• Show Date: 07/12/2007
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Estrela Mountain Dog


 Estrela Mountain Dogs

LKA – December 7th 2007

I would like to thank the exhibitors for a lovely day. I was very pleased with my entry, and had some lovely dogs. Two main problems I noted today were bad mouths and nervousness. This is a breed that should never be nervous. Bad mouths have been a problem in this breed for a while, and once in a line, very difficult to remove. This is something you should take into serious consideration when breeding. Movement overall has improved since I last judged which was good to see, but there’s still a long way to go! Sorry I had to leave quickly, I would have preferred to stay and talk to you all, and watch my BOB winner in the Group, but as you know I had a pressing engagement to return home for, which you will be pleased to know, I did get there on time! Thanks to the Chief Steward and assistants for helping to get the Estrela moved into an empty ring so I was able to start judging earlier, and also to my Ring Steward for being so efficient!

Junior D/B (4 – 1 Absentee)

1st Cox’s CLERAFORA VALHAS – Beautiful Fawn Bitch puppy of 8 months. Super type, excellent substance. Correct expression, good small ears well rosed when carried properly well set. Super head, but hope it does not become over done. Correct scissor bite, which was a rarity today! Lovely outline, with correct level topline. Excellent hook in tail, and was well set. When in motion the tail was carried slightly above horizontal, with the hook allowing the tail to wheel, which is totally correct, and a pleasure to see. Moved very well, helped by good angulation, but still needs to tighten, that will come with age. Presented beautifully. A pleasure to go over, and certainly one to watch for the future when more mature. BB & BP.

2nd Phillip’s ASTEREL QUANDRY – Unfortunately this guy would not let me get near him. I was only able to touch his head, I hope his age is part of the problem. 16 mths, entirety not checked. Pleasing overall outline, well presented, good topline. Moved well, although a little narrow in front. Head ok, good ear placement, nice and small with reasonable carriage, would prefer a slightly darker eye which would have improved expression. A little more white than I would prefer, but does not detract from the rest of the dog..


Post Graduate D/B (6 – 2 Absentees)

This was my hardest class to judge of the day. Unfortunately not because of good quality.

1st Snowdon & Robinson’s BARKARINA CHARISMA - 2 yr old bitch, nice type, although would prefer a little more feminine overall. Nice head, correct Amber eye, with lovely expression. Ear carriage ok, would prefer them slightly smaller. Topline not level, higher at rear than at withers. Good tail Carriage with hook. Overall type good, good scissor bite, movement not her fortune. Could have done with a bath! RBB

2nd Bonser & Witheridge’s DRIMBEA EASTRE AVEC SUEPAULIAM – 2.5yrs, lovely type bitch, with pleasing head and expression. Ears could be better, but ok. Striking sandy Fawn colour, which really made her stand out. Good topline, lovely outline. Good tail carriage with slight hook. Good angulation which if she had not been lame on the rear would have helped her move very well. Carrying a little too much weight but in super condition. This bitch if not lame would have been my class winner.


Open Dog (3)

1st Snowdon & Robinson’s BARKARINA JEEVES – 2 yrs old, super type, excellent substance, pleasing outline. Head long and powerful, with super expression, helped by correct amber eye colour. Ears carried correctly, though would prefer a little smaller. Super scissor bite. Topline good, with super body but would prefer shorter loin. Excelled in movement front and rear, moving at the correct speed for this breed. Feet a little round for my liking. Good tail set, with hook. In Excellent coat, but needs a bath to improve the condition. This dog could certainly do a day’s work in the mountains of Portugal! Was challenged hard by the puppy for Best of Breed, but maturity won the day. BD & BOB.

2nd Chisholm’s CLERAFORA MONTEMURO OF BELEZAOCAO – 5yrs old of different type to 1. Not as strong in head, but still a pleasing head. Would prefer better ear carriage, and a little more strength in muzzle. Good outline, with firm topline. Movement was ok on rear, but toed in on front, I feel partly due to carrying too much weight. Easily RBD.


Open Bitch (2)

1st Cox’s CLERAFORA REDONDELA – 2 yrs old, of pleasing type. Smaller in size, but well within standard. Would prefer a longer head, with less stop, but was still feminine. Incorrect bite. Super body and substance, with good ear carriage, and well rosed. Moved erratically to start, but with some control moved well. Needs more confidence.

2nd Chisholm’s CLERAFORA MERTOLA OF BELEZAOCAO – 5 yrs old different type to 1, longer in head but without the strength. Expression would improve with slightly darker eye and better ear carriage. Good outline with firm topline. Movement was ok, but affected by a little too much weight. Incorrect bite. I preferred overall type and movement on my winner.

Judge: Mrs C Pentland