• Show Date: 09/07/2010
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Norwegian Buhund

East of England Championship Show

Friday 9 July 2010

Norwegian Buhunds

Judge: Mrs CT Pentland

I would like to thank the East of England Committee for asking me to judge at their show and for giving me the opportunity to award my first set of CC’s. I had a wonderful day with lovely stewards and enjoyed the fabulous weather too. I was very pleased with the quality of the dogs, with only one having a suspect bite, all were well muscled and sound which made them certainly fit for function. There were a couple of dogs with softer coats and also some heading towards being over size with too much substance which needs to be watched. The breed should have adequate substance but should also be elegant and ‘lightly built’. I was very pleased with my principle winners and hope that the exhibitors enjoyed their day as much as I did.

Puppy Dog (0, 0)

Junior Dog (0, 0)

Post Grad Dog (3, 1)

1st Kent’s KNYTSHALL FINBAR - 3 yr old dog of nice size with pleasing outline and lightly built. Correct wedge shaped head with lovely expression, good dark eyes and correct bite. Coat good texture. Ears correctly set and used well. Would prefer tighter curl to tail but well set. Movement nicely balanced, sound fore and aft.

2nd Hall’s AILORT JUST THE TICKET – 20 months old, another nice dog, with the over all type I prefer. Good shape with correct topline, good head with dark eye and correct expression. Good bite. Moved well, but not quite as positive as 1.

Limit Dog (3, 0)

1st Sercombe’s TRELOWEN CONAR TUN – 2yrs old. I really liked this boy, he had almost everything I wanted. Wonderful type, lovely expression, super wedge head and correct bite. Good ears and correctly set and curled tail. Moved true coming and going, and super side gait aided by correct angulation. Built with substance yet maintaining elegance. Unfortunately missing some coat apparently due to a dog attack, the coat that was there was of correct type and texture. This boy should have a bright future when back in condition! Was pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd Stonton’s TRELOWEN BYAN FORTYN – Almost 5 yr old wheaten. Nice over all type, lightly built with pleasing movement. Good expression with dark eye and good bite. Would prefer better tail set and more curl. Unfortunate to come up against his kennelmate today.


Open Dog (5, 0)

1st Vine’s AILORT HIGHLANDER AT PARVODENE JW ShCM – 3 yr old Wheaten. This dog has never been one of my favourites, but has matured very nicely indeed. Nice overall type, good head and expression with lovely dark eye and correct bite. Good size with correct substance being lightly built but still with strength to do a days work. Good tail which was well set. Coat in top condition and of correct texture. Moved extremely well being balanced in side gait and moving soundly in front and rear. A true showman who thoroughly deserved being awarded the CC and Best of Breed.

2nd Stirling’s CH. ARNSCROFT DI-CLAUDIUS – 6 yr old male who is one of my favourites. A lovely boy with super type. Good head and expression with well set ears. A larger, heavier set dog showing his maturity. Good angulation with good topline, a little longer in back than I would prefer. Well set tail, but curl could be better. Today just not moving quite at his best.


Puppy Bitch (2, 0)

1st Sercombe’s TOKYN EBONY – just 10 months. Lovely to see a black amongst all the wheatens! Pretty girl of just enough substance for size and good outline. Nice feminine head with correct expression and good wedge shape. Ears of correct size and set, used well. Super tail set with correct curl. Moved well. Was pleased to give her Best Puppy.

2nd Sercombe’s TOKYN MAPLE – litter sister to 1, wolf sable with a little more substance than her sibling. Very much a baby enjoying her day out. Correct head, lovely expression, good dark eye. Pleasing outline and nice over all type. A little erratic on the move – but moved well when settled.

Junior Bitch (1, 0)

1st Deacon, Deacon & Cobb’s TRELOWEN VERYAN TO KNYTSHALL – 13 months old. What a lovely youngster! Super outline with good substance and size. Super head and expression with correct dark eye and good bite. Beautifully constructed which showed in her movement which was balanced and sound. Correct tail in both set and curl. Moved really well. Not quite the maturity in the challenge, but pleased to award her the RCC.

Post Grad Bitch (4, 0)

1st Deacon, Deacon & Cobb’s TRELOWEN VERYAN TO KNYTSHALL.

2nd Platt’s AILORT JUST IN TIME – 20 months old, from repeat mating of my Dog CC winner - the resemblance is obvious. Very pretty bitch of good type. Good outline, adequate angulation, good substance. Correct head with nice expression and good dark eye. Not the movement of the winner.


Open Bitch (1, 0)

1st Stirling, Cross, Houston & Evans’ CH ARNSCROFT DI DI DI DELILAH – 2 ½ yrs old. A super bitch of lovely type with good outline. Correct head with lovely ear set and shape and used well. Light in eye which affects her expression, but good eye shape. Tail well set with enough curl. Correct angulation and in good working condition but not moving at her best today. Maturity and overall finish put her ahead of the Junior winner for the CC.