• Show Date: 11/10/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sara Lamont Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

London Bulldog Society

Being asked to judge on your home turf, for such a highly regarded breed club to say was a pleasure, would be an understatement. Thank you to the officers and committee for asking me to attend this appointment. Thank you for well run and organised show something we come to expect as the ‘norm’ from this prestigious club. Thank you to my superb ringside assistance by the committee. In this hobby we all have personal milestones and this was for me, it will be cherished for many years to come.

Of course a massive thank you to the owners that entered and exhibited at the show. I was more then satisfied with my overall winners. As echoed by many judges recently, I found the depth of quality in the bitches out weighed the dogs and was reflected in my higher honours. If I was to suggest anything it would be exercise, I don’t expect to see Bulldogs in super hard condition like Staffordshire Bull Terriers, but I do expect them to be well toned and not overweight. With the revised breed standard we all know bigger is not better! Bulldogs should have a pear shaped body, which means they should have a waist, many had trunk/barrel like bodies and where sluggish on the move because of the weight. Grooming standards where also something to be desired, many dogs had dirty facial wrinkles and out of condition coats. I don’t expect many dogs to be moulting in October, a decent de-shedding brush and some simple regular grooming would solve these simple problems.

Pictured BIS & BOS with Judge Sara Lamont

Veteran (2,0)

1. Fridlington’s Theoben Toffee Plum at Albertwood, BVIS R/W Pied, Spritely mover for age in good condition. Good front and bone with good width of jaw.

2. Jay’s Edstrong Trevan, Large dark brindle and white who seemed to be on his best behaviour, maybe his decided to grow old gracefully much to his owners delight? This dog is all male, good width of skull, strong straight front to well toned and lean body. Moved ok.

Minor Puppy Dog (4,1)

1. Fridlington’s Dancing Carrumba at Albertwood White lively puppy just 6mths old. Movement won him this class. Broad flat skull with dark eye and well boned front. Longer cast in body to a good tail length well set. Lost to BPD due to coat condition.

2. Davies’ Kismond Nordic Sunset, F/W 7mths old. Different type to winner, plainer in head but compact appealing body shape for age, front assembly just needs to develop as he matures. Moved Ok.

3. Hatchman’s Sakazoke Thank You Jeremy

Puppy Dog (6,5)

1. Earl’s Raljo Mr Joseph, 10mth R/W dog. Stood alone but was clean a clean cut dog. Appealing when stacked in good quality coat and of rich colour. Correct ear set on brick skull with good layback. Good pear shaped body with suitable topline and tail. Moved okay for age, hopefully develops and matures nicely.

Junior Dog (11,3)

1. Dauphin-Simmons’ Senidan Asterix, BOS Standard size stout R/W, I particularly liked this dogs size and movement. Well wrinkled skull, not the largest of heads satisfying the ‘new’ standard, he oozed breed type. Super bone of forearms to strong pasterns, and the tightest compact feet. Super length of tail and good length of body.

2. Barnes’ Miltonsjoy Sir Percivale Fawn Br/W of a standard size. He moved extremely well due to well angulated quarters. Carried no excess weight and well toned body providing an appealing correct body shape. Nose roll slightly heavy, but accompanied by large nose with open nostrils.

3. Walker’s Jaminic Ovation

Novice Dog (10,4)

1. Barnes’ Miltonsjoy Sir Percivale – See 2nd Junior Dog.

2. Vaughan’s Odinschild Thor Son of Odin, There is no getting away from the fact that this dark red boy is large but well proportioned. With his size he shows no coarseness, in fact he was extremely clean cut and upstanding dog with wonderful width of jaw. He was a good mover irrespective of his size, which earned him 2nd place and 1st place in later classes. Good head, of finer wrinkle and clear dark eye. Correct ear carriage with good length of neck. Well bodied on strong quarters.

