• Show Date: 03/08/2002
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Beckett-Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Hound Association

Breed: Whippet


County Showground Stafford Saturday 3rd August 2002

Whippet Bitches

Judge - Ann K Beckett-Bradshaw

I was surprised to find that many of the bitches were dirty, overweight and lacking in muscle, for which I can find no excuses. I was disappointed to find well made bitches that could not move properly because of their excessive waistlines -Whippets are supposed to be athletes not coffee tables.There were many who stacked their whippets into an unnatural ewe necked position which spoilt both outline and balance.The standard of the whippet specifically mentions ‘elegance’ and here I found my greatest disappointment with bitches who were unfeminine, cobby, heavily boned and coarse. No matter how well made a carthorse is, it can never call itself a thoroughbred.

In spite of my criticisms I did find some beautiful bitches and the Post-Grad class was a pleasure to judge, with some real quality whippets vying for the places.I was very pleased with my final line up. Well done.

Class 375 MPB (12 Entries)

1st: 2391 Mrs Y MORTON Acornlodge Karlotta Over Roedeane

Well made baby who was very sound throughout. Good topline and rear quarters, good extention on the move.Should have a bright future.She pulled out all the stops in the challenge for Best Puppy Bitch and couldn’t be denied.

2nd: 2384 Mr & Mrs D MEAKIN Oakbark Mustbe Magic

Another balanced quality baby who just needs to settle in the ring.Shows plenty of promise.Good front, well angulated rear.Nice feet.Good condition.

3rd: 2373 Mr J & Mrs V KENDALL Snowtiger Princess at Visam

Class 376 PB (24 Entries)

1st: 2296 Mesdames COX, J A & BUNKER, M Rearsbylea Wild Silk

Very feminine fawn with white trim.I was quite taken with this baby who was well made all through but only let me see glimpses of her full potential.On the day, did just enough to win her this large class.Once she learns to use her conformation properly will trouble the best.

2nd: 2367 Mrs C J HOME, Mrs J M & FISHER-HOME Benroy Blaeberry Rose of Jasarat

Elegant partie brindle bitch with a lot to like. Good depth for her age, well angulated front and rear quarters.Moved soundly and with drive, lovely front action. Good topline and length. Should do well.

3rd: 2406 Miss E W NEWTON Nevedith Eefa Empress

Class 377 JB (16 Entries)

1st: 2412 Mrs P S OLIVER Spyanfly Say It's Bardo

Brindle with white trim. Nice sized feminine bitch who should go far.Well balanced. Good front and feet, length and well angulated rear quarters. Moved soundly with drive and good extension. Kept her topline on the move. Excellent condition.

2nd: 2314 Mr J & Mrs W FOSTER Dyldan Imagine

Parti bitch, again made very well all through. Nice feet and front angulation. Good length of loin. Well angulated rear quarters. In good condition. Moved with drive and sound behind.

3rd: 2480 Mr J TOLLETT Nevedith Deefa Dado

Class 378 SYB (11 Entries)

1st: 2346 Mrs M HEAD Demerlay Band of Gold

Very feminine fawn bitch of a nice size with just the right amount of everything. Well angulated with good depth. Good coat and condition. Was sound both coming and going with good front extension in profile. Not the glamour of her more coloured cousins but a lovely bitch whose qualities should not be overlooked.

2nd: 2401 Mr & Mrs J McLEOD Peperone Peekaboo

Another well made brindle bitch who will trouble the best.Moved well and with drive. Good topline and rear quarters. I’m sure these two could change places easily on another occasion.

3rd: 2236 Miss L ALDRICH-BLAKE Walkabout Weep No More at Astrophel

Class 379 SBB (15 Entries)

1st: 2393 Mrs S MUIR Verosum Idle And Wild

A feminine brindle with white trim. The best of length. Strong loin leading into well angulated driving rear quarters which won her this class. Good topline. Lovely sound movement coming and going with good front extension. A good class to win.

2nd: 2480 Mr J TOLLETT Nevedith Deefa Dado

Well made bitch with excellent depth of chest. Good shoulder angulation and correct topline. Good length through rear quarters. A sound mover.

3rd: 2232 Miss T ADAMS Jzan Zashka

Class 380 PGB (23 Entries)

1st: 2366 Mr & Mrs F J HOLLAND Elmanash Ghislaine

This was the strongest class of the day with some really lovely bitches for me to go over. This feminine brindle with white trim was a delight. She had elegance, length and true whippet quality and at 2 ½ is just coming into her prime. Good neck let into well laid shoulders. Good fill in in front and excellent depth.Correct bone.Good length with well muscled, well angulated rear quarters. Moved as I knew she would.A pleasure to award her Reserve B.CC Unlucky to meet the CC winner in such fine form.

