarters. Moved with real reach and drive. In excellent condition. BOB

Beagle Open (8,1a)

1st Dean’s Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM

3 year old broken tri bitch. Presented in excellent condition. Soft head with kind expression. Nice dark pigment. Good length of leather. Well muscled. Nicely arched neck leading on to a level topline which she held on the move. The most free moving dog in the class. Lovely deep chest and well sprung ribs. Short pasterns and nice tight feet. Moved out with drive from well muscled hindquarters. BOB

2nd MacDonald’s Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW ShCM

3rd Linden’s Bruadair Lag An Rata

Deerhound Open (3)

1st Robertson’s Chuilinn Camellia

16 months feminine bitch. Sympathically handled. Happy showgirl with a lovely friendly temperament. Good tapered head with dark pigment. Kind dark eye. High set soft, dark ears. Well laid shoulders leading onto a straight front. Deep chest and nicely arched loin. Wide set hips and excellent bend of stifle. Beautiful to watch this girl move out round the ring Preferred her front movement to her classmates. Felt it was a shame she didn’t stay for the group. BOB

2nd Robertson’s Gentiehun Thyme

3rd Robertson’s Glen Mara Toragh of Lowtherhills ShCM (IMP FRA)

Whippet Junior (5)

Incredibly strong class of young whippets. I really was splitting hairs with my final placings.

1st Johnston’s Danluke Dance of Love.

Pretty girl of 17 months. Very feminie. Lovely size. Bright alert eyes and correct rose shaped ears. Beautiful arched long neck. Good shoulders and deep chest. Well muscled back with the correct arch over loin. Good tuck up. Strong thighs and well bent stifles. Nice feet. Moved beautifully round the ring and covered the ground with ease. Presented in perfect condition and expertly handled. This girl will trouble the best.

2nd Middlemiss’ Normaina Mischief Maker

3rd Robertson’s Cornstalk Fair Play in Lowtherhills

Whippet Graduate (10, 4a)

Another excellent class of beautifully presented hounds.

1st Robertson’s Cornstalk Creme Caramel in Lowtherhills

Such a sweet bitch of 2 years. Fabulous temperament. Lovely size and shape. The most beautiful of heads with a melting expression. Nice dark pigment and good ears. Well muscled throughout yet still ultra feminine. Good upper arm and excellent depth of chest. Deep brisket. Correct oval feet. Carried tail well. Lovely free moving girl who strode out with ease. True coming and going. Could have taken this girl home.

2nd Johnston’s Danluke Dance of Love

3rd Thomson’s Berwicklaws Harbour Master

Whippet Open (12, 4a)

Class of the day without a doubt though I was surprised at the variation of height and build in this class. My first three were in my opinion, fabulous specimens of the breed.

1st Short’s Collooney Going Dutch

My notes on this dog begin the the word “Wow”!! Caught my eye as he entered the ring and am delighted to say he did not disappoint. Another lovely sized hound with a gentle nature. Masculine lean head and kind bright eye. Strong jaws and rose shaped, fine ears. Long muscular neck with an elegant arch. Excellent shoulders and perfect deep chest. Strong pasterns. Well muscled and excellent bend of stifle. Could have watched this boy move round the ring all day long. Delighted to award this boy BOB. Should have a bright future,

2nd Johnston’s Collooney Tricky Dicky

Have judged this young man before and love everything about him. Today his mind was just not in it and he really played up for his handler who did everything he could to get the best out of him.

3rd Waddell & Morris’ Crosscop Brilliant Thats Me

Judge: Miss Lynn Bailey