• Show Date: 13/06/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: NICOLA SINGH Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Beverley & District Canine Society

Alaskan Malamutes

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge, my stewards and the exhibitors for giving me the third highest entry at the show.

Puppy: 1 entry 0 absent

1st – Coney’s Icebound Ice Queen. An 11 month old bitch, she certainly seemed to have enjoyed her day, needs to settle in order for her movement to be assessed. Very feminine head, correct scissor bite, good coat, would prefer a looser tail. BP

Junior: 3 entry 2 absent

1st – Barstow’s Icycool North Peak. A 17 month old dog. Excellent head piece with lovely length and depth of muzzle, correct bite, good eye & set. Nicely arched strong neck. Very well muscled. Good sloping topline on the stand. Tail could be a little looser.

Post Graduate: 6 entries 3 absent

1st – Druce’s Koromandel Glamorous Indie. A 22 month old bitch. Good feminine head with correct stop, muzzle, bite, eye and nice small ears. Correct bone, depth of chest and feet for size. Correctly textured coat. Very good rear with correct angulation, moved with good drive, hocks were very strong. Tail carriage just OK. Excellent firm sloping topline on the stand. Front moved loose and wide. The best proportioned outline of the winners. RBOB

2nd – Butler’s Arcticdawn Free And Easy at Kaytoo. A 23 month old bitch. Nice feminine head, correct bite. Needs to body up. Showed promising movement when settled.

3rd – Wyard’s Tzebariki Agent K Man In Black Von Brandelle.

Open: 7 entries 2 absent

1st – Loades’ Snowolf Canuck Bullit. A 4 year old dog. Very masculine broad head, good length and depth of muzzle. Correct bite, nice eye. Good pigment and correctly textured coat. Excellent bone, very well muscled, no excess weight. Nice strong arched neck. Good straight front down to correct pasterns, sufficient front angulation. Very good rear angulation. Out moved his competition in side gait showing powerful drive. Excellent tail. A real showman. BOB. I was delighted to see him go on to WG1 and BIS.

2nd – Botterill’s Cinneli Delta Tag. A mature 5 year old dog. Well off for substance and bone. Excellent head, ear set, eye and tail set. Correct coat, bite & pigmentation. Good spring of rib, angulations and proportion. Correctly arched strong neck. I have given this dog top honours before, but today he didn’t want to move out purposely.

3rd – Butler’s Kaytoo Kandi Kandu

Junior Handling

It was a pleasure to see these young handlers at work. The amount of dedication that had been applied to learning their skills was very evident.

Class A 6-11 years: 3 entries 2 absent

1st – Joshua Knox 10. Very well presented handler and charge. Very enthusiastic handler who I am sure with practice, will go on to become well accomplished.

Class B 12-16 years: 9 entries 3 absent

1st – Samantha Crawford 12. Both handler and charge were very well presented. This was a faultless performance. At no time was my eyeline to the dog broken. Executed all manoeuvres correctly with very straight lines. Handled positively. When swapping sides, maintained fluidity without breaking the charge’s gait. Moved at the correct speed to get the most out of her charge. One of the few in the class that showed teeth correctly.

2nd – Bethany Holt 12. This was a very close call and the above can be said about this handler with the exception of a very brief moment when the handler turned the charge away from me to join the end of the line and my eyeline to the dog was broken.

3rd – Kody Naylor 13

Miss Nicola J Singh (Sledog)