• Show Date: 19/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Anscombe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society

Premier Open Show

Saturday 19th May 2018

Judge Tracey Anscombe (Orangebox)

Group Judge Helen Bakewell (Norwelston/Lynjel)

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at the Premier Open Show held in conjunction with the Spring Festival, which is a lovely Agricultural show full of lovely local produce. Thanks also to my steward Michael for keeping the ring all in order. Thank you to all the exhibitors that entered, unfortunately there were a number of absentees due to the Championship show the day before and of course the Royal Wedding or maybe the FA cup final! All dogs were entire and they could all be spanned.

Class 1 - Border Terrier Puppy - 3entries 2absent

1st and BPIB PG2 - Esyntona Codeword Vandermere 

One I have judged before as a raw puppy, now almost nine months old and she is maturing well showing the promise she had when I first saw her. Blue and tan in good thick harsh dense jacket with plenty of pelt. Pretty head still developing, small ears and good scissor bite. She moved with confidence around the ring covering the ground well. I will continue to watch her progress with interest.

Class 2 - Border Terrier Junior- 4entries 1absent

1st - Nantcoch Field Skipper

Bitch of a lovely size very easy span with nice lay of rib. In good show jacket of harsh texture with undercoat and thick pelt. Nice feminine head with correct scissor bite. Moved well around the ring once she got settled.

2nd - Rhozzum Whim

Lovely young bitch unfortunately out of coat today which gave 1st place the final edge. Stronger in head than the 1st place with varminty expression, small ears and good bite. Moved well once settled covering the ground and holding her shape. Stands well on neat feet. 

3rd - Lady Freya of Glamorgan

Class 3 - Border Terrier Post Graduate - 5entries 4absent

1st - Rhozzum Gwenno

A very happy show girl her tail never stopped wagging. 4 year old grizzle bitch of lovely size, she has a harsh jacket just nearing its end. Beautiful head full of type with broad skull and a little stop giving the appearance of an otter. Another one that was beginning to feel the heat when on the move.

Class 4 - Border Terrier Limit - 4entries 2absent

Wow although a small class it was full of quality not an easy decision.

1st and BOB G4 - Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raedwulf

The last time I saw this dog I said that I liked him a lot! Pleased today to award him Best of Breed. He has a lovely head with good ear shape and placement, correct scissor bite and moved well although was struggling with the heat come the group. Holds his top line and uses his short carrot tail well. Shown in lovely double jacket with pliable pelt which gave him the edge over 2nd.

2nd and RBOB - Hawcoat Mr Fixit

Masculine blue and tan dog with the most gorgeous head housing large teeth. Small ears used well to frame his expression. Moved really well covering the ground maintaining his top line with good tail placement. Has a harsh blue coat that was just coming in. Nice to have a class where I was spoilt for choice!

Class 5 - Border Terrier Open - 3entries 1absent

1st Rhozzum Gwilym

4 year old Blue and Tan dog, moved the better out of the two in this class which secured him his placement. Attractive head piece with clean scissor bite set in strong jaw. Good jacket and pelt. Stands on small neat feet.

2nd Tyneaster Special Agent at Raewulf

Another dog I have judged before and my comments still apply but unfortunately didn't move today, possibly due to the weather which was becoming rather hot at this time. He has a lovely head and expression, straight front and shown in good coat.

Tracey Anscombe

Orangebox Border Terriers