• Show Date: 21/01/2010
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/04/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Weimaraner


This was my first CC appointment in the breed & I was delighted with the really strong entry. My overall impression is a positive one. Intrinsic breed features like length of back were pretty much commonplace & I am not haunted by any conformation or movement problems.

In terms of quality - the girls are way ahead of the boys on this score. Just such depth of quality, especially in the higher classes.

With some of the males, I felt they could have done with more bone which would have made them more masculine & powerful.

MPD (7): Not surprised to discover 1 Mutlow's Risinglark Hawk Wing & 2 Thompson's Risinglark Oasis Dream are litter brothers. Very typey, both with correct length of back, good angulation, bone quality & layback of shoulder. Preferred the topline of 1 who was also more co-operative on the move; 3 Simpson's Sireva Final Straw.

PD (8, 1A): 1 Shaw-Rainey & Rainey's Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite, an eye-catching, quality puppy who is indisputably all-male. He has everything there: clean neck, good lay of shoulder, lovely forechest, good length of back, brisket down to elbow, well off for bone, good turn of stifle, lovely pigmentation & has great purpose on the move. He is totally in love with himself. He will take time to mature & really come into his own but when he does, he will be hard to ignore. BP; 2 Danneau's Kalimor Celtic Storm, quality male, very similar to his sire, well off for bone, appeals in outline: good body proportions, brisket down to elbow, correct angulation, clean neck, in wonderful condition. Not so strong on his hocks on the move but in time he will strengthen; 3 Rowbury's Ansona Sugar Puff at Stormdancer.

JD (3): 1 Simpson's Hundwith Duty to Sireva, stacks up well & presents a pleasing picture in outline. Good depth of flew, clean neck, correct length of back, well angulated quarters, well muscled & hard to the touch. He moved off like a rocket but when settled displayed good positive action; 2 Cooper's Lord Of Illusion, on his toes & going through his leggy, teenage stage at the moment but will come together with maturity as he has the right body proportions & when he relaxed everything fell into place bringing back his angulation & depth of brisket. Moved co-ordinately; 3 Sandhu's Gunalt Thriller.

YD (6,1): 1 Clarke & Radford's Schonhund Showvanist over Errytar JW, nice head & pigment, correct turn of ear, tight feet, correct length of back & spring of rib, well turned stifle. A little flaccid & could do with firming up. He gave his handler a bit of a tough time but he is a sound, quality male; 2 Ingram's Gunalt Perfect Foil, medium sized male with a nice outline, correct length of back, good pigmentation, correct bend of stifle. Good tailset. Not the front construction of 1; 3 Dixon's Robricci Alfie Romeo JW.

PGD (9, 2): 1 Cook's Helmstar Helmsman, well put together, clean in outline, correct pigment, turn of ear & length of back, nice angles, well muscled quarters, moved well, quite the showman but would prefer more of him; 2 Wright's Lassemista Pasodoble, good body proportions with correct length of back, well off for bone, in good muscle condition, moved co-ordinately but preferred the outline & clean topline of 1; 3 Harman's Lassemista Tango.

LD (11): Two very nice dogs headed this class. 1 Westerman's Enryb Party Hero of Adlinger, upstanding boy, on his toes, good length of back, clean neck, layback of shoulder, correct forechest, well off for bone without being coarse, good turn of stifle, well muscled all over. He looks good in outline & he moves well but he really needs to be moved at a steadier pace. Once the handler can get to grips with this, then the party can really commence; 2 Nuttall's Helmstar Houdini, a real classy male who has a very clean outline. Correct in body proportions with good length of back, level topline, well muscled quarters, nice feet. Could be tighter on the right elbow; 3 Pyott's Netherhill Icon.

OD (13, 1): 1 CC Rutland's Sh Ch Khamsynn Call My Bluff JW ShCM, this male has a real quality to him. He is upstanding & has the bone & substance to match. He appeals in outline being clean over the topline with well angulated quarters. He is at a level of maturity where he has dropped down into himself & has lovely depth of brisket & spring of rib. In lovely condition; well muscled, sleek coat condition & tight feet. He is parallel coming & going but I preferred the ground-covering stride of the bitch for BOB; 2 RCC, Alcorn & McAngus' Sh Ch Gunalt Inquisitor at Greyfurs JW ShCM, medium sized, quality male who is very sound all through & well off for bone. Beautiful head & pigment, clean neck, correct length of back, good spring of rib, well muscled quarters, correct turn of stifle & a good stride on the move. Very well handled. Would prefer a cleaner topline, however; 3 Danneau's Sh Ch Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz JW ShCM.

VD (2): 1 Sayer & Wallwork's Ch Easdale Ridge JW ShCM, rising 9 & still retaining his breed qualities: beautiful head, lovely pigment, well off for bone, good length of back & spring of rib, brisket down to elbow, in good condition, moved well; 2 Begg's Charmist Looking Forward at Longtails, longhaired rising 10 but you wouldn't know it. In good condition & lovely coat, correct turn of stifle, moved co-ordinately. Has a tendency to push back when standing & loses his neck as a result.

MPB (7, 2): Three lovely bitches in the top three. 1 Simpson's Sorry I Haven't Got A Clue about Sireva, really quite special in outline, creating a balanced picture with correct length of back, well laid shoulder, clean neck, tidy feet & correct bend of stifle. Once steady on the move displayed an effortless drive, love the cheeky name!; 2 Ward & Smith's Gunalt Rock Princess, nice size, more mature than 1 & is lovely in outline. Correct length of back, good depth of brisket, well angulated quarters. Slightly uncooperative on the move so it was difficult to assess movement; 3 Grime's Ansona Puzzle Book.

PB (12, 2): 1 Toseland's Kalimor Dee Dee from Satchville, moved the best in the class. Typey, correct length of back, brisket down to elbow, good layback of shoulder, nice head properties, clean outline; 2 Graufreund Garnet, not dissimilar to 1 & similar comments apply; 3 Simpson's Sireva Phindus.

JB (7, 2) 1 Simpson & Rodgers' Sireva Sonata for Minstergate JW, stunning in outline with correct length of back, good angulation fore & aft, brisket down to elbow, clean neck into shoulders, pretty head, lovely feet, well muscled quarters, moved co-ordinately, very well handled; 2 Milby's Teguise Grace N Favour, nice bitch, not so together as 1 at the moment but will come together as she matures. Correct length of back, nice angulation, moved well; 3 Jeffries' Graufreund Garnet.

YB (5):1 Hollings' Gunalt Innovation, quality bitch who was in optimum muscle condition. Has a real old school appeal about her. Very pretty in head, correct body proportions, lovely for size & bone, clean neck, good length of back, spring of rib, lovely angulation, moved co-ordinately; 2 Small & McAngus' Arbraners Golden Wonder at Greyfurs, built on clean lines, correct length of back, good angles both ends, moved well. Not the presence of 1; 3 Adamo's Robricci Miss Arati at Zakro.

PGB (13, 4): Easy winner of this class.1 RCC Adamo's Zakro Prescilla Presley, this bitch is so very balanced, sound & elegant, her body proportions are absolutely spot on & she doesn't disappoint on the move, either. Polished in outline with correct length of back, her topline is perfect which she holds on the move. Correct forechest, clean neck, well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib, firm along the loin, good bend of stifle, hocks well let down. Parallel coming & going. You cannot dispute her quality; 2 Pattison & Scobell's Sybaris Gossip with Chartis, nice bitch with a happy disposition, brisket down to elbow, correct length of back, good angulation, nice rear end, moved co-ordinately; 3 Filby & Brown's Desijem Mary Christmas JW.

LB (21, 1): What an absolutely cracking class/ Not only was it numerically strong but there was also great depth in quality throughout. 1 Byrne's Morspirit Aphrodite, she appeals in outline but it is on the move that she comes into her own & cannot be ignored. She has an effortless, ground covering stride which is delivered with real attitude. Medium sized, elegant bitch, pretty head, clean neck, level topline, well angulated, muscled quarters, good turn of stifle, tidy feet. Sheer quality, loved her. CC & BOB; 2 Ruddy's Netherhill Vogue, similar in type but not so free & easy on the move otherwise same comments apply, another classy bitch; 3 Ward's Kalimor Can Can at Akwamar.

OB (20, 3): Another lovely class. 1 Hollings' Sh Ch Gunalt Contradiction, nice size & bone, appeals in outline with correct body proportions, correct angulation both ends, pretty head, clean neck, well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib, well muscled quarters, moved well; 2 Scobell's Gunalt Code of Sybaris, quality bitch made on clean lines, presents a lovely outline with level topline, nice neck & shoulders, well angulated quarters, tidy feet. Preferred the bone of 1; 3 Waite & Ward's Greycharm Genevieve.

VB (5, 1): 1 BV Morris' Sh Ch Cavalmist Coco at Kalimor JW, rising 10 years, well balanced bitch, stands over her ground, correct length of back, good spring of rib, well angulated both ends, lovely pigment, steady & parallel on the move. Worthy Show Champion; 2 Nuttall's Helmstar Hot Flush, clean, elegant bitch, in sprightly form for 11 years. Presents a pleasing picture in outline & still gave it her all on the move; 3 Maclaine & Dickson's Ir Sh Ch Tasairgid Outlook ShCM.