• Show Date: 16/07/2011
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teri Burke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

NW&PB Ch Show, 16th July 2011



PD (1)

1st Sercombe’s TOKYN I PREDICT A RIOT, promising baby of 9 months, head is of good length and proportions, balanced skull and muzzle ratio, slight roman nose at present, chiselling to develop, good strength of underjaw; defined mask, good eye shape, colour and set giving pleasing expression, well split mouth and good pigment; lovely flow of neck onto withers and topline, a little extra length of loin; sufficient depth of chest for age, slightly upright front assembly, better rear, good bone, parallel limbs; high stepping a little in front, happy character

JD & PGD No entries

LD (1)

1st Hulbert’s BELSHAROSE COLORADO, medium length head a little strong through and would prefer more chiselling; nicely defined mask, sufficient split of mouth, good pigment and strength of underjaw; tall ears used well but could be set a little higher, expression a touch direct; good neck, wither and firm topline, well sprung ribs, OK chest, proportionate bone, parallel limbs and stands four square; crabbing slightly on move, sufficient extension when into stride holding topline, nice temperament, would like a little more animation

OD (4)

1st Lloyd’s CH BELSHAROSE NEBRASKA beautifully balanced, refined and elegant, all male yet with the graceful strength I was looking for. Head is of good length, good parallel lines, balanced skull to muzzle proportions; defined mask, correct chiselling under well shaped and set eyes, dark pigment and well-drawn back split of mouth; nicely muscled and arched neck onto developed withers, firm topline with elegant flow to croup and tailset giving very harmonious and typical outline; good chest and underline, good bone, stance and proud head carriage. Movement was foot perfect in all directions holding his topline throughout and commanding attention. Impressive dog with that extra touch of class, excellent temperament, presented in wiry condition and could not be denied CC & BOB

2nd Ralph’s BONVIVANT ZIPPYDEDOODAH, eye-catching rich red male with fabulous character and attitude. Head of good length, skull could be flatter and recedes slightly, good balance of skull to muzzle proportions, nicely chiselled, vibrant expression, good eye shape colour and set, wide split lips and dark pigment, ears used well but could be set shade higher; good reach and crest of neck with nice flow onto topline, a shade long over loin and rather proud of his tail; sufficient depth of chest for age, slightly more open angles front than rear, rather playful on the move but balanced side gait when settled, RCC


V D/B (2)

Two quality bitches that I judged several years ago, now both just over 11 years and belying their age, a credit to their breeders and owners:

1st Brett’s CH SABERFIELD ZIMPLY ZUPER, tall and elegant lady, beautiful long head, lean, dry and well chiselled, medium brown eye of good shape and set with attentive expression, mask is a little diluted and pigment fading slightly, wide split mouth and good strength of underjaw, tall ears used well, lovely long neck onto good withers, nice topline, croup and tailset, chest is a shade wide, good tuck-up, proud stance on straight well boned limbs with lovely length of leg, easy flowing gait and presented in lovely condition

2nd Brown’s CH BONVIVANT COUP DE FOUDRE AVEC ZODANTA ShCM, much the same virtues as 1st, head is slightly stronger for width and depth but still of good length, nicely chiselled below the eyes, well filled muzzle with good balance to skull ratio, moderate split, attentive and alert expression, good neck flowing onto accentuated withers and firm topline which she held on the move; good stance, bone and parallel limbs with lovely free, brisk movement

PB (2)

1st Jellicoe’s GOLDMALI FLASHDANCE, 8 months pretty and feminine puppy of lovely breed type, very good length and proportions of head, excellent parallels, defined mask, with correct eye colour shape and set giving a quizzical and alert expression, well split lips and dark pigment; high set ears used constantly. Lovely reach of neck flowing harmoniously onto nice topline, croup and tail set; lovely proportionate bone, straight limbs, tight feet and standing four square. Nicely angled front and rear giving very brisk and positive movement viewed all ways; showed calmly and attentively for one so young with super temperament, RCC & BPIB

2nd England & Bull’s STONEDRAGON ARENISCA VANISTICA, 11 months feminine youngster that also scored highly for breed type, very similar qualities to 1st with perhaps slightly shorter body. Unfortunately a little over-awed by the environment indoors so didn’t make the most of herself when being gone over and this was reflected in her movement but when she pulled herself together had beautiful side gait. Doubtless these two promising youngsters will swap places another day

JB / PGB – No entries

LB (2)

1st Kirk’s BONVIVANT SORCIERE, medium head, slightly flared in skull which could be flatter, good strength and proportion of muzzle and underjaw, enough chiselling, shaded mask, good eye shape and colour, good ears well set but not used to advantage; nice neck, withers and firm topline; good chest, rib and tuck-up, good shoulder placement and nicely angled rear; good bone, parallel limbs and stance with brisk, free ground covering movement; would like a little more animation, steady character

2nd Flint’s VONGRAF NEEDLE, large bitch lacking somewhat in femininity; OK length of head in proportion to size but even so rather strong throughout. Shaded mask covering essential points, good pigment, slightly full eye of medium brown, ears could be used to better advantage; good neck, wither and topline, slightly sloping croup; straight limbs; well angled front and rear, came into her own on the move with a change of handler

OB (4/1)

Three lovely bitches:

1st Brason’s CH CAMYLLE DES ILLES DU SUD AT FLAMBARDS very feminine, eye-catching bitch of medium size with lovely type and beautifully balanced throughout. Clean and refined head of good length, lovely proportions of skull to muzzle, nicely chiselled under the eyes which were dark and obliquely set giving a typical expression; very good mask, wide split of mouth, ears of good shape and size used constantly although could be higher set. Arched neck, firm topline, good croup and tail-set; sufficient depth of chest, nice tuck-up, elegant length of leg, good bone, parallel limbs, tight feet and proud stance; excellent movement viewed all ways, proud head carriage. Her tail never stopped wagging, a top quality bitch with super character, CC

2nd Ralph’s BONVIVANT HABIBI, another quality bitch of different stamp to 1st, tall, elegant and distinctly feminine. Lovely long dry head, very good proportions of skull to muzzle with nicely moulded foreface and strength of underjaw; good mask, eye shape, colour and set giving appealing expression, tall ears, wide split and good pigment. Arched neck flowing onto firm topline giving very harmonious impression overall; good bone, stance and effortless movement from every angle