• Show Date: 18/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Waverley Gundog Association

Waverley Gundog 

Sunday 18th February 2018

Judge Tania Gardner ( Danwish ) 

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at their show . It was a shame that it clashed with an Irish Setter Breed Championship Show . 

Never less I was delighted with my main winners . Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries . 

Irish Setters 

 Junior Dog 

1st , Boyce Forfarian Secret Admirer . Stood alone but deserved his place in the final dog lineup . 

Lovely type of youngster , nicely constructed with a decent front . He has a moderate turn of stifle and stands on small well arched feet . 

Only 15months so lots of maturing to do but his body portions are correct . He has a well balanced head and dark eyes which give him a kind expression . Shown in lovely coat of good texture and quality 

Moved steadily with his handler . 

Graduate Dog 

1st Murchison , Pawsword Paperback Writer 

Will come of no surprise I like this dog for type . 

His outline when stood shows a gentle sloping topline which he holds well on the move . 

His head is masculine but not overdone . He has lovely raised brows , dark almond shape eyes which gives him that typical irish cheeky expression. Arched neck which sits nicely into his front assembly , decent upper arm length and adequate layback of shoulder . Well muscled rear quarters with good bend of stifle . 

He was in the best coat and condition I have seen him in . Still more maturing to do as he is only 2yrs but just right for his age . He tried his best to behave for his handler and moved out well showing drive from behind . 

I was pleased to award him Best Dog 

Post Graduate Dog 

1st Murchison ,Pawsword Paperback Writer 

Repeat of Graduate 

2nd Campbell Kettlehills Forget Me Not 

4yr mature boy . Shown in profuse coat . Nice outline stood , he has a masculine head with dark eyes but would like a bit more chiselling . Well ribbed back with a decent spring of rib . Today he didn’t do himself justice on the move . 

Limit Dog 

1st Tupper & Rosie Staratlanta Elliott ShCM 

Mature dog whom I have done well for before and my impressions of him have not changed he was just not as happy as I have seen him in the ring before , today . He was shown as always in excellent coat of good quality . He has a masculine head , dark eye and kind expression . Good front with adequate sternum and balanced angles front and rear with a good turn of stifle Moved okay with a slashing tail . 

He is a lovely boy just had to give way to the younger dog today . 

Open Dog 

1st Rance Mayfred Mr Magnifico 

8yr old dog , nice size dog of good proportions , he is so well balanced front and rear with adequate angles . 

He has a super front with good sternum , which is sadly lacking in many . He stood on tight , small feet . 

Head of good proportions with a kind expression . 

Moved okay , just not at one with his handler . 

Junior Bitch 

1st Davie Lochfrae Nina Simone BPIB 

2nd Davie Lochfrae Kiki Dee 

Two litter sister that share a lot of the same attributes, both very feminine and pretty girls . 

I liked their height to body length and they presented an elegant picture when stood . 

They have the sweetish of expressions , their body proportions are correct for their age . 

I preferred one on the move today , they both had good side gait and reach for puppies but I though 1 had the better rear action and was shown in the better coat today . 

Good luck with them both . They are promising youngsters . 

Graduate Bitch 

1st Whitehead Gwendariff Gonna Winsome 

Nice outline when stood . She has long , lean head , good ear set , dark eyes and pretty expression . 

Decent length of upper arm and a correct layback of shoulder . 

Well angulated rear quarters which she used nicely on the move covering the ground well . 

She was shown in good coat .  

2nd Campbell Gwendariff Gonna Have Fun 

Litter sister to one . She is not as mature at the moment and I just preferred the outline of 1st when stood . 

She has an adequate front , neck sits nicely into her shoulders , decent length of rib . Strong rear quarters , good width of second thigh but not as positive as the 1st on the move today . 

Post Graduate 

 1st Wilson Coppers Snow Queen 

Loved the look of her when she came into the ring and she didn’t disappoint when I went over her. 

Balanced and totally feminine sum her up for me . 

 Prettiest of heads , with a dark eye , raised brows giving that glint of mischief. Clean in muzzle and throat . 

She has a gentle sloping outline , good angles front and rear , excellent bone and the neatest of feet . On the move she covers the ground effortlessly, good drive and footfall . Shown in excellent coat and at one with her owner 

She is lovely , show her off more !!! 

Best Bitch & BOB 

2nd Wallace Gwendariff On A Chatline 

Bigger bitch but still feminine. Long and lean head with a pretty expression . She has good length of upper arm and correct layback of shoulder , good width to her 2nd thigh and a adequate turn of stifle . Moved okay but couldn’t compete with 1st today . 

Limit Bitch 


Open Bitch 

No entries 

Tania Gardner ( Danwish )