• Show Date: 19/12/2010
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Chepstow & District Canine Society

Chepstow & District Canine Society 

19th December 2010

Judge – Mrs Camille Pentland

I would like to thank the Committee of Chepstow & District Canine Society for asking me to take on this judging appointment. I was proud to be able to fill in for the late Jan Lefevre. Unfortunately the weather took it’s toll on attendance at the show, but those that made the journey appeared to be having a good time. I was able to secure the use of my father and his 4x4 to be able to get out of my village! I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and hope the exhibitors did too. Also, many thanks to my steward who was drafted in at very short notice due to the fact that my own steward was unable to get off of the mountain she lives on.

Tibetan Terrier Open D/B (4/3)

1st & BOB – Kidby’s ARAKI MAKING MAGIC JW SH.C.M – Nice feminine 2 yr old bitch. Good type, nicely made. In-between coats at present but good texture. Pleasing head and expression with dark eyes of correct shape. Nice large flat feet, good scissor bite. Good topline with correct rise over the loin. Balanced on the move, but would have preferred a little more reach and drive.

Lhasa Apso Graduate D/B (2/1)

1st & BOB – Deacon’s ANDOLYN SKY DIVER – 14 month old dog of good size. Good coat for age with correct texture. Lovely head with nice expression and correct reverse scissor bite. Lovely overall shape with level topline and well set tail. Moved well.

Lhasa Apso Open D/B (3/2)

1st – Deacon’s SHARDLOW AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL OVER ANDOLYN SH.C.M. – 3 yr old male, smaller dog but still good size. Attractive parti-colour with good texture to coat. Preferred movement and over all type of the Graduate winner in BOB.

Tibetan Spaniel Open (3/2)

1st – Kenny’s LYDANSTONE IANTO WITH JUALAMART SH.C.M. – Mature 6 yr old male. Lovely head and expression, with a moderately short neck. Well made body with good spring of rib and level topline. Moved well fore and aft with correct hare feet. Good coat of super texture.

AVNSC Utility Puppy D/B (8/6)

1st – Morgan’s CYFELIN JACK FROST AT ASLENAGEN (German Spitz Klein) – Very nice 11 mth old dog. Super head with good ear set and good expression. Correctly angulated with good bone. Nice solid body but would have preferred him a little more compact. Best AVNSC & Best AVNSC Puppy.

2nd – Lush’s BUCHKEES LOVE IN THE MIST (Keeshond) – 6 mth male, of nice type. Good head and expression, nice silver & black colour and profuse coat but a little wavy. Good overall shape, with ample substance. Moved well but could improve with more training and time.

AVNSC Post Graduate D/B (4/2)

1st - Morgan’s LUSAM MABEY BABY AT AHLENAGEN (German Spitz Klein) – 22 mth bitch. Lovely compact bitch of nice size and type. Pleasing head and expression, good coat of correct texture. Preferred head and movement of the puppy when challenging for Best AVNSC.

2nd – Lush’s ZANDVOORT HEAVAN’S DREAM FOR EDNAARON (Keeshond) – 4 yr old bitch, nice short body with good spring of rib. Nice head and expression and moved well. Unfortunately left her jacket at home.


1st – Tibetan Spaniel – Kenny’s LYDANSTONE IANTO WITH JUALAMART

2nd – Akita - Mordecat & Phillips HIRUKOS MISS ATTA TUCK - 11 mth bitch of super type. Good head and expression with correctly set ears. Level topline with good spring of rib and ample substance. A little unsettled on the move, but still moved very well.

3rd – Lhasa Apso - Deacon’s ANDOLYN SKY DIVER

4th – German Spitz (Klein) – Morgan’s CYFELIN JACK FROST AT ASLENAGEN


1st – Akita – Mordecat & Phillips HIRUKOS MISS ATTA TUCK

2nd – German Spitz (Klein) – Morgan’s CYFELIN JACK FROST AT ASLENAGEN