• Show Date: 01/06/2011
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/03/2020

Taunton & District Canine Association


1ST JUNE 2011


Graduate (9, 3 abs) 1. Knabynnus Midsummer Portia. BOB. Short back, stands over plenty of ground. Good forechest and excellent front extension. Preferred neck & shoulder over 2. Will I Am of Ankherwood . 3. Fraulynzway Joly Hoky Stix

Open (6, 1 abs) 1. Ivoravon Snow Storm Sh CM. RBOB. Lovely lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm, deep in brisket. Well muscled quarters and good 2nd thigh development. Preferred head of BOB. 2. Will I Am of A. 3. Fraulynzway Siskin Natter

Hungarian Vizsla

Graduate (1) 1. Beo Valentina by Vizslanya, RBOB. Well balanced and good forehand. Strong over loin and well developed behind.

Open (4, 2 abs) 1. Pitsawrren Darwinian, BOB & Group 3. Super type. Excels in front angulation, well ribbed up and deep in brisket. Excellent reach and drive, moves on a long, easy stride. 2. Vadcacsa Banff at Aranyhaz

Curly Coated Retriever

Graduate (6, 1 abs) 1. Maycourt Skies on Fire. BPIB and Group 4.. Best mover in the class. Typical head with lovely eye shape and well set. Strong limbs, plenty of heart and lung room, excellent tight curls. 2. Woodheale Hot Property. 3. Pepperiever Beech at Crookwood

Open (4, 2 abs) 1. Maycourt Tumbling Dice Sh CM. BOB. Of good type, the very best of heads, carries a good topline with plenty of depth and strong forechest. Moved so very well. 2. Kestrel on the Wing


Graduate (4) a difficult class. 1. Melanitta Morning Glory, RBOB. Tends to stand bum high but carries a good topline on the move. Plenty of dog in front. Very pretty head with good eye colour, carried tail well. 2. Foxdown Cecilia 3. Foxdown Bertie Allsorts. BPIB.

Open (6) 1. Hillscourt Baron Theobald. BOB. Typical of the standard and what a mover. An easy winner. 2. Dinaskarrek Red Prancer. 3. Foxdown My Fair Lady


Graduate (1) 1. Nakuru Destiny’s Child. RBOB. Powerful and elegant. Super in front, good bone and excellent spring of rib. Moved very well.

Open (2) 1. Micklemess Bella Rosa. BOB. Presents a balanced picture, strong topline, moved very well without lumber. Preferred head over 2. Nakuru Out of the Ashes


Graduate (2, 2abs)

Open (5, 4 abs) 1. Tiverstone Prairie Spy at Covina. BOB. Lovely head planes, good prosternum with plenty of depth in brisket. Strong topline, ample turn of stifle.


Graduate (1) 1. Garbeth Midsummer Mayhem at Quensha. BPIB & Puppy Group 4. Lovely baby. Pretty head, good neck into clean shoulders, ample spring of rib and ever wagging tail. Moved very well.

Open (3) 1. Ferndel Voyage to Vynesbrook JW. BOB and Group 2. Have judged her before and she just gets better. Showed very well for her new handler. I still love her and wish she were mine.

2. Islemoor Ruby Tuesday with Barhi Sh CM. RBOB. 3. Kurzeja Cloud Dancing


Graduate (6, 2 abs) 1. Flaxheath By Chance JW, Gordon Setter. RBOB. Typical of the breed, classic head, strong neck, good return of upper arm. Shiny, coal black coat with clear tan markings. Animated mover. 2. Antdella Toffee Crisp, IWS. 3. Almondsbury Pandemonium, Am Cocker

Open ( 8, 2 abs) 1. Tsunami ’N’ Fielgar Run N Shine (Imp USA), Am Cocker. BOB and group 4. Glorious example, put down to perfection. Fabulous head and neck, great return of upper arm, strong back and sloping topline. Moved like a train. 2. Rudishaw Raise the Roof, GWP. 3. Macarica Stella de Mare, Spin.

AV Gundog

Veteran ( 20, 9 abs) 1. Acquelin Apollo, Cocker. At 9 years old in super coat and condition. So very handsome in head, has depth and substance, moves like he’s on rails. Delighted that he was BVIS.

2. Kerrydown Layla Sh CM, Irish Setter. 3. Plymleigh Viscount Russell Sh CM, Weimeraner

Minor Puppy ( 8, 4 abs) 1. Sunzo Symphonic, Cocker. Decent type, head needs to break but sturdy and well balanced. 2. Maycourt Chase the Ace, Curly. 3. Drumkilty Take the High Road to Sandaula, Goldie

Puppy ( 8, 4 abs ) 1. Lunarpet Black Orchid, Lab. Best mover in the class. Balanced throughout, good coat and condition. 2. Magnavalleys Bright Light, Lab. 3. Bramblebriar Cloudberry, Goldie

Graduate ( 14, 6 abs) 1. Richbourne Signature Tune of Tiaja, Lab. Strongly built, short coupled, very good on the move. 2. A. Pandemonium. 3. W. Hot Property

Open ( 10, 8 abs) 1. Trebettyn Terymon to Tannadice JW, Goldie. Presents a balanced and powerful picture. Soft expression, strong quarters, sound on the move. 2. Trebeureden Temptress, Irish Setter

Gundog Group, Adult. 1. Manchela Wild Willow, Cocker. Absolutely beautiful and what a mover. 2. WSS. 3. Hungarian Vizsla. 4. American Cocker

Puppy Group. 1. Lambass Chiquitita, Lab. Strongly built and short coupled. 2. Trosnant Contessa Medici, delightful baby Pointer. 3. Curly. 4. WSS.

Christine Morgan