• Show Date: 28/12/2010
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/03/2020

Luton Canine Association




Puppy (3, 2 abs) 1. Collins’ Kyuna Phoebe. Head of good proportions, strong, straight forelegs with correct bone, tight feet. Deep brisket, super spring of rib and ample turn of stifle. Pelvis tending towards sloping which gave a tail set lower than the standard requires. Moved O.K. Best Puppy.

Junior (4, 2 abs) 1. Collins’ Amscot Rebel With A Cause (AI) Typical, masculine head on strong, arched neck which flowed cleanly into well laid shoulders. Had the required flat croup and tail set. Presented a balanced picture and moved very well on an easy stride. In gleaming coal black coat with clear tan markings. Unfortunately he was underweight which cost him his place in the next class. 2. K. Phoebe

Post Graduate (4, 0 abs) 1. Reid’s Dunfionn Morar at Diersett. I liked this one very much. So very well balanced with fabulous bladed bone and abundant substance. Excellent croup and tail set, great width of stifle and moved effortlessly on super feet. Terrific tan markings. In the challenge her superior breed type and lashing tail took her to BOB. 2. A. Rebel w a C. 3. Thomas’ Graylacier Amber Destiny at Glynderys

Open (2, 0 abs) 1. Thomas’ Liric Remember Me at Glynderis. Good topline and well off for bone and spring of rib but would have liked more depth of brisket. Great pro-sternum. Moved well. Res BOB. 2. Collins’ Inkersall Glen Grant


Junior (2) 1. Dowden & Raggett’s Brockchime Snowdrop of Chontell. 2. Smith’s Fulaluv Aurora Over Yeldoaks. Both very good examples of the breed carrying typical heads with that lovely soft expression that tells you all about the wonderful nature of this breed. Preferred the depth of 1, particularly in back rib and she presented a strong topline with excellent width behind. Was maybe a fraction longer than I prefer. Moved very well with purpose and drive. Res Bob and Best Puppy.

Post Graduate (3) 1. B. Snowdrop 2. Nickelson’s Blitzan Eternal Delight 3. Ward’s Incadar Illuminaire for Gemlorien

Open (5, 2 abs) 1. Trowsdale’s Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW. Beautiful head with the softest of expressions under fabulous raised brows. Excellent length of upper arm, short back and typical slightly sloping topline. Moved with a free and springy gait. BOB. 2.Waers’ Tarkanya Lytas Llewellyn 3. Ward’s Bovellas First Choice for Gemlorien


Junior (5, 1 abs) 1. Monaghan’s Tweedsmuir Dambuster, Clumber Sp. Balanced head with good finish to foreface. Stands on strongly boned legs and large round feet. Moved with a lovely rolling gait. Best AVNSC Puppy. 2. Gale’s Sabisabi Lone Ranger, Am. Cocker 3. Reid’s Diersett Scuderia Ferrari, English Setter

Post Graduate (4, 1 abs)

1.Cornwell’s Theannaareh Emerald, Clumber Sp. Masculine head of great proportions but maybe a tad too much flew. Dense bone, great depth and well sprung ribs carried well back. Firm topline, correct tail set.. 2.Boden’s Tweedsmuir Klassic Edition Among Suelynda, Clumber Sp. 3. Gaels’ Sabisabi Shoshone Tonto, Am. Cocker

Open (6, 1 abs) 1. Boden’s Sh Ch Tweedsmuir Beautiful Dream among Suelynda JW ShCM, Clumber Sp. Every now and again it is my absolute delight to come across an exhibit of such outstanding type and quality that it takes my breath away. Today this beautiful and aptly named bitch left me breathless and speechless. Having studied the standard at length and in depth beforehand I found myself looking at my exact interpretation of it. Not only does she possess all the requirements of the standard when stacked she moves on an easy and powerful stride and has the indefinable quality that only great dogs possess. It was my pleasure and privilege to judge her and award her Best AVNSC. My day was complete when she took Group and then Best In Show. 2.Reid’s Tattersett You’re Special at Diersett, English Setter Res Best AVNSC. 3. Gales’ Quajalosh Miss Attitude of Sabisabi, Am Cocker


Puppy 1. Aulton’s Winnatt’s Siegfried, Golden Ret. Quality exhibit displaying strength and masculinity without coarseness. Moved so very well. 2. Barrs-Gordon’s Panoply Mountain King, Pointer 3. S Lone Ranger

Junior 1. Cole’s Trimere Touch of Romance, ESS. Lacked coat but of good racy breed type with typical movement. 2. Worgan’s Lochranza Man On A Mission For Luthame, Cocker

Post Graduate 1. Aulton’s Winnatts Rafael JW, Golden Ret. Lovely, kind expression, presented a balanced picture, powerful movement. 2. Caldwell’s Cerysan Pocahontas, WSS 3. Revil & Popkin’s Julita Renya, WSS

Open 1. Chapman’s Ashalon Sea of Dreams at Elphil, Cocker. Lovely head and expression, very merry on the move. 2.Caldwell’s Cerysan Purely By Chance, WSS 3. Walker’s Kensalroag Angus Macleod to Falkeshall JW, Golden Ret.

Christine Morgan