• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Damien Hutton-Baber Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hampshire Gundog Society

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at Hampshire Gundog Society for what was my first judging appointment at an Open Show.   Thank you to my stewards who did an amazing job, but more importantly the exhibitors who entered, they were very polite, sporting and accepted my decisions on the day.

I was delighted to see that the American Cocker Spaniels were highly thought of in their respective best in show line ups, winning Puppy Group 3 and Best In Show.

I would just like to take the opportunity to wish everyone in the dog show world all the best in the current climate, stay safe and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.  

Spaniel (American Cocker)

Puppy (2)

1st MURRAY AND MCKENZIE’s Jaclee Dream The Impossible.  Nine-month-old black/tan dog that looks handsome when stacked.  He has a well-structured head with an intelligent, alert expression, appeared to be conscious of everything going on around him.  Body looks short and compact and is finished off nicely with a lovely coat that is not excessive.   Correct angulation front and rear with good depth of chest, has a typical American Cocker top line.  Awarded Best Puppy and Reserve Best Of Breed.

2nd TURNBULL’s Afterglow Antoinette. Ten-month-old black/tan bitch that is pleasing on the eye.   Feminine head with nice dark eyes.  Well structured front and rear with correct placement of shoulder and good angulation.  Coat in good condition with slightly wavy feathering.  This bitch will look even better when she has matured.  Just preferred overall outline and substance of first.  

Special Yearling

No entries.

Post Graduate (2)

1st MURRAY AND MCKENZIE’s Zefir Ot Chicarnoj Kompanii.  Sixteen-month-old buff dog that immediately catches your eye from the moment he enters the show ring and was my favourite dog of the day.  He has a masculine head with lovely dark eyes and broad muzzle.  Good substance through out with well sprung ribs and good depth of chest.  Nice sloping top line and well feathered body and legs finish off a beautiful and typical American Cocker outline.  Shown to his full potential when he was moved.  I had no issues with awarding this dog Best Of Breed where he then went on to win Best In Show.   

2nd WOOLLEY’s Chesvik Top If You Wish You Can At Challeymead.  Two year old black and white parti coloured bitch that has a feminine head with dark eyes and correctly placed ears which gives her a very sweet expression.  Compact overall with correct angulation front and rear, gentle sloping top line with a correctly placed tail set.  Good, steady mover in complete co-operation with her handler today.  Just preferred the substance and overall appearance of first.

Open (1,1)


Spaniel (Cocker)

Puppy (6,1)

1st GRIST’s Kasordon Firestarter.  Nine-month-old black dog who possesses a masculine head with well-developed skull and dark tight eyes.  Both fore and hindquarters are well angulated, making this dog square with a level top line.  Very typical merry Cocker on the move, will look even better when he has matured.  Really pleased to award this youngster Best Puppy In Breed.  

2nd EDGINGTON’S Uxendel Sea Venture.  Handsome eleven-month-old blue roan dog that has a cleanly chiselled head with a square muzzle.  He has good depth of chest, well ribbed and has a coat that is silky with lovely feathering.    This boy has true Cocker temperament and this is evident from his keenness to move with an ever-wagging tail.  It was very close between first and second place in this class, I just preferred the hindquarters and movement of first.

3rd BEVIS AND NORIE-MILLER’s Popocatepetl Parti Games.

Special Yearling (3,1)

1st SHAPLAND’s Deracor Dream Time.  Sixteen-month-old solid black feminine bitch that is pleasing on the eye with a well-balanced cobby outline.  She has a lovely head with a well-developed skull and square muzzle.  Correct shoulder placement and well angulated front and rear with a strong compact body.  Once settled moved well and soundly.     

2nd STANTON’s Life Thru A Lens.  Eleven-month-old light blue roan bitch that has a pretty head and good front.  Good angulation front and rear, however needs more body and substance.  Still quite young so has plenty of time to mature.

Post Graduate (6,1)

1st ROFE’s Oakrosa Raiden.  This black dog is just approaching three years old and is very ‘Cockery’ in appearance.  He has a masculine, well-structured head and plenty of substance throughout.  A beautiful outline and a well feathered coat add to his presence in the show ring.  Chest well developed, front and rear legs well boned with tight well-padded feet.  Moved with good reach and drive.  This dog was a delight to go over as a judge and I was pleased to have awarded him Best Of Breed.

2nd SHAPLAND’s Deracor Dream Time.   This dog was first in Special Yearling but was unlucky to meet my winner here, awarded Reserve Best Of Breed.

3rd BEVIS AND NORIE-MILLER’s Popocatepetl Déjà vu.

Open (5,5)


Junior Handling

6 – 11 years (2,1)

1 Calleigh Hird. I was not disappointed with how this 11-year-old youngster handled her dog.  From the moment she entered the ring she followed the golden rule, shadowed whilst presenting her dog and noticed when I moved her dog’s feet and repositioned them.  Movement in a triangle pattern was clean with straight lines, just needs to check the position of the judge when turning.  Was pleased to award her best junior handler and wish her luck with her handling career.

12 – 16 years (2,2)


Adult Handling

17 – 45 years (1)

1 Kathryn Roles.  This handler was very polite whilst presenting her dog which was a little unsure of himself on the day.  However, her calm and patient approach got the very best out of him and brought him out of himself.  Pattern work was neat, but this handler needs to remember the golden rule, work on her shadowing and move the dog’s feet back into position if the judge moves them, this will allow her to be seamless in a handling class.

46 + years (4,4)