• Show Date: 16/07/2011
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teri Burke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

NW&PB Ch Show, 16th July 2011



PD (Absent), JD (Absent)

PGD (3,1)

1st Thompson’s VALSON ELTON JOHN, just 18 months, head of good length and balanced proportions, skull as yet receding slightly, good stop, muzzle and strength of underjaw, good chiselling, well placed eyes of good colour and shape, tall ears used well although would prefer a little higher set, dark pigment and good split of mouth; nice neck and withers, topline needs to firm, good croup; OK chest for age, nicely angled front and rear giving easy movement and ground cover, good bone, parallel limbs, good stance

2nd Cashmore’s BELSHAROSE MASACCIO, medium length head, a little strong throughout although balanced length skull to muzzle ratio, cheeks a touch flared, good pigment would like a better split, good eye shape, colour and set; nice neck, withers and topline; front angulation more moderate than rear, little loose in elbows, pasterns need to strengthen, nice side gait with sufficient ground cover, not so tidy coming and going as 1st, would like more leg

LD (5)

1st Ford’s VANISTICA LIVE AND LET DIE AT JANDARRUS JW Sh.CM, very pleasing dry head of good length and proportions, correct chiselling under well placed eyes of good shape and colour, alert and attractive expression, good ears used constantly, wide split lips with dark pigment; arched neck which could be a little longer, good topline, croup and tailset, sufficient chest, a little long over loin; angulation slightly more open in front, better in rear; moved shade wide coming, correctly behind, good side gait; needs more length of leg to complete the picture, overall nice type.

2nd Hall’s AILORT INSPYRE, head of good length and balanced skull to muzzle ratio, skull could be flatter, sufficient chiselling; would like more obliquely set eye, good pigment and split of mouth, good ear set and use; OK neck onto good withers and firm topline, shade long in back, good croup and tailset; Good chest and tuck-up, good bone, feet could be tighter and pasterns stronger, moved well when into stride, proud stance


OD (3,1)

1st Westley & Grevett’s CH BECANBRIE ROHAN AT LINVETTS, tall and elegant male of pleasing type. Very attractive long, dry head, flat skull, nicely moulded foreface, excellent eye shape and colour obliquely set, good pigment and wide split lips all contributing to typical lively expression and masculine appearance without any coarseness. Good length and crest of neck onto defined withers, firm topline, sufficient chest, would prefer him shorter coupled, good bone, parallel limbs, good length of leg and proud stance. Moved true coming and going with brisk free side gait. Not in his best coat however a quality dog, alert character, RCC

2nd Davies & Morris’ Xanova Dans Le Noir avec Ambrajai, of different stamp to 1st being stronger throughout but another quality male of good breed type; good length of head, slightly deep and flared in skull relating to muzzle, nicely chiselled under dark eyes, tall ears a little wide at base, good pigment, well split lips; nicely arched neck onto defined withers. Level topline, good chest and underline, good bone, straight limbs, stands four square; in good coat with mature ruff, would prefer in harder condition.

VD/B (4)

1st Wilson & Malinowski’s CH EBONTIDE NEXUS FOR LYKOS JW ShCM, excellent male, tall and elegant fulfilling my interpretation of correct breed type with a commanding ring presence; lovely head of good length, masculine proportions while retaining desired refinement; excellent chiselling, pigment and wide split mouth, good strength of underjaw. Medium dark eye with lively and intelligent expression, tall ears high set and used well; correctly arched and well-muscled neck onto pronounced withers, firm topline, slightly sloping croup; developed forechest, sufficient lay-back of shoulders, correct underline, nice spring of rib, good hind-quarters; proportionate bone on straight limbs; shapely, proud and alert stance, moved with required reach and drive holding topline. Shown in excellent coat to further accentuate his many qualities, a stylish and typical dog still very much on top form, CC & BOB

2nd Jameson-Nicholls’ VANISTICA KANASTA, rather stronger male throughout, medium length head, balanced skull and muzzle ratio, would like a little more refinement. Good eye shape and colour, good ears used well, good pigment and nice split of mouth; nice flow of neck onto withers and topline, shade longer cast, gently sloping croup. OK chest and front assembly, nice underline, good rear, proportionate bone on straight limbs, nice stance; moved a little close behind, brisk side gait, needs more length of leg, lovely character


PB (2,1)

