• Show Date: 11/10/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Beckenham Canine Association

Beagle Junior (2)

1st Hunt’s Redcap Folktale of Bondlea

Tricolour bitch of 18 months. Happy little showgirl. Nice size. Soft, gentle head with fantastic pigment. Good leathers. Correct dentition. Nice depth of chest. A touch longer in body than I would prefer. Level topline and correct tail set. Moved out well with good reach and drive. Good bend of stifle with well muscled quarters. Handled well. RBOB.

2nd Fairall’s Trebellean Will’s Branson

Tan and white dog of 8 months. Very good condition, correct dentition, good length of leathers, lovely neck leading on to a firm level topline. Well muscled quarters. Presently and handled well by his smart young handler. BPIB

Beagle Post Graduate (6, 2a)

1st Hunt’s Redcap Folktale of Bondlea

As before

2nd Fairall’s Trebellean Nell’s Masea

3rd Fairall’s Trebellean Will’s Branson

Beagle Open (8,2a)

1st Peach’s Rossut Zulu of Pakawhai JW ShCM

Tricolour dog of 2 years. Super masculine boy, who is all beagle. Fantastic temperament. Nice size. Lovely soft houndy head with good leathers. Good neck. Excellent shoulders and the most level of toplines. Well sprung ribs. Correct tail set and carriage. Well muscled quarters which helped him power round the ring. Well bent stifles. Good bone. Nice tight feet. Presented in excellent conditon. A very nice Beagle who should do very well in the future. BOB

2nd Hill’s Tatooine Obi Wan at Donay JW

3rd Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Portrait


Lynn Bailey

Beckenham Canine Association – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

11th October 2009

CKCS Puppy (2)

1st Li’s Avalcier Rockefeller

9 months old, blenheim boy. When this little boy entered the ring, he owned it and had a real “look at me” character. Super temperament, presented in perfect condition. Beautiful gentle expression with lovely round dark eyes. Good dark pigment and nice long leathers. Short coupled body with good spring of rib. Good chest. Lovely long silky coat with rich chestnut markings. Level topline. Good cushioned feet. Fantastic free moving action with good reach and drive. A beautiful puppy who’s show career I will watch with great interest. BPIB

2nd Connor’s Gadeslain Wicked

CKCS Junior (3,1a)

1st Li’s Avalcier Hans

Perfectly marked blenheim boy of 15 months. The richest of chestnuts markings on a beautifully white coat which was long, silky and free from curl. Kind, gentle head with a gorgeous dark eye and melting expression. Good dark pigment. Lovely size and shape. Real happy little show boy. Good bone, level topline. Well balanced. Powered round the ring with excellent reach and drive. Correct spring of rib. Lovely compact, well cushioned feet. Presented and shown to perfection. Could have taken him home. The only thing I would change about this dog is the fact that he isn’t mine! Delighted to see that today’s win give him his Junior Warrant. BOB

2nd Etherton & Preston’s Tuba Mirum at Cavaton

CKCS Post Graduate (4)

1st 1st Li’s Avalcier Hans

As before.

2nd Bacon’s Timbric National Velvet

3rd Morrison’s Lewisisle Highland Archie

CKCS Open (3)

1st Li’s Avalcier Hans

2nd Bacon’s Rabymar Athina at Timbric

Lovely little black and tan girl of 3 years. Real sweet gentle expression. Nice size. Beautiful raven black markings with bright tan. Fabulous high set ears with long feathering framing a soft face. Nice chest with good spring of rib. Moved well round the ring showing good drive. Well handled. A credit to her owner.RBOB.

3rd Morrison’s Arranisle Highland Harris of Lewisisle


Lynn Bailey