• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Newfoundland

Bournemouth Newfoundland

Minor Puppy D. ne Puppy D. ne Junior D (1) 1st: 1421 LLOYD-DENMAN Mrs S Stelamah Cadbury Treat Rather a headstrong young d. Liked his size and strength. Enough neck. Could have a better front. V good bone. Well ribbed. Well made rear. Sound, needs to be more settled on move. Post Grad D (3) Sadly I felt I had to withhold the placings in this class, there were a mix of issues including poor bites and flat feet and pasterns that I just could not forgive. Limit D (6,2) 1st: 1408 BLAKE Ms S Sandbears On The Money He won this class with a bit to spare. Has head of correct width. Lengthy neck with well laid shoulders. Super bone. Deep, broad chest. Well ribbed back. Could be slightly firmer in topline. V good rear. Accurate and easy mover. Correct coat. His east light footed action took CC and later BOB. Delighted to see him shortlisted in group by breed expert Hedd Richards. 2nd: 1419 GIAMBONA Ms G Tallisbay To The Heart Of Trinashores Masc d. Skull could be better. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Just a bit forward in shoulder and he too could be firmer in topline. Well ribbed. Rather moderate in hind angulation. Moved quite well. Good legs and feet. 3rd: 1420 HILTON Ms M Spirebear Duke Of Destiny Open D (2) 1st: 1410 BLAKE, Ms S & BECK , Mrs B & MOORE Mrs K Am Ch UK Ch Mainland Anchorbay Now I Know My Abc's He has a super outline. V good head, liked his eye and expression. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder, could be better in upper arm. Well ribbed back, super body with a firm topline. Enough hind angulation. Could be tidier out and back. V good in profile if a bit lazy today. RCC 2nd: 1432 RICHARDSON Mrs D & Mr M Gunnersnewfs Austrian Love Masc d of v good proportions. Quite a strong head. Moderate neck. Well filled chest. Good spring of rib. Level topline. Moderate rear. Could be cleaner coming towards. Veteran D(1) 1st: 1431 PLANT Miss A M Inkomo Perfect Illusion For Shadann Sh.CM VW Liked his outline and proportions and he excels in profile action. Masc head. Moderate beck. Well ribbed. Topline is level, held on move, well muscled rear. Could be more accurate out and back, Special Beginners D/B (5,2) 1st: 1423 LOW Mr & Mrs J, Mr A & Miss C Mileoak Ruby Tuesday Fem b of good proportions and the best out and back mover in class. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Could be slightly wider in chest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Well balanced angulation. 2nd: 1431 PLANT Miss A M Inkomo Perfect Illusion For Shadann Sh.CM VW 3rd: 1404 APLIN Miss D G Merrybear Krystal For Alsden Minor Puppy B (1) 1st: 1433 SEPP Dr T Valleybears Proud Mary Delightful brown pup. V fem yet still with strength. Pleasing head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. Well bodied for age. Moderate rear. Moved well. V promising. Puppy B (1 abs ) Junior B (2) 1st: 1406 ARKELL Mrs N Camnoire Ghost Kato With Cannark She has a super outline. Would like a bit more of her, but only 14 mths. Fem head a bit deep in stop. Lengthy neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Well bodied. Level topline. Good rear. Could be better out and back but v good in profile. 2nd: 1415 COLDWELL, Mr & Mrs G & T & COLDWELL Misses E & F Zentaur This Is Jam Hot (ai) She is between coats. Liked her outline and proportions. Good head, eyes can darken, moderate and balanced in angulation. Well ribbed. Could be more accurate on move. Post Grad B (8,1) 1st: 1417 FRANKLIN Mrs P A Shinglebay I've Gotta Be Me Typy, fem b of strength. She has a well balanced head. Lengthy neck. Quite good shoulders. Well filled chest. Good spring of rib. Topline ok. Uses her rear better than 2. Really liked her outline. RCC 2nd: 1426 MILBURN Mr & Mrs S & D King Of Helluland Material Girl At Dawstenbears Liked her outline and proportions. Fem with strength and good bone. Pleasing head, eye and expression. Well ribbed. Could have more neck. Well filled front. Ribs are well sprung and go well back. Long front stride. 3rd: 1427 MILLS, Miss S & CHATBURN Mr R Zentaur Drop It Like Its Hot For Oialt (ai) Limit B(4,1) 1st: 1436 WEBB Mrs H New Angels Pretty In Pink (Imp) JW Sh.CM Well proportioned b. Liked her fem head. Good eyes. Enough neck. She is a bit upright in pastern and shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Slightly long in loin but holds a level topline. Well made rear. Decent stride and ok out and back. 2nd: 1430 PAYNE Mrs C & Mr P Bridgestone Grande Dunes At Squestpaws Would like to see this Landseer b when she is carrying less weight. She has a fem head of size and strength. Good neck. Fair front. Can stand too wide in front. Well spring ribs. Level topline. Good rear. Accurate and balanced mover if a little lethargic. 3rd: 1405 ARCHER Ms S C Sakaribear Sending A Kiss To Tallisbay Open B (4,1) 3 good bitches. 1st: 1407 BALDOCK Mrs C & Mr D Gunnersnewfs All Or Nothing JW Liked her proportions and the best out and back mover in class. Well balanced head, would like a less rounded eye. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder with a good return of upper arm. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Could be shorter in loin. V good rear which she uses so well. Correct coat. CC 2nd: 1429 PALLETT Mrs S M Sandbears Hawiian Hot Stuff To Sheenmarie Sh.CM Sh Liked her outline and proportions. Fem head. Would prefer a better eye. Long neck. Well made front but a bit untidy coming towards. Well bodied. V good rear. Goes well in profile. 3rd: 1416 COLDWELL, Mr & Mrs G & T & COLDWELL Misses E & F Zentaur Ain't No Thang JW Sh.CM Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell