• Show Date: 17/03/2007
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: NICOLA SINGH Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

West Torrington & District Canine Club

Alaskan Malamutes

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge, my steward and to the exhibitors for a lovely entry.

Junior: 10 entries 3 absent

A nice class, which contained some very promising puppies some of which just need to settle on the move.

1st – Broadberry’s Snowolf Westerngal Via Hyteton. A very nice 11 month grey & white bitch. A great outline on the stand and moved very soundly holding her top-line. Correct head, ear & tail set. Lovely bulky muzzle. Good angulations throughout, nice straight front. Pushed hard in the challenge for top honours. BP. I was delighted to see her take PG3.

2nd – Elliot & Campbell’s Hyteton Inbo Harvest Garner. Good strong 7 month boy with terrific substance. Impressive head. Correct tail set, coat & bite. Powerful, true movement once he settled. Good length of body & pigmentation. Would like a smaller ear. Preferred the maturity of 1, however very promising.

3rd – Helleur & Cameron’s Sutarka Firewall.

Res – Bruns’ Hyteton Rein Iama Goodum At Kirakoo

VHC – Coyne’s Hyteton Harvest Husk.

Graduate: 5 entries 4 absent

1st – Elliot & Campbell’s Cinelli Delta Breezer Over Packice. Nice 4 yr bitch. Nice bone, head and ear. Correct coat and tail set. Carrying a little too much weight therefore a little sluggish on the move.

Open: 10 entries 7 absent

1st – Botterill’s Cinneli Delta Tag. A very impressive 4 yr dog. Excellent substance, head, ear & tail set. Correct coat, bite & pigmentation. Moved powerfully around the ring with great drive whilst holding his top-line. Good angulations and proportions. OK front & excellent rear. BOB

2nd – Loades’ Snowolf Long Island T. A well angulated 3 yr dog. Smaller type than 1 but lovely outline and well proportioned for his size. Correct coat, head, bite ear & tail set. Best top-line of the day, however preferred the substance and front on 1.

3rd – Helleur & Cameron’s Polarpaws Live-N-Hope at Sutarka.

Miss Nicola J Singh (Sledog)