3. Saunder & Gee’s Jaminic Justification at StandProud

Post Graduate Dog (4,2)

1. Earl’s Raljo Simply Red, Compact standard sized R/W, well developed chest, straighter forearms would finish the front assembly. Dark clear eye with low set ears. Good length of tail.

2. Morgan’s Saucy Sailor Boy, Different type to 1, upstanding large and lean R/W with dark mask. Straight front, tight feet and other with a good tail.

Limit Dog (7,2)

1. Vaughan’s Odinschild Thor Son of Odin – See 2nd Novice Dog.

2. Austin’s Rattlenhum Dirty Day for Loxstarz, I wished this dog had a bit more showmanship. He lacks that sparkle required in the ring for a dog to grab your attention, and unfortunately paid the price today. He has a superior head piece due to super width and upsweep to under jaw and well padded foreface, plus an appealing facial expression due to eye set and shape. Good neck on compact, short body with a tidy front. Moved ok.

3. Stutter’s Yours Truly From Linmist JW

Open Dog (7,2)

1. White & Grady’s Hillplace Captain Scarlet at Purebully RBD, I’ve judged this male before, his an upstanding R/W with the most handsome and appealing expression due to his super dark eyes, low set ears and big black nose. Good width and turn of jaw finishes the picture. His well boned with compact feet, and another super mover due to this well laid shoulders and angulated rear quarters plus length of body.

2. Barnes’ Miltonsjoy Sir Percivale – See 2nd Junior Dog.

3. Davies’ Sanbull Mexican Sunset at Kismond JW

Special Beginners Dog (4,0)

1. Vaughan’s Odinschild Thor Son of Odin – See 1st Novice Dog.

2. Comben’s Beauxchiens Barney Bear of Rhobull Cobby Dark Red Smut, Compact short body on broad flat skull and low set ears. Good jaw and slightly heavier nose roll, with well developed front, ok feet and moved ok.

3. Fridlington’s Theoben Master Piece at Albertwood

Minor Puppy Bitch (7,2)

1. Strowger & Champman’s Stowgate Snow Storm By Slaughden BPIS, Just a baby at 6mths, but well developed chest, brisket and rib. Super bone to feet with well laid shoulders providing a strong front for age. Well wrinkled skull with good upsweep of jaw. In good condition with good length of tail.

2. Pannifer & Rowley’s Melafella Red Perry, Fine wrinkled 7mth R/W bitch. Big nose and clear eye. Moved well with large rib and chest providing a cobby body. Ok topline.

3. Shopland’s Tiny Tiger Terror

Puppy Bitch (5,3)

1. Hatchman’s Hillplace Tickedy Boo, compact Red Br/W with broad skull and low set ears. Clear eye good chest and short body making her cobby. Moved okay, may need to tone up in the future.

2. Pannifer & Rowley’s Melafella Red Perry – See 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch.

Junior Bitch (15,3)

This was an outstanding class, I wish I could have given out more 1st place rosettes! A very difficult class to judge, and no surprise that my RBIS come from this class.

1. Blackgrove’s Britishicon it Girl, RBIS If this was a grooming contest this bitch stood out by a mile. She was groomed to perfection, every wrinkle was squeaky clean, her coat was in immaculate condition. Her pure white un-chalked face, on a rich coated red body just stood out like a lit light bulb in the class and challenge. A little more ‘butch’ then my BIS winner but total quality. Beautiful well developed head with clear eyes and correct ear setting. Big black nose and open nostrils. Well laid shoulders to well boned forelegs to good feet. Good length of body providing a natural rise of topline and well angulated rear quarters meant that she moved with drive. Now she’s out of puppy a bit more toning of her body maybe appropriate, not to lose her pear shape.

2. Freeman’s Testwood Welsh Lady, This bitch was handled superbly. Every time I glanced at this bitch she was presented from the best possible angle, the handler seemed to disappear and made sure the best was made of this bitch. Feminine R/W bitch with dark mask and good jaw. Super straight bone to neat feet. Again moved well due to good angulations.

