• Date: 09/02/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/02/2020

Welsh Corgi League


 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 

 There was a warm, friendly atmosphere despite the dreadful weather conditions courtesy of Storm Ciara.  There were 21 dogs making 24 entries but sadly there were a number of absentees.  Temperaments were truly excellent as without exception all of the dogs were outgoing and friendly. My excellent stewards, Steve Atkinson kept the ring (and me!) in good order.   

Best in Show was Roberts’ Anwyl Tell It To My Heart (Imp Aus). 

Reserve Best in Show – Boulton’s Elessar Grand Design by Jonloran. 

Best Dog - Franchi’s Whitebarn Samuel Whiskers at Saniaquinto. 

Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy - Saniaquinto High Society. 

Best Veteran - Asbridge’s Ch. Chililabomwe Snowdrop JW ShCM. 

 Veteran Dog 

1 Franchi’s Whitebarn Samuel Whiskers at Saniaquinto.  Nine years of age and I admired his head; clear, intelligent eyes; well set, nicely rounded ears.  Flat skull.  Good forehand with ample bone and very good feet.  Well ribbed and shown in good body condition.  His very positive front action gave him the edge today.  Best Dog. 

2 Snedden’s Nesden’s Stromay ShCM.  Keen, intelligent expression, good neck  and shoulders, excellent topline.  Good bone.  Lively and animated on the move.   

 Minor Puppy Dog 

1 Franchi’s Saniaquinto High Society.  Lovely type and pleasing balance with very good head qualities, nicely set ears, pleasing eyes and keen expression.  Good length of neck.  Adequate bone and very good feet.  On the move he has powerful, driving hind action.  I was tempted to make him Best Dog but at six months he still needs to develop a little in body and brisket.  Excellent topline and shows to good advantage.  Best Puppy & Reserve Best Dog. 

 Puppy Dog 

1 Franchi’s Saniaquinto High Society 

 Veteran Bitch 

1 Asbridge’s Ch. Chililabomwe Snowdrop JW ShCM.  Hrd to believe that she is aVEteran as she is lively and animated with a lovely clear, sparkling eye.  Well set, rounded ears.  Good neck which she uses to advantage.  Decent forehand and good bone.  Nicely ribbed with well slung body.  Impressed on the move both coming and going.  

2 Boulton’s Ch Jonloran Sweet Juliet.  An attractive tri, just a shade more matronly than the winner.  Pleasing head and expression, Ample bone and oval, nicely padded feet. Good hind action but just a tad wide coming back to me.  A good showgirl. 

 Puppy Bitch 

1 Parrish’s Dangavlyns Black Ice.  Tri.  Flattish skull and nicely rounded, well set ears.  Lovely dark brown eyes.  Feminine.  Decent neck and shoulders.  Not in quite the fullest of coats and this can make her topline look rather soft which on handling it isn’t.  Lively and alert and makes a good impression on the move.    

2 Parrish’s Dangavlyns Painted Lady.  Good skull and ears. Slightly lighter eye than her sister.  Good body and rib for age.  Nicely balanced.  Very good hind action. 

 Junior Bitch 

1 Roberts’ Anwyl Tell It To My heart Cherastyne (Imp Aus).  Best in Show. Tri. Just out of puppy and I thought she was rather special.  Very attractive head and expression.  Sturdily made yet feminine with an excellent topline.  Good bone and feet.  Excellent neck with well laid shoulders.  Good body and rib for age.  Decent coat.  On the move she is true and positive both fore and aft and moved out in a very typical fashion.    

2 Smith’s Ryslip Jaffacake.  Tri.  Nicely balanced with a good skull and pleasing ears.  A shade bolder in eye than the winner.  Good neck and shoulders.  Very well bodied – maybe a shade too much!  Very good profile action. 

 Graduate Bitch 

1 Roberts’ Anwyl Tell It To My heart Cherastyne (Imp Aus) 

2 Smith’s Ryslip Jaffacake 

 Post Graduate Bitch 

1 Snedden’s Nesden Stob Dearg. Very typical in outline and pleases for balance.  Workmanlike and sturdy and certainly gives the impression of stamina.  Good double coat.  Strong, thrusting hind action.  

 Limit Bitch 

1 Boulton’s Elessar Grand Design by Jonloran.  Reserve Best Bitch. A nice quality bitch of good type.  Pleasing, keen expression.  Good ears.  Ample bone and good feet.  Well slung body with good ribbing.  Pleasing me on the move and she was shown in excellent muscular condition. 

 Open Bitch 

1 Franchi’s Ermyn Monlight Flyer at Saniaquinto.  A really good moving bitch with plenty of thrust from the rear and some extension in front.  Pleasing head and expression.  Good neck and shoulders.  Ample bone and pleasing, well padded feet.  Good length of rib and strong topline.  

 Judge: Tom Mather