• Show Date: 26/11/2011
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2021

Great Dane Club Of Wales

Breed: Special Awards


My thanks to the Officers and Committee of the Great Dane Club of South Wales for allowing me the opportunity of judging the special awards at its championship show, and of course to the exhibitors for supporting this innovation.

PUPPY DOG (9, 3abs)

I was quite taken with both 1 and 2. I am sure they will change places many times over the coming months and I shall follow their careers with interest.

1. Bishton's Jaydania Henry Fonda. Handsome, black masked fawn of 8 ½ months. Compact and fairly well balanced for age. Loved his head which is proportionate, in no way overdone with good eye and expression. Straight front with depth and width, standing on good feet. Clean length of neck set well into correct shoulders. Ribs are well sprung and topline is firm. Good width of thigh, just needing to let down behind as he grows on and matures. Positive, true, enthusiastic mover.

2. Chappell & Dyson's Selmalda I'm Yours. Most promising young fawn of 7 months. So impressive on the move with easy drive and extension reflected in an excellent side gait. Head of level planes with square drop of lip which he needs to grow into. Another good front for depth, width and tight feet. Good shoulder, depth of body and short loin. Like the winner he too had a typical puppy topline and lacked a little more hind angulation.

3. Byrne's Glentarn Telegram Sam.


1. Bishton & Marriott's Jaydania Johnny Cash. Strong 2 ½ year old fawn who, although not the tallest presented the most compact and clean outline in the class. Well filled, firm quarters and in excellent condition. Pleasing head free from exaggeration with good expression. Clean neck flows into wither and nicely angulated at shoulder. Topline was firm and true. Very well developed in front. but a touch prominent in sternum. Moved with an easy, even stride, driving from the hocks and true in front.

2. Le Page's Jaydania Eddie Cochrane. Very strong 2 year old fawn who shares a sire with the winner. Heavier all through than winner and lacked elegance of outline as he was carrying too much weight. Typical head in proportion to body, mounted on strong neck. His quarters were solid with brisket to elbow, well developed first and second thigh and correct turn of stifle, although I would prefer a more rounded croup. Moved out with drive.

3. Schaanning-Ling's Galomax Owjado

OPEN DOG (7,1)

1. Walton's Ch. Ravendane American Pye (AI) JW. Huge, strapping harlequin with tremendous bone. He presented a solid square outline with good height to length ratio. Strong head of parallel planes with good strength of jaw in proportion to frame with good eye. Strong, crested neck leading into straight front and good tight feet. Clean through wither and firm topline. Croup could be stronger, but well developed hindquarters with turn of stile. Tended to roll on the move, but was positive and tracked true coming and going.

2. Toohey's Ch. Jaydania Sun Tan. Rich fawn, with clean, elegant outline. Liked his well chiselled head and quizzical expression. Good length of neck and clean well developed front. Brisket to elbow, good spring of rib and correctly coupled with short firm loin. Presented in good condition. I would prefer a cleaner wither and stronger croup. Nicely angulated at the rear and his movement was lithe and free, although he did not always hold his topline.

3. Laidlaw's Kantalar Sealed with a Kiss JW ShCM

Ric Beall