• Show Date: 22/10/2009
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/03/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla


25th OCTOBER 2009


PD (2,0) 1. Halls’ Vadkacsa Speyburn Of Aranyhaz. At 7 mths looking right for his age. Has the required robust build and substance for the breed. Lively temperament which gave his handler a hard time. Good return of upper arm and ample spring of rib. Lovely golden sand coloured coat with good undercoat. Moved OK when settled. 2. Williams & Jones’ Addaci Belemenos Dio For Gyozelem Naf. Not the bone or substance of 1 and very little sign of any wire coat. Displayed good pro-sternum but needs to drop in brisket.

PGD (4,2) 1. Cameron & Gartland’s Morrinos Golden Broom. Another one making his handler work hard. Lovely headed boy with correct skull to muzzle proportions. Kind eye harmonizing with coat colour and excellent furnishings. Broad nose. Has good bone and substance but could do with a bit more weight to complete the picture. 2. Jones’ Zoldmali Szikra.

OD (5,1) 1. Stafford’s Farnfield Cock Robyn. Typically distinguished appearance. Intelligent expression, moderately broad skull being slightly longer than muzzle. Forelegs straight with good width to chest. Best of wire coats with depth to it and lying close to body. Doesn’t make the best of himself when stacked but when he moves his qualities shine through. BD and BOB. 2. Holman’s Silvanus Oh Oh Seven. Sire of winner and of 1st in PG and you can certainly see where their lovely heads come from. Great, spongy nose. Super depth. Loved his size and balance. Close up. RBD. 3. Rowan & Upton’s Tragus Fred Astaire

PB (6,2) 1. Lamyman’s Danton Whisper. What an exquisite little darling! Beautifully balanced throughout with good bone and substance, Super return of upper arm and layback of shoulder. Moderate all through. Gorgeous golden sand colour. Moved with purpose. BP. 2. Jones’ Addaci Belemenos Pipacs Similar type to 1 with classic head and typical coat. Neat feet. Moved steadily. Not the upper arm of 1. 3. Branney’s Tarndair Phoenix

PGB (8,2) 1. Harper’s Tragus Chinook Wind Of Pitswarren. Beautifully balanced with correct length to height ratio. Strong in body with level back and slightly sloping croup. Well muscled neck and shoulders. Nice big bum. Dense golden sand coat Moved effortlessly with good tail carriage. 2. Upton’s Tragus Apache Feather. Lovely bitch with classic, pretty head. Very well ribbed up. Gave her litter sister a run for her money but lost out on tail carriage. 3. Summerfield ‘S Miadsc Diamond

OB (4,1) 1. Summerfield’s Ayita Wedding Day Of Miadsc. Displays great balance and moderation throughout. Feminine head with dense eyebrows, moderately long neck, good front angulation and strong back end. Tends to be a little lazy on the move but her foot fall is correct. Did enough to take BB and BOS. 2. Smillie & Cairns’s Farnfield Pussy Galore Of Galicar. Another very good bitch and similar to 1 in many ways. Typical harsh and close fitting coat with desired undercoat. Preferred head of 1. Moved on an easy stride. RBB. 3. Jones’ Zoldmali Katica For Addaci

Christine Morgan