• Show Date: 10/04/2010
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/03/2020

Pontypool & District Canine Society


10th April 2010

Welsh Springer Spaniels

Junior (2) 1. Lewin’s Ferndel Voyage to Vynesbrook. Totally captivating 9 mths bitch with the most beautiful, balanced head. Deep brisket, well sprung ribs, strong muscular hindquarters, and lovely cat-like feet. Straight coat of lovely, silky texture. Merry and active on the move. Just one fault – she’s not mine! Preferred head and substance over 2. Johnston’s Coedybrain Terfel at Diales

Open (6, 4 abs) 1 and BOB Rees’ Sh Ch Coedybrain Carys at Typica.. Balanced bitch of good type. Strong, muscular body, great substance throughout and very well balanced. Typical spaniel movement, smooth, powerful and merry. Carried a lovely topline on the move displaying very smooth profile movement.. Preferred bone and substance over 2. Janes’ Coedybrain Eiranne.

American Cocker Spaniels

Open (4,1 abs) 1 and BOB Bedding’s Veltuds Vin Diesel. Super chap, beautifully presented with loads of substance under his silky, flat coat. Carried a great topline. Effortless and powerful movement showing a clean pair of heels. Fabulous finish to muzzle which I preferred over 2. Luczynski’s Semsox Thanks for the Memory 3. Woolridge’s Tisajs The Boy for Ozzy at Donatien

Cocker Spaniels

Graduate (1) 1 and BOB Hillier’s Coedcernyw Cameo JW. What a cracker! Fabulous shape, so well balanced. Head to die for. Moved out on a good stride with her silky, black coat gleaming in the sunshine.

Open (2,1 abs) 1 and RBOB Webb’s Speechouse Smart Move. Pretty head with gentle expression and correct square finish to muzzle. Muscular neck with good lay back of shoulder. Couldn’t match the coat and movement of BOB.

Golden Retrievers

Puppy (2, 1abs) Cope’s Golden Moonlight Dancer Handsome head, kind eye, good width to skull. Decent forechest, good front angulation with plenty of dog in front. Strong behind and moved on a good open stride. Good depth to coat.

Junior (3) 1 and BOB. Joy’s Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell (Imp)Well chiselled head with kind eye and expression. Super depth and spring of rib, legs well under body. Straight, well boned forelegs and well ribbed up. Lovely cat-like feet. Powerful, driving action on a good length of stride.2. Fry’s Wilgem Tiger Lily of Gablecross 3 .Nicholl’s Largymore Lochruan

Graduate (5, 1 abs) 1. Z. Say it Again S 2. W Tiger Lily of G 3. L. Lochruan

Open (3, 1 abs) 1. . L. Lochruan. Took some time to settle but got there in the end. Preferred head and movement over 2. Shearman’s Shardanell Touch of Glamour

Labrador Retrievers

Puppy (3, 1 abs) 1. Harvey-Major’s Gostwyck I Spy Linjor. Incredibly well balanced black displaying great breed type. Super head and forehand, great depth and spring of rib. Good 2nd thigh development. Great coat texture. Moved well. Preferred overall balance to 2 . Piff and Puzey’s Rowanhol Casanova’s Girl

Junior (2, 1abs) 1. Moody’s Trendlewood Finn The Eskimo. Nice head, alert expression, moved OK with good tail carriage.

Graduate (7, 6abs) 1. White’s Lunarpet Moonlight N Roses. Happy, extrovert type. Strong in neck and good spring of rib. Ever wagging tail.

Open (5, 1 abs) 1 and BOB Harvey-Major’s Crosscroyde Chiyo for Linjor JW. Strong throughout and short coupled. Terrific over neck and shoulders. Level topline, good width and depth of chest, strong 2nd thigh. Nice size, I liked her very much. 2 and RBOB Rankine’s Lembas Blonde on Blonde to Fyldefair 3. Playle’s Shardanell Dancemaster for Triplecroft

AV Gundogs

Puppy (5) 1. Drinkwater’s Brabrook Shanayaz Irish Setter. I fell for this one. Teaming with quality and the very best of movers. I loved everything about this very exciting prospect. 2. Golden Moonlight Dancer 3. Davidson’s Coed Y Gedrys Ceiriosen Pren H.V.

Graduate (9, 3 abs) 1. Cooper’s Kanix Buttons Pointer. Good substance and depth of brisket. Clean finish to muzzle. Hind quarters very well developed. Elegant and stylish mover.2. Drinkwater’s Brabrook Star Reflection Irish Setter 3. Jones’ Addaci Belmenos Pipacs HWV

Open (7, 4 abs) 1. Davies’ Cobbetts December Dreaming It Spinone. Typical Spinone head and movement. Tends to straighten her stifle when stacked but good bend of stifle can be seen on the move.2. Cooper’s Esrews Jazz Seriously Pointer 3. Jenkins and Jones’ Addaci Egi Abrandozo at Hwngariad HV

Christine Morgan