1st Lipscombe’s BECANBRIE SERENITY, just 8 months, long lean head, nicely chiselled, skull currently receding slightly, straight muzzle, minimum stop, good strength underjaw, good eye colour shape and set, well split lips and dark pigment, good ear set and carriage; nice neck, withers still need to develop, a little rangy in outline at the moment, good length of leg, more moderately angled front than rear, nice side gait when settled into her stride and stood four square on straight limbs, proportionate substance all through, nice character, BPIB

JB (3)

1st Van Der Heuden & Oatley’s JETAIME JANNEKA D’ALLURE, only 12 months, lovely length head, dry and well chiselled, minimum stop, parallels OK, good eye shape and expression, tall ears well set, good pigment and sufficient split of lips; nice neck, slight dip in topline at present, OK chest for age, good length of leg, straight limbs, nice stance, movement still to tighten but good ground cover on side gait, sweet temperament just needs to develop a little more confidence

2nd Brason’s FLAMBARDS DIVA, 16 months, nice type although of different stamp to 1st, medium length head, good stop, parallels need to settle; good split of mouth and pigment, good eye colour would prefer more almond, good neck, withers still need to develop, balanced angles front and rear, enough bone, good stance, easy brisk movement in all directions, needs to come up on leg to balance picture, good temperament


PGB (5,3)

1st MacAndie’s DEJAVU DE LA DOUCE PLAINE, simply exquisite. Ultra-feminine girl, medium length head wonderfully dry and chiselled with an incredible expression from darkest eyes, wide split black lips, small high set ears framed by a feminine ruff. Excellent reach and crest of neck onto distinct withers, good topline, croup and tail set. Chest not yet fully developed but adequate for age, nice sweep of underline, proportionate bone and straight limbs; moderately angled fore and aft, square outline and stance. Inclined to fidget on move however true brisk side gait with appropriate ground cover; not the tallest of bitches but within standard; oozes quality, elegance and effervescent attitude so typical of the BSD. I adored her, CC

2nd Peacock’s VALSON CHER OF ROSARAMARK, 20 months bitch of different stamp to 1st being more substantial throughout. Medium length head a little strong and deep through skull, balanced ratio skull and muzzle length, good underjaw, enough chiselling, good split of lips with medium pigment, dark eyes a shade full, good ear shape and set, very good neck, topline and stance; well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, good rear, tended to crab a little on move but good extension when into stride, parallel limbs and proportionate bone

LB (5)

1st Oatley’s JETAIME ANOUSHKA A ELEGANCE, long lean head, minimum stop, slightly roman nose, nice chiselling, good eye shape colour and set, good ears used expressively, dark pigment and nice split of lips, enough strength of underjaw; good reach of neck, OK withers, slightly long in back and chest needs to be more developed, rather open angle to shoulder and upper arm, better in rear; a little fine in bone, straight limbs, good extension in side gait, a shade close behind, tendency to turn front toes out in stance

2nd Donaldson’s REVLOCH XQUISITE OF FIVANNTE JW ShCM, head of good length, balanced skull to muzzle ratio, moderate stop, plains converging slightly, enough chiselling, pigment OK, would like wider split of lips; tall ears well set used intermittently, good reach of neck, topline a little long and flat, slightly straighter in front angles than rear, moving close fore and aft, brisk side gait with just enough extension; good straight limbs and stands feet turned out at rear


OB (5,2)

1st Clifford’s EBONTIDE TABOU, tall and feminine bitch, dry head of good length, good parallels, slightly deep in back skull, moderate stop, good strength of underjaw; dark pigment, wide split lips, ears of good size, shape and set used well, lovely expression from dark well placed eyes; nice reach and arch to neck, would like a little more definition to wither, good topline, croup and tailset; chest still to develop fully, a shade long cast. Good straight limbs with proportionate bone, proud carriage and stance with elegant length of leg; played around a little on up and down movement had lovely flowing side gait with good reach and drive; in lovely condition, classy bitch with lots to like, RCC

2nd Lawless’ CH/IR CH/LUX CH REVLOCH X FACTOR CJW10, similar age to 1st but of more substantial mould, a touch strong through for me nonetheless a quality bitch well presented. Head of medium length and proportions, would like more chiselling and definition of contours; lovely expression from dark almond shaped eyes obliquely set, good pigment and split of lips, good ear set shape and size, slight roman nose; good neck and topline; balanced angles front and rear, moved freely all ways on straight limbs, good bone and stance; lacking a little sparkle