2nd: 2300 Miss M E CROSSE Jayglo July

Another super bitch from the top drawer. Slightly shorter coupled than the winner but of the same excellent quality nonetheless. Well balanced with everything in the right place. Moved well with drive and soundness. This was a tough class to take a place, so a second was no disgrace. We should hear a lot more from these lovely bitches in the future. Well done.

3rd: 2431 Mr & Mrs REARDON Rarelyrich Rash Promise

Class 381 Mid LB (12 Entries)

1st: 2390 Mrs L MORRIS Girl of the Match at Crosscop

Feminine brindle bitch with a lot to like about her. Good length,Well laid back shoulders and good upper arm. Good rear angulation which she used on the move.Sound coming and going with lovely profile action.

2nd: 2355 Mrs C & Miss M HILLS Shimmeree Pure Velvet

Blue bitch slightly longer made than the winner but of the same good quality. Moved well in profile with good reach and was sound both ways. Very little between these two lovely bitches.

3rd: 2420 Mr M C & Mrs J A PIPER Rathglass Venus Rosewater

Class 382 LB (18 Entries)

1st: 2439 A & M & D RITCHIE Demerlay California Dreamin of Gwendariff

Another nice class with some lovely bitches going home cardless. This feminine fawn had a lovely expression and was well made throughout. The best of upper arm angulation which showed itself in her front movement. No terrier front here. Well angulated quarters so she moved with reach and drive. Good condition.

2nd: 2253 Mrs M A BLANKS Westmount Hazy Moon

Another lovely brindle unlucky to meet the class winner in such fine form.Well angulated front and rear. Good length and depth. Excellent movement both coming and going. Lovely in profile too. Very sound.

3rd: 2287 Mr A & Mrs S COLEMAN Manquita Star of the Morning

Class 383 OB (13 Entries)

1st: 2507 Mrs L YACOBY-WRIGHT Cobyco Call the Tune

Well what can I say? This beautiful brindle bitch had everything I was looking for in a whippet. Balanced, feminine, elegant, well muscled without being loaded. Correct angulation all through with no exaggerations. When she moved her reach, drive and soundness gave me goosebumps. A joy to behold and a privilege to be able to award her the CC, and with my co judge’s agreement Best of Breed

She went on to win 4th Best in Show. Well done indeed!

2nd: 2495 Miss H & Mrs J WAYMAN Flarepath Silver Star for Scarletfair JW

Lovely brindle bitch who was also well made. Good front angulation.Well made rear quarters.Good length of loin and spring of rib. Moved with reach and drive. Sound. Handled to perfection by one so young.Well done, you should both have a bright future.

3rd: 2408 Miss E W NEWTON Ch Nevedith Ceefa Ceely

Class 384 Special Veteran B (6 Entries)

1st: 2247 Mr R & Mrs M BELSHAW Ch Permadon Golden Cascade

Brindle with white trim who was a credit to her owner.In lovely condition but so well made she could still trouble some of the youngsters. Good front and rear angulation. Good spring of rib. Moved with drive and correct front action.

2nd: 2465 Miss V SKELLEY Ringmore Cantilena

Particolour bitch, shorter made than the class winner but of good quality. Good angulation all through, good depth and spring of rib and in lovely condition. Moved soundly and with drive.

3rd: 2358 Mrs C & Miss M HILLS Kartusch Blue Diamond

Class 385 SRCB (4 Entries)

1st: 2462 Mrs D M SKELLEY Ringmore Xiphos

Pretty fawn of a nice size. Good neck and shoulders. Well angulated rear quarters. Good topline.

2nd: 2257 Mr R E & Mrs H M BLUNT Talibula Lady Margarita

Longer made fawn than the class winner and well made all through. Pretty head end expression.

3rd: 2320 Mr D & Mrs M GIBB Silvabrin Diamond Chip


Bitch CC : 2507 Mrs L YACOBY-WRIGHT Cobyco Call the Tune

Res Bitch CC : 2366 Mr & Mrs F J HOLLAND Elmanash Ghislaine

BEST OF BREED : 2507 Mrs L YACOBY-WRIGHT Cobyco Call the Tune