• Show Date: 21/03/2008
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/03/2020

Accrington & District Canine Association


21ST March 2008

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas. Puppy (3,1) 2 very promising puppies.1. Holman’s Throstlenest Siren By Silvanus. Presented a pleasing picture and whilst I preferred the head of 2 I felt this bitch was better in front having more width and heart room. Excellent lay back of shoulder with good depth and balance throughout. Strong wide quarters with super muscle tone. BPIB. Post Graduate (3) 1. Holman’s Silvanus Lilly Langtree. Not a big one but beautifully put together. Typical head with melting expression, classic front, ample spring of rib. Beautifully balanced, moved well. 2. Procter’s Leiborschy Steffan 3. Brierley’s Silvanus Juliet. Open (1) 1. Summerfield’s Ayita Wedding Day. This 3 year old bitch just gets better and better. She totally filled my eye and oozed breed type. Very pretty head with well furnished brows and beard, kind eye, good bone and feet. Moved with drive to take BOB.

German Wirehaired Pointers Open (4,3) 1. Stamp’s Sh Ch Tynsil Tysse. Standing alone but nevertheless a quality exhibit. Balanced profile, good reach of neck and lay back of shoulder, well ribbed up and deep in back ribs. Strong quarters. BOB.

German Shorthaired Pointers Post Graduate (4, 2) 2 good exhibits which I liked for different reasons. 1 & BOB. House’ Gleadsbury House Music. Scored over 2 in bone and substance but preferred the head, front and tail set of 2. Brown’s Montalba Millie Chillum. Open (4, 3) 1.Brown’s Montalba Maurice. Tall lad who I felt was over angulated but he has a good straight front with plenty of depth and spring of rib. Tail well set on.

English Setters Post Graduate (3) 1. Mortimer’s Marlowsett Colour My Life at Phlerdor Sh CM. Most balanced in the class. Soft expression, kind eye, good in front displaying correct pro-sternum. Plenty of depth with typical top line. Tail set a little low but an easy winner here. BOB and Group 2. 2. Hillman’s Fencefoot Freelander with Robeus 3. Coleman’s Fencefoot Firecracker of Silurian. Open (3, 1) 1. Long’s Albadora Autumnal Breeze. Elegant head and neck , better balanced than 2. Happy, wagging tail, moved OK. 2. Hillman’s Robeus September Escapade.

Weimeraners Puppy (3, 2) 1. Stamp’s Tynsil Trick Pony. Not co-operating in the slightest but is well proportioned and has strong quarters. BPIB. Post Graduate (4,1) 1. Milby’s Teguise Justin Time. Sound honest dog presenting a balanced picture and moved with great drive. Plenty of dog in front and very well handled. 2. Hawkin’s Sagunto Miguel 3. Yewdall’s Gunalt Sensor of Ladwey. Open (3,1) 1. Byrne and Egan’s Enryb Secret Party. Just what I was looking for, could have watched him all day. Correct ratios, ample forehand with plenty of lung and heart room. Moved with purpose and drive. Clearly built for the job. BOB and Group 4.

AVNSC Puppy 1. (2,1) 1. Balmforth’s Arnac Bay Avenger with Neashalee. Ches. Bay Ret. Powerfully built with super spring of rib, good strong hocks. Masculine head with kind expression. Post Graduate (4, 1) A good class. 1. Wright’s Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW. F/C Ret. This is some dog. Gleaming black coat, fabulously constructed. Has the wow factor. Loved everything about him. Best NSC and Group 1. 2. Cross & Powney’s Malanis Niffler IWS 3. Field & Humphrey’s Unosta Abalone Guy at Gloynbyw Kooikerhondje. Open (2) 1. M. Niffler Loved his head and expression, super depth of brisket, in very good coat. Moved very well 2. Grocott’s Zanfi Hurricane Over Onmin

Christine Morgan