• Show Date: 19/11/2011
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/03/2020

Huntingdonshire Canine Society




PUPPY (5) 1. Hornby’s Jacmist Oliver. 11mths b&w, firm level topline, plenty of depth and good forechest. Has plenty of bone and good flare over hips. Moved well but general outline spoiled by too high tail carriage. BP & RBOB. 2. Wildman’s Mystical Milow 3. Beeb’s Clavaires Colour Code for Carangil

JUNIOR (7, 3 abs) 1. Simmonds’ Keladity Wait Tan See. Presents a good outline but muzzle could be squarer. Has plenty of bone and substance, neck nicely arched into well laid shoulders. Plenty of forechest and good spring of rib. Excellent 2nd thigh development. Moved OK if a little wide. 2. Hutson’s Carmelfair Tarrarrah 3. Ward’s Wensum Trick of the Light

POST GRAD ( 8, 1 abs ) 1. K Wait Tan See 2. Ward’s Wensum Earl Grey 3. Wilkinson’s Squiretime Draco

OPEN ( 7, 1 abs) 1. Pretty & Carpenter’s Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW. Beautifully balanced b&w presented in immaculate condition and expertly handled. Most handsome head, lovely eye, clean neck and shoulders, wide and well muscled hindquarters, fabulous feet. BOB and Group 4.

2. Reed’s Reemif Blue Reflection 3. Hutson’s Moonwood Pirate King at Stobytill


JUNIOR ( 7, 3 abs) 1. Weyman’s Donarden Sweet Sensation at Spuffing. Racy and compact, well boned with ample spring of rib. Square muzzle, clean back skull, shoulders well laid back and good return of upper arm. Moderate turn of stifle moved very well. Would prefer a darker eye. RBOB. 2. Notley’s Celgarn Next Heart of Gold 3. Osbourne’s Braego Eight Letters, BP.

POST GRAD ( 9, 4 abs) 1.Weyman’s Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing. Litter brother to Junior and another of lovely type. Straight and well boned forelegs , muscular loin and well coupled but again would prefer a darker eye. 2. Harris’ Waterswarren Back to Black 3. C. Next H of Gold

OPEN ( 6, 2 abs) 1. Cokel’s Carlyquinn Classic Line JW. What an absolutely beautiful bitch; she screamed breed type. The most divine head, perfect angulation and moved with proper ESS style. I loved her, BOB & Group 3. 2. Osbourne’s Petranella Casts a Spell over Braego 3. Wilson’s Chelmeress Solar Wind


PUPPY ( 4) A fabulous class of quality youngsters. 1. Harrison’s Glenbrows Poetry. Very pretty bitch, strong and merry with plenty of bone and substance. Well sprung ribs and deep brisket, excellent cat like feet. Preferred her head over 2 & 3 but I was nit picking in my decisions here. Very well handled and presented. BP and Puppy Group 1. 2. Harrison’s Glenbrows Beside Me 3. Thomas’ Bowdonia Star Catcher

POST GRAD ( 2) 1. Thomas’ Sherdrew in Your Dreams with Bowdonia. What a super type this is. Excellent forehand and depth with great spring of rib, neat feet and ever wagging tail. Very merry indeed. RBOB. 2. G Beside Me

OPEN ( 3) 1. Harrison’s Glenbrows Time Lord JW. Fabulous! I had to do a double take when I felt his shoulders which are simply superb. The loveliest eye and expression, true front, good ribs, muscular loin, short, strong hocks. Moved with true style and type. BOB and Group 2. 2. Thomas’ Sh Ch Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW. 3. B Chasing Dreams


ADULT. A strong group where some very good dogs went unplaced. I make no excuse for placing so highly the spaniels that I judged as I found the 3 of them quite superb. 1. Adam’s Pointer Ansona Simple Simon. Truly a series of graceful curves. Moved and handled to perfection. 2. WSS 3. ESS 4. Cocker Spaniel.

PUPPY 1. WSS 2. Goldlyn Going to Dazzle, very well balanced and good moving Golden Retriever 3. Winsleywood Wild Honey Labrador Retriever 4. Salvache Hidden Glory to Bequerelle Hungarian Vizsla

Christine Morgan