• Show Date: 16/08/2009
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/03/2020

Falkirk & District Canine Society


ENGLISH STTERS. O (3, 2abs) 1. Thomson Swannery Valentino’s Legacy to Caspellwy 19 mths, Blue Belton dog. Noble head with lovely eye, Good front and bone, deep brisket. Presented a well balanced picture. Moved OK.

GSP O (5, 1 abs) 1.Stewart Winterwell Pillowtalk at Levagrad. Graceful and balanced outline, standing over plenty of ground. Classic head, long sloping shoulders, deep chest and good short back, powerful quarters. Effortless gait. Liked her very much. Grp 4. 2. Alcorn & Reed Puddledub Paramour. 3. Lindridge Amidal Elara.

GORDON SETTERS G (1) 1. Mcerlean Carrochan Suilvenbeag. A lot of daylight underneath and rather difficult to go over. However she has a lovely, kind expression but would like more depth in head. Good bone and decent layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Strong quarters. Moved OK. O (2) 1. Searle Yennadon Echo of Scaraben. What a fidget but when she got her act together she presented a balanced outline with strong level topline and broad muscular quarters. Decent front and shoulders, well ribbed up. 2. Mcerlean Suilvenmhor Sunna of Carrochan.

HUNGARIAN VIZSLAS G (4, 2abs) 1. Lindridge Shekan Star. Just 12 mths and about right for age. Distinguished appearance, good outline and ample spring of rib. Strong in front with cat like feet. Rather proud of tail 2. Hardie Greentimbers Matari for Mistyayre. O (2, 1 abs) 1. Hardie Greentimbers Vinca at Mistyayre Sh CM. Super bitch, balanced all through. Pronounced pro-sternum, excels in front. Powerful and solid topline, came alive on the move.

ITALIAN SPINONE. O (5, 2 abs) 1. Lawton Hastabbi Louis Dousset for Oaklaw. Good, strong boy. Square cut, excels in topline. Broad hocks well let down. Moved well and typically. Preferred eye to that of 2. Hardie Hastabbi Bonnaire at Mistyayre. 3. Netis Destiny Del Los Primeros.

FALT COATED RETRIEVER G (1) 1. Reid Orkhatos Anthea. Deep chest, well defined brisket, good return of upper arm, dense coat. L (2) 1. Reid Orkhatos Phoebe Typical head, very strong behind, in good coat. Great driving action and lashing tail. BOB. 2. Reid Gwenadillo Highland Mist of Orkhatos. O (3, 1 abs) 1. Stevenson Steelriver Sunny Spell. In gleaming coat with typical temperament. Nicely moulded head, good layback of shoulder, flat foreribs. Movement let her down today. 2. Thomas Guidewell Bess.

CLUMBER SPANIEL G (1) 1. Deick Kafernes Little Drummer Boy. Super baby, strong powerful appearance, square head, melting expression, well ribbed up. Moved very well. Puppy Grp 4 O (2) 1. Sutherland Sh Ch Eilandon Aonacheagach. Correct head proportions with square muzzle and well developed flews. Strong in appearance with well muscled body and powerful quarters.. Effortless mover. 2. Deick Belcrum Glens of Angus Among Kafernes.

COCKER SPANIEL P (3, 1 abs) 1. Cartney Carlundie’s Sense of Honour. Lovely blue roan presenting a well balanced outline. Square in body, super front, ribs well sprung, good bend of stifle. Very well handled and presented. Puppy Grp 3. 2. Gilchrist Craigdean Charmer. J 1.Reid Shanaz Sporran. This young man took my breath away. I thought him simply stunning with a head to die for. Great ring presence and fabulously presented. I liked 2 very much as well but she couldn’t match the showmanship of this exceptional exhibit. BOB and Grp 2. 2. Ewan Craigdean Emakokr 3. C. Charmer. G (3) 1. Ewan Craigdean Axle. Another stunner. Very merry and sturdy appearance. Great layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Wide, well rounded quarters. Not as steady on the move as BOB 2. Bodzak Kenan Summer Soltice 3. Gray Shadoview sea Breeze. L (2) 1. Cartnery Carlundie’s Ignorance Is Bliss JW. Lovely moving bitch, firm topline, super feet. Great head and expression . Presents a very merry picture. O (1) 1. Evans Briconess Vendetta. Nice black, good square outline, masculine head, refined in shoulder with good bone and firm cat-like feet. Moved well. 

WEIMARANER J (2, 1 abs) 1.Alcorn and Thomas Rutilas I’m Rhianna. Clean cut, correct body proportions with good front and deep chest. Good tailset.. Moved with verve and drive. PG (5, 2 abs) Would have been happy to award a first to anyone of these 3. 1. R I’m R 2. McAngus Greyfurs Gina Gee 3. O’Boyle Silberstern Blue Balalaika. O (5, 4 abs) 1. McAngus and Alcorn Sh Ch Gunalt Inquisitor at Greyfurs JW Sh CM. This dog has it all. Balance, power, the most handsome head and expression, great heart and lung room, well ribbed up, muscular quarters and movement of great drive and power. He exudes breed type and with his handler they are the complete package. I couldn’t ask for any more. BOB and Grp 1.

AV NSC GUNDOG O (2) 1.Caffrey and Dods Gellyburn Damselfly JW Sh CM and 2. Dods Balcraig Local Hero. These 2 WSS are of great quality. Both have super balance and great breed type. 1 was giving the better performance today so she was awarded BOB and Grp 3.

AV GUNDOG MP (6, 3 ABS) 1. P Tickled Pink, Lab 2. A Armani, Lab 3. L High Five for F. Gold Ret.

AV GUNDOG P ((8, 5 abs) 1. Stewart Winterwell Muscovy at Levagrad, GSP. What an absolute cracker. The best of heads, super neck and shoulders, excellent layback of shoulder, standing over plenty of ground. Moved like a dream. I loved her! Puppy Grp 1.

GUNDOG GROUP 1. Weimaraner 2.Cocker 3. WSS 4. GSP

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 1. GSP 2. L Glow of M, Gold Ret 3. Cocker 4. Clumber