• Show Date: 12/07/2008
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teri Burke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

NW&PB Ch Show, 12th July 08


My sincere thanks to all exhibitors for their support on my first CC appointment; I feel strongly that judging is not a right, but a privilege and every exhibit entered was an honour to have for my appraisal.

Those who have followed my judging over the years will be aware that I have a preference for elegance and refinement throughout. Whilst long well chiselled heads with parallel planes would be a significant part of my ideal, I neither reward nor unduly penalise exhibits on head properties alone as there is so much more required when interpreting breed type. For me, the essential elegance of the BSD also necessitates correct outline with good reach of neck, firm top line, good length of leg and sufficient angulations fore and aft to ensure that movement is brisk, free and even.

PD (1)

1st Davies & Morris’ KEHALA DANCING IN THE DARK WITH AMBRAJAI, attractive 8 months grey lad, a little rangy at present; good length of head, good muzzle with chiselling developing, skull slightly receding for now. Good ears, a little tall, well enough set and used, nice eye shape, set and colour giving lovely gentle expression. Well split mouth with good pigment; good neck, a little long in back, slightly upright front assembly, better at rear, nice substance and parallel stance on straight limbs with good feet; movement still a shade loose but correct extension when viewing side gait. Very sweet character.

JD (1)

1st Barrow’s DRAGONLANCE NEVADA AT KAIMACEY, almost 16 months and a shapely youngster of good type. Balanced skull and muzzle, head of good length, slightly dished foreface, good mask, very good pigment and wide split to lips. Lovely length and crest of neck flowing onto firm top line with slightly sloping croup; good chest for age with nice tuck up. Well laid shoulder but a little upright in upper arm, better angulated at rear, very good brisk stride all ways. Good substance, good stance, tight feet, nice temperament.

PGD (5, 3 Abs)

1st Edwards’ REVLOCH VALENTINO, smallish male a little strong throughout for my preference. Medium length head, a touch broad and deep in back skull, would prefer more chiselling. Good eye shape and colour nicely off set by defined mask and lovely high set ears which he used well; just sufficient neck, short coupled male, in good coat and condition, tended to be erratic on the move and pull down on his lead making him a little wide coming and going. Nicely presented, good temperament.

2nd James’ BANDERLOG SINFUL, taller dog and of lighter build all through than winner. Good length of head, parallels not quite right, a little deep in skull and muzzle needs to fill. Tall ears used well, mask somewhat diluted, very good length of neck, needs more accentuation of withers, longer in back, good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, slightly over angled in rear, needs to strengthen in pasterns, movement difficult to assess, top line roaches slightly, OK ground cover when viewing side gait.

LD (4)

1st Mackie & Collins’ VEGAS VAN MONED AT DOMBURG, elegant, refined and unexaggerated young male of medium size with beautiful breed type. Excellent head of good length, classically correct parallels, excellent chiselling and beautiful dark almond eyes obliquely set giving desired lively and enquiring expression. Very good split of mouth, dark pigment and strength of under jaw. Rather tall ears, set high and used constantly. Lovely reach and crest of neck flowing onto short firm topline, good croup and tail-set. Good fore chest, well sprung ribs and correct tuck up, all contributing to very harmonious outline. Balanced angulations, stands four square on straight limbs with good proportionate substance of bone and tightest of cat feet. His movement was a joy to watch, brisk, light and effortless. Impeccably presented he never stopped showing nor put a foot wrong standing or on the move. In glorious coat and sinewy muscular condition he ticked all the boxes for me and it was my pleasure to award him CC & BOB

2nd Bird & Caden’s DOMBURG J’AI UNE REVE Sh.CM. Similarly sized male to winner well presented in excellent mature coat. Head is of medium length, nicely chiselled under the eyes, stop and centre line rather too pronounced; high set mask, lovely small triangular ears used constantly, good eye shape and colour, good pigment. Nicely arched neck onto very distinct withers, shortest of backs, slightly long and too sloping in croup, erratic on the move initially but good side gait with sufficient ground cover; alert and lively expression with extrovert character.


OD (5, 1 Abs)

A difficult class headed by three high quality champion males, each quite different in stamp but all representing good breed type.

1st McNamara & McKay’s CH KEHALA MR SANDMAN, tall impressive male presenting a very commanding outline. I would prefer more length and refinement to head proportions; very good split of mouth and strength of under jaw, lacks a little chiselling, slightly round in eye shape of medium dark colour, very good ear set, shape and size, used constantly. Lovely reach and crest to neck onto firm top line, sufficient fore chest, well sprung ribs and good tuck up. Angles a little open in front, better at rear, good stance on strong parallel limbs with proportionate substance to size, strong pasterns and good feet. Positive light, brisk and ground covering stride, ok coming, a shade wide behind. A good quality, unexaggerated dog presented in lovely coat and dry, muscular condition, RCC.

2nd Smith & Collins’ CH DOMBURG IN ENVY, 7 years male, sire of both RCCs and several of today’s class winners. Tall and very elegant dog I have long admired, not in coat today which unfortunately was the case with several of the entry. Striking head piece, long, refined and beautifully chiselled; minimum stop, high shaded mask, very dark eyes which are a little full but give a melting and quizzical expression; nicely shaped and sized ears. Long, arched neck flowing onto distinct withers and firm top line; slightly sloping croup, good tail set. Well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and tuck up, nicely angulated rear. Brisk, free stride on strong parallel limbs of good substance.


