• Show Date: 04/01/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Heywood & Radcliffe Canine Society

Thanks to my exhibitors for a good entry without absentees. I was very pleased with my final line up. My BOB and RBOB show great promise and I will watch their show careers with great interest. On the down side, I felt some exhibits could perhaps do with a little ring craft training to help reach their full potential. 

Beagle Junior (3)

1st – Parker & Steven’s Serenaker Play The Game

Broken tri boy of 8 months. Fantastic temperament. Good dark eye and nice soft expression. Lovely long leathers. Good reach of neck leading onto a superb level top line when stacked which he held on the move. Good bend of stifle and second thigh. Strong quarters which helped him power round the ring. Lovely to watch in profile. Good tail set. Nice tight feet. Good round bone. Presented and handled to perfection. Really liked this young dog. RBOB, BP & Puppy Group 2.

2nd – Arden’s Barterhound Rosebud at Madika

3rd – Roberts’ Borerst Baby Doll

Beagle Post Graduate (5)

1st – Parker & Steven’s Serenaker Hey Jude

T/W bitch. Pretty head and expression. Good dark pigment. Strode out well with good driving action. Good bone and reach of neck. In good condition. Should mature nicely. Another one from this kennel that was handled and presented to the best advantage. A real happy little showgirl.

2nd – Roberts’ Riversong Genesis at Borerst

3rd – Lawton’s Fallowfield Starlet at Fairuza

Beagle Open (3)

Best class of the day. 3 nice yet very different dogs.

1st – Woodcock’s Rossgay Rouska at Roddwood JW

22 month old. Ultra feminine t/w bitch. Very alert with a good temperament. Nice dark eye and pigment. Excellent shoulders, good front. Incredibly compact bitch showing a brilliant outline. Short in the body with well sprung ribs. Correct tail set and carriage. Loved watching this bitch move which he does with great drive. Good short coat. Presented in very good condition. Delighted to see she went on to win the Hound Group.

2nd – Parker & Steven’s Serenaker Devine Devil

3rd – Roberts’ Riversong Andromeda at Borerst


All three juniors impressed me with their handling skills. They were all sympathetic with their dogs and listened to my instructions. I’m sure places will change in future.

Junior Handling 6 – 11 years (3, 1 abs)

1st – Jade Pascoe

Extremely smartly dressed young lady who’s outfit complimented her Lowchen. Very polite and courteous. Talked to her dog at all times. Jade moved her dog in clean straight lines at the correct speed for her dog. Her turns were very accurate and tidy. Gave me a full view of her dog at all times and never came in between myself and the dog. A very polished performance. Well done.

2nd – Olivia Price

Another smartly dressed young lady handling a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel. Olivia watched where I was and also never got between myself and her dog. Presented her dog’s teeth to me very well. Olivia just needs to remember about the distance in which she stand her dog from the judge on the final stand.

Junior Handling 12 – 16 years (4, 3 abs)

1st – Ellie Robinson

Polite and attentive young lady handling a male GSD. Was at one with the dog and had such a good rapport with him. Ellie listened to everything I said and carried it out. Her presentation of the dog’s teeth was very professional. She moved her dog at the correct speed which was not easy in the small ring we were in. Smartly dressed. I would trust her to handle my own. Will do very well in the ring. Best Junior Handler. Well done.

Judge: Miss Lynn Bailey