• Show Date: 29/03/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Maureen Mitchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Pointer Club Of Scotland

THE POINTER CLUB OF SCOTLAND OPEN SHOW 29TH MARCH 2009 A big thank you to the Officers and Committee of the Pointer Club of Scotland for a lovely day and particularly to Peter and Isobel McGilp for looking after us so well. I enjoyed my day immensely. To all the sporting exhibitors thank you for such a warm welcome. A lovely entry overall, with the majority of the dogs presented in lovely condition. There are some up and coming youngsters which look at this stage to have a bright future and good luck to them. It will be interesting to see how they progress. I had only a few criticisms to make as to a few exhibits with hare-like feet which so spoils the look of this lovely breed and a few untypical pointer heads. Also, and I say this not to cause offence, but as an observation, and by way of constructive criticism that there were a small number of handlers who did not get the best from their exhibits purely through the lack of handling skills. It can make such a difference to an exhibit and can pay dividends to spend that little extra time on practicing the art of presentation and movement. That said, I was more than pleased with my final line up both in the dogs and the bitches and I thank you for giving me the opportunity of going over them. VETERAN DOG OR BITCH (6) 1st RADCLIFFE’S SNIPERAY PUSSY GALORE L/w bitch of 7 yrs, who I understand has recently had a litter and she looks well on it, lovely head and expression, straight front and oval feet, good topline and rear angulation, moved well. 2nd BLACK’S RAIGMORE ENDEAVOUR, lovely o/w dog looks too young to be in veteran, he has a good head and eye shape, correct front and feet, deep chest, firm topline and good rear angulation. 3rd FAIRBAIRN’S CARMELFAIR SARI MINOR PUPPY DOG (2,1) 1ST BUCHANAN-ROBERTSON’S GEMPOINT WIGWAG WILLIE OF QUERDON (NAF TAF) Lovely b/w baby of 7½ months with a happy disposition, appealing head and expression with pronounced occiput, arched neck into well laid shoulders and unbroken topline, lovely arched oval feet, chest is deep with gentle tuck up, good rear angulation, unsettled on the move, but just needs time to come together PUPPY DOG (2) 1st TIBB’S RAIGMORE DUSK TILL DAWN These were two lovely pups. Super upstanding b/w presented in lovely condition with well proportioned head, the correct amount of stop, pleasing dark eye, well developed lip, arched neck into clean shoulder placement, deep chest and super topline giving a picture of overall balance, moved well. BPIS and couldn’t resist giving him Reserve Best Dog . 2nd TORBETT’S KIRLINJIS JACK BLACK Another lovely dog, blanket black, full of quality with appealing head and expression, just preferred the overall balance of 1. JUNIOR DOG (1) 1st TIBB’S RAIGMORE DUSK TIL DAWN NOVICE DOG (4) 1ST TIBB’S RAIGMORE DUSK TIL DAWN 2nd TORBETT’S KIRLINJIS JACK BLACK 3RD ANDERSON-NOWELL’S STORMY LENNY 4TH PRIESTLEY’S TOBERDONEY TWEED GRADUATE DOG (3,1) 1ST HAMILTON’S HAWKFIELD LET’S GET ROWDY JW This young man has presence. Quality b/w, carrying just the right amount of weight he possesses a masculine head, in proportion, well defined stop, with appealing dark eyes, well developed soft lip, good ear shape carried close to head, good length of neck into clean sloping shoulders, deep rib with sweeping underline and firm gently sloping topline good front and oval feet with arched toes, sloping pasterns, well muscled rear angulation with good turn of stifle, he moved well using his tail He stood out in the final line-up as he is so well balanced. He had to have Best Dog and ultimately BIS. 2nd CLARK & GORDON’S HAWKFIELD SUITED N BOOTED This is another lovely boy who I gave ample opportunity to sort himself out but he was determined to give his handler a real hard time! But when he settles he has all the credentials to be a lovely dog with the most appealing head and eye, pronounced occiput, shorter coupled than one, good length to neck, deep in chest and good angulation fore and aft, hard to assess his movement because of his antics, just needs his handler to gain control of this naughty 3 yr old! POST GRADUATE DOG (2) 1st RADCLIFFE’S SNIPERAY SOLSTICE SULTAN & 2ND LUKE’S SNIPERAY SOLSTICE SON Litter brothers just preferred the overall balance and front angulation of 1, he has a good head and eye, good front and arched feet with good length and slope to pastern, deep chest and good rear angulation moved well, his brother also has a good head, would just prefer a slightly lower ear carriage, good depth to chest, well-muscled quarters with good bend of stifle. LIMIT DOG (5, 1) 1st BOYD & HINTON’S FLEURFIELD’S FLAME FOR GLOWMIST Liked my 1st and 2nd in this class but my winner just stood out for his balance and maturity. Not a big dog, he has a lovely head and dark eye which gives him an appealing expression, correct amount of stop and length of foreface, good ear placement, forelegs straight, good feet, deep chest, gentle slope from withers to croup and good set-on of tail which he used to advantage on the move. 2nd KLEIN-WOOLTHUIS’ HAXALGATE BALACH DUBH Close up to 1, he too has a lovely head and expression and good forehand assembly, clean flowing outline with no exaggerations, moved well 3rd UDALE’S FREDDIE FLINTOFF 4TH BLACK’S RAIGMORE CASANOVA OPEN DOG (2) 1ST CAMPBELL’S DUNEEDIN STARLIGHT L/w dog with good overall