PB (4)

1st Herkes’ DOMBURG ROMANCE ROYALE AT KATOOSHA, pretty and very feminine girl, presenting balanced and elegant outline. Good length of head, high mask, flat skull, tall ears well set and used constantly, required chiselling under the darkest of almond eyes, obliquely set with a lively enquiring expression. Good reach of neck, slightly long in loin, good croup, a little proud of her tail on the move. Nicely angled front and rear, very good stance on straight limbs, light brisk and ground covering stride all ways. In profuse and beautifully presented coat, lovely character and good ring presence, BEST PUPPY

2nd Gardiner’s KEHALA BAND OF GOLD, another of very feminine stamp with lovely breed type which made for a difficult decision in this class. Good length of head, minimum stop, correctly chiselled muzzle, nice mask. Eyes of lovely shape, colour and set, good reach and arch of neck, sufficient withers, shorter in back than 1st but slightly less balanced in angulations; elegant length of leg, stands a little wide in front, movement still to tighten but showing promising side gait, sweet and attentive character.


JB (5, 1 Abs)

1st Scadding’s DELATOR I AM THE ONE, raw but very pretty youngster of 16 months with lovely type and refinement. Good length of head with nicely set mask, well placed and used ears. Nice length and balance to head proportions, good parallels, dark almond eyes, obliquely set giving very attractive and quizzical expression. Good neck, slightly long over loin, good croup and tail set; sufficient chest for age, elegant length of leg, balanced angles front and rear, when settled into her stride showed true, brisk movement all ways.

2nd Adams’ JUMACK PANDORA, medium length of head, a little flared in skull, tallish ears slightly wide at base but well set and used; good eye shape and set with enquiring expression, well split dark lips; good arch to neck and nice top line; balanced angulations front and rear, slightly loose and uneven stride on the move but stood well on straight limbs with nicely proportioned bone for size.


PGB (5, 2 Abs)

1st Collins’ DOMBURG LOVE AFFAIR, very pretty bitch oozing ring presence and showing typical Belgian exuberance throughout. Very good type, lovely length of head, lean and dry with minimum stop, good skull and correctly chiselled muzzle topped off with high set and constantly used ears; good mask, wide split of mouth, wonderfully dark, almond eyes giving a lively and intelligent expression. Very good reach and arch to neck onto developed withers, strong top line, croup sloping slightly. Chest sufficiently developed, nice tuck up, elegant length of leg and stands four square on well muscled limbs. Good rear angulations, a little more moderate at front, displaying a light, brisk and free covering gait in all directions. In the bitch challenge she claimed the top spot as her own displaying the sparkling attitude so typical of the breed combined with classic outline and excellent pick-up. A worthy winner of the CC

2nd Scadding’s DELATOR AYHASHAS DREAM OF AYHASHAVINNIE, of a very different stamp to winner, being of slightly stronger build throughout and lacking a little in refinement. Medium length of head, tall ears, nicely shaped but could be set higher, skull slightly rounded and a touch deep, cheeks a little flared, would like more animation to show her split of mouth and make more use of her nicely arched neck; strong firm top line, good parallel stance, not quite balanced in angulations and so moving a little loosely coming and going, reasonable side gait, feet and pasterns need to tighten.


LB (7)

1st Armstrong’s KEHALA MISS CONGENIALITY, 4.5 years bitch that I placed highly when a puppy and who didn’t disappoint me today. Very feminine head and lovely expression, good length and balance to skull and muzzle, high shaded masked, beautifully chiselled under well shaped and obliquely set eyes, using her small high set ears to advantage. When panting had wide split of mouth, well drawn back under the eye line, good pigment and strength of under jaw; good reach and crest of neck onto shapely body, firm top line, a shade extra length over loin but not excessive. Balanced angulations fore and aft giving easy, free, ground covering movement in all directions; strong straight limbs with correctly proportioned bone, standing four square throughout and presented in beautiful coat and condition. A classy bitch with good breed type. RCC

2nd Brown & Godfrey’s CORSINI DIOR AT SEZANNE, petite, pretty and very feminine fawn/grey bitch of good breed type with sweet and attentive character. Beautifully set black mask on mid length head of good proportions, high set ears a shade open at base, used well; very good split of lips, dark pigment, gentle and quizzical expression. Lovely reach and crest to neck, would like a little more accentuation of withers, good firm top line, good tail set and croup, OK chest and nice tuck up. Moderate front angulations giving slightly restricted action, moving a little wide at rear; stands well on straight limbs, would like a touch more length to leg to finish the picture.

3rd Bond & McCarthy’s CHATMAR EXTRA FACTOR

OB (6, 1 Abs)

1st Hearson & Malinowski’s Ch Domburg Hot at the Top at Jumasue JW, unfortunately out of coat however this served to show off an outstanding body shape and excellent construction securing her position in a class very mixed for type. Medium length of head, stronger through than I prefer but of balanced proportions; high set ears, a touch wide at base, flat skull, OK chiselling and mask, good eye colour, shape and set all contributing to a lively and enquiring expression. Impressive reach and crest of neck, pronounced withers flowing onto firm back, good croup and tail set; harmonious flow of under line. When this bitch moves she is foot perfect from all directions, holding her top line well.

2nd Newns’ BANDERLOG NEVER SINNED FOR FOXFOOT, tall and slightly rangy bitch of very fine proportions throughout. Attractive long, lean, dry head; muzzle a little weak and pinched in relation to width of skull. Tall ears used and set well, high mask, very good eye shape and set, nice split of lips, good pigment. Good length of neck, needs more height at withers, back a little too long and flat, stands well in front but feet a little turned out at rear; good reach and ground cover in side gait, tends to roach top line on move. Profuse and long coat, well presented; very alert and expressive character.