3. Chamberlain’s Nickleby’s Shooting Star

Novice Bitch (8,1)

1. Larsson’s Jabberwockys Enjoy Me for Britisher This R/W bitch is beautifully balanced, standard sized and totally unexaggerated. A tidy skull that’s broad with well set ears. Dark appealing eyes to a well cushioned foreface and jaw. Well laid shoulders with developed chest, dropped brisket and rounded ribs to give the correct body shape. Topline reflected in underline making her balanced from all angles. Good strong rear with well let down hocks. Moved well, as did all my winners and didn’t put a foot wrong for her handler/owner. Please to know that she was awarded the BCC a week later at a breed champ show, just confirmed what quality she is.

2. Collingwood’s Chiselwick Lady Leah This energetic bitch is up to size and well built. She moved extremely well which won her 2nd place. Strong straight front and lovely tail length. Her lack of facial pigment unfortunately alters her facial expression.

3. Vaughan’s Odinschild Viking Princess

Post Graduate Bitch (6,3)

1. Jobson & Warren’s Clegsys Ruby Red, Very excited R/W Pied was the most energetic and easy mover of the day. Big nose and nostrils with okay ears, compact body finished with good length of tail.

2. Penfold’s Karclosharos Amitola, Femine R/W with straight front, good well developed rib and brisket, good length of neck to well laid shoulders and suitable topline. Ear set a little high.

3. Vaughan’s Strawberry Fair Odinschild

Limit Bitch (7,2)

1. Collingwood’s Lucabrazie Christine of Chislewick Dark Br/W. Stocky bitch that won on strength of jaw, head, balance and movement. Good bone, flat skull and correct ear carriage with clear eyes.

2. Thorpe’s Robobull Monsoon F/W with a classic head, big nose with split roll. Good length of neck with well laid shoulders. Compact body on sufficiently boned legs and feet. Well developed chest and rib, loosing her body shape a little due to her weight. Strong rear quarters.

3. Kane’s Admireabull Snowdrop

Open Bitch (5,1)

1. Strowger & Chapman’s Stowgate Tinsel Queen for Slaughden ShCM, Fawn Pied. Movement really makes this bitch as she’s could be easily overlooked. Not the flashiest of markings or colours, but a honest bitch that motored round the ring, standard size with good classic broad flat skull, clear dark eye and large nose. Well toned body which was slightly longer cast, finished with a super tail length.

2. Fridlington’s Orphious Moana Lisa at Albertwood, This girl moves up to veteran class very soon and will be a serious contender when she moves classes due to her superb movement for age. She’s a tidy bitch with a flat skull, good chest and straight front, well laid shoulder with correct pear shaped body.

3. Kane’s Admireabull Snowdrop

Special Beginners Bitch (4,1)

1. Blackgrove’s Britishicon it Girl – See 1st Junior Bitch

2. Fridlington’s Orphious Moana Lisa at Albertwood – See 2nd Open Bitch

3. Vaughan’s Odinschild Viking Princess

Judge: Sara Lamont

Judges Specials: I have photo albums full of prize cards, walls full of rosettes and shelves full of won outright trophies; however I have only three sashes, and thought this would be a appropriate judges special. As the 3 I do have hold very momentous memories that strangely related to this appointment. All won by Ch. Balfour Action Man of LaRoyal J.W the first awarded by the LBS Secretary Susan Jay at the Manchester & Counties B.C Champ show in 1998 after winning BPIS, a significant win at the time and this stands proudly framed to this day, the second awarded at the LBS Open show in 1999 by Glynn Payne, who I currently have close connections with due to Junior Bulldog Club involvement. The final was at the JBC Champ show where Terry Brampton awarded us BIS and our first breed champion. 10 years later I can still remember and rekindle these wins, and I hope maybe the owners of the winners at this show will look back with fond memories, and maybe do the same with their sashes.