• Show Date: 18/07/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/03/2020

Dundee Canine Club



Graduate 2 (2 Abs).

Limit 0

Open 1 (0) 1. Johnston Dalraich Infamous Grouse. Typical head and kind expression. Decent front but not enough strength behind. Good colour, moved OK. BOB


Junior 3 (1 Abs) 2 very promising youngsters. Whilst I found 2 to be the more racy of the pair, 1 had better front angulation and pro-sternum. 1. Brough & Walker Riselawroad Blue Braid. Lovely head and expression, tight, compact feet. Moved well. 2. Stevenson Gaolachcara Cliodna.

Post Graduate 4 (1 Abs) 1. Stevenson Gaolachcara Oghma. A lovely boy. Balanced outline and clearly of a happy disposition. Masculine, well chiselled head .Good angulation front and rear. Ample spring of rib and well ribbed up. Well presented. BOB 2. Scorgie Berkenbar Arriana At Ardtalla 3. Thorn Roohay Adios

Open 4 (2 Abs) 1. Brough & Walker Reason To Be At Riselawroad. Liked her for size and good breed type. Moved OK but lacking condition. 2. Perry Cresmore Rifleman at Tafuta Sh CM


Graduate 2 (1 Abs) 1. Llewellyn Lookin Rosey. Very pretty little girl of good type but rather pale in colour. Muscular neck into sloping shoulders, strong body.

Open 3 (0 Abs) Lovely class; any 1 of the 3 could have won. 1. Dods Balcraig Local Hero. Very handsome chap. I fell for his super head and expression. Strong body with muscular loin. Good couplings, Super topline held firmly on the move, no wasted effort. In excellent order. BOB and Group 3. 2. Dyer & Dalrymple Balcraig Misty Harbour 3. Caffrey & Dods Gellyburn Damselfly


Special Yearling 6 (3 Abs) 1. Uherkovichova Qualitil Rosies Boy. Decent type, good typical head but would have preferred a darker eye. Good forechest and strong quarters but rather level in topline. Typical springy gait but quite close behind. 2. Gary & Evans Qualitil Rosies Lassie 3. Williamson Celtaur Speckled Garnet

Post Graduate 7 (3 Abs) Gray Franorst Paws for Thought. Well balanced, good topline but a bit fine all through. Head and expression OK. Decent shoulder placement, well ribbed up .Moved well BOB. 2. Murdoch Kalabagh Vermillion 3. Williamson Celtaur Spirit Glen

Open 6 (0 Abs) 1. Kennedy Qualitil Unforgetable. Good head, dark expressive eye. Wide, deep chest, straight forelegs, shoulders well laid back, excellent 2nd thigh.2. Williamson Kalabagh Khepri 3. K. Vermillion


Graduate 2 (0 Abs) 1. Adamo Gunsyn Madanno for Zakro Good clean lines, balanced all through, excellent on the move. 2. Ross & Bowley Gunsyn Mareno

Open 2 (0 Abs) 1. Bowley Pomona Deivicini Del Monastero at Gunsyn. I just loved this beautiful bitch. Oozes breed type. Strong, well balanced and powerful but retains grace and femininity. BOB 2. Homstar Cicero with Gunsyn


Post Graduate1 (1 Abs)

Open 3 (2 Abs) 1. Massie Fosscott Alaine over Aberdon. Alone but worth waiting for; typifies the breed. Square and cobby with the brisk short stride that is so characteristic of this breed. A pleasure to judge. BOB.

AV Vintage 8 (6 Abs) 1. Martin Ch Shered Snowy Knight, Schnauzer. Grand chap and at 12 years old showing his socks off. 2. Gray Rainscourt Bow Bells of Knockothie, Golden ret.

AV Puppy Stakes 1.Rutilus I’m Rhianna 2. Kindeace Don’t Look Back 3. Sybster Sonja

AV Junior Stakes 1. Sybster Shiraz 2. Rangimaria Raspberry Blis 3. Wrong number

AV Bred By Exhibitor Open 1. Sasilasy Sister Act 2. Kindeace See Emily Play 3. Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow

AV Not Bred by Exhibitor Open 1. Ramsgrove Homeward Bound to Gillaber JW Sh CM 2. Nogard New Moon at Renevis 3. Giogan Miss Molly for Rangimaria Sh CM

Christine Morgan