balance and shape, well developed head clean neck into well placed shoulders, deep chest, good slope to topline, moved well 2nd RADCLIFFE’S SNIPERAY ALFIE GARNET Nice head and eye, preferred neck and shoulders of 1, straight forelegs arched feet and sloping pastern, deep chest, would prefer a little more sweep of stifle. SPEC BEGINNERS DOG (2) 1st ANDERSON-ROWELL’S STORMY LENNY 2nd PRIESTLEY’S TOBERDONEY TWEED MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3,1) 1ST CALLANDER AND HINTON’S FLEURFIELDS FELICIA OF SHAMBELLIE Two little sweeties in this class. Beautiful o/w baby of 7 months with lovely appealing head and dark eye giving her a soft melting expression, the best of fronts for one so young and gorgeous oval feet well cushioned with arched toes, sloping pasterns, good length of neck, correct angulation front and rear giving a lovely profile, moved so steady for a baby. I could have smuggled her over the border to England! Just had to give way to the more mature dog for Best Puppy in Show. Will watch her progress with interest Best Puppy Bitch. 2nd DODDS’ SUNHOUSE I WANT TO BELIEVE AT LYNCARDA This 6 month old baby was giving so much away to 1, but she is a super little bitch with everything in the right place, just needs time to come together, moved very well for a baby. PUPPY BITCH (3) 1st TORBETT’S KIRLINJIS RED ROSE Litter sister to 2nd in PD, Feminine, well-marked b/w with lovely head planes and dark eye, muzzle slightly concave, clean neck, well-laid shoulders, depth of brisket, good front and lovely feet, gently sloping topline into good set on of tail, stifle well bent, short hocks, moved well. 2nd FEWSTER’S KISWAHILI KIMI close up; preferred the overall balance and tailset of 1, pleasing head, neck and shoulders, deep chest, nice sweep to stifle. Moved ok 3rd SMITH’S RAIGMORE DAWN CHORUS JUNIOR BITCH (6, 2) This was a lovely class of bitches who could change places on another day. 1st HINTON’S FIELDSTONE FASCINATION WITH FLEURFIELD B/w of 13 months she possesses the most appealing head with melting expression, kind eye, correct length of foreface with defined stop, arched neck flowing cleanly into shoulders without a break into a lovely flowing topline and tailset, short-coupled, deep ribs carried well back, well muscled hindquarters with good sweep of stifle, short hocks used to advantage on the move. 2nd GORDON’S HAWKFIELD SEA SIREN This kennel keeps coming up with the goods, yet another pretty bitch, o/w, lovely shape to head of medium breadth, bright eye, good ear shape and lay, body well-balanced with correct length of upper arm and shoulders well back, neat feet and long sloping pasterns good shape to underline with deep brisket, moved well 3RD WYNDHEAD METTE MARIT 4TH WYNDHEAD FIRST FOOT NOVICE BITCH (3) 1st HINTON’S FIELDSTONE FASCINATION WITH FLEURFIELD 2nd TORBETT’S KIRLINJIS RED ROSE 3rd FEWSTER’S KISWAHILI KIMI GRADUATE BITCH (2,1) 1st MADIGAN’S MERCALI CANTATA AT MISPERROS Alone, but a lovely bitch with pleasing head and expression, excellent neck and shoulders flowing into sloping topline and good tailset, good straight front and oval feet, deep ribs well back into strong well muscled quarters moved with drive POST GRADUATE BITCH (5, 1) 1st KLEIN-WOOLTHUIS’ HAXALGATE THEINE She is the daughter of my Best Bitch and she is lovely in all departments presenting a balanced profile, with her lovely shaped head, kind eye, ears of medium length, close to head, well arched neck of good length, clean topline and tail carried on level with back well muscled hindquarters and good turn of stifle giving free-flowing movement. 2nd UDALE’S CROOKRISE MOONGLOW Shorter coupled than one, lovely head and eye with good breadth to skull, pleasing expression, deep chest, arched loins, preferred tailset and overall balance of 1. 3rd ROBERTSON’S KEEPERSFIELD HIGHLAND ROSE 4TH KIRK’S CALDERSIDE TOUCH OF TARTAN LIMIT BITCH (5,1) Lovely class. 1ST TIBB’S RAIGMORE QUEST Dam of my BPIS. I loved this quality bitch built on flowing lines from her beautiful head to her lashing tail, classic head with expressive dark eye, correct amount of stop, good length of neck and layback of shoulder, slightly sloping topline, she flows from brisket to flank to sweeping stifle, with well muscled hindquarters she moves soundly using her tail and she was my Res Best Bitch 2nd LUKE’S SNIPERAY AMBLER GAMBLER O/w with lovely head, pronounced occiput and good crest of neck, good forequarters and deep chest, but preferred the hindquarters of 1 3rd HINTON’S CARMELFAIR EVIAN 4TH RIGBY’S PENTWORTH PEACHES AND CREAM OPEN BITCH (6, 4) 1st KLEIN-WOOLTHUIS’ IR SH CH HAXALGATE TEAL The breed standard asks for a series of graceful curves and this elegant Lemon/w has just that, presenting a lovely picture in profile she has a classic feminine head, slightly dished and in proportion, with defined stop, appealing bright eyes and expression, raised occiput into arched neck of good length, fitting cleanly into shoulders, her firm topline flows down to her good set on of tail, deep rib and super well muscled hindquarters she moves well using her tail. Best Bitch and RBIS 2nd CAMPBELL’S PENNYSTONE FIRE FLY OF QUERDON Different type to 1 with good head and neck, deep chest, ribs well back good front and feet although slightly straight in upper arm, well muscled quarters but would just prefer more sweep of stifle. SPEC. BEGINNERS BITCH (2) 1st MADIGAN’S MERCALI CANTATA AT MISPERROS 2nd FEWSTER’S KISWAHILI KIMI Maureen Mitchell - Judge