• Show Date: 17/10/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/03/2020

Worksop & District Canine Society


17 OCTOBER 2009


J. (3, 1 abs) 2 very nice juniors 1. Clark’s Flanova Glendronach. Masculine head of correct proportions. Lovely eye blending with coat colour. In good coat with dense undercoat. Excellent feet. Moved with verve. Just has the better balance over 2 at present. 2. Widdowson’s Corlitgold Tokala

PG (2, 1 abs) 1. Hibbs’ Corlitgold Minninnewah. What a happy chap. Great bone and substance with well sprung ribs. Moving a little close behind today.

O. (2) 1. Widdowson’s Decoymans Fire Princess of Corlitgold. Compact bitch in beautiful coat and condition. Lovely balance throughout. Feminine, clean cut head, eyes set well apart and correct ear placement. Excellent front assembly. Ample spring of rib. Moved very well to take BOB. Scored over 2 in front and has better feet. 2. Clark’s Hillscourt Art Miss at Flanova. RBOB.


J (4) 1. Kent’s Lokmadi My Friend Sylvia. Very well balanced bitch with good bone and substance. Best front in the class. Plenty of heart room, good turn of stifle. Moved well. Just a little apprehensive. 2. Dunn’s Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer 3. Thorley’s Teddyhawks Athena at Gempoint

PG (3) 1. Moore’s Pharises Sirius. Presented a good outline. Kindly expression, good front assembly. Best mover in class. Preferred head to that of 2 and 3. 2. Pringle’s Spinray Woman in White 3. Mozley’s Kiswahili Kato at Chateaucris

O (4) 1. Dunn’s Meadowpoint Boogie Woogie. Loved her size and shape. Typical head, muscular neck into well laid shoulders, brisket well let down. Good, strong rear end. Neat feet. Covered the ground well. BOB and 4th BIS . 2. Rayner’s Spinray Miss Saigon RBOB. 3. Beesley’s Birchleith Bow Bells


PG (1) 1. Hibbert’s Gardenway Oberon at Mindszenty Sh CM. Noble head, strong neck, good lay back of shoulder and strong rear. This dog comes alive on the move with his ground covering gallop. BOB

O (1) 1. Hibbert’s Mindszenty Anais Anais. Feeling the cold but doing her best to please. Sweet expression, straight front. Good length of upper arm, super spring of rib. Clearly loves her dinners. RBOB.