• Show Date: 13/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Keeshond Club

The Keeshond Club.

13 October 2018

It was a honour to be asked to judge the Special Award Classes at this very friendly club show. I'd like to thank the committee for my lovely gift of a Keeshond Clock.

To the exhibitors for allowing me the opportunity to judge there lovely dogs.

Class A Special Yearling: 6-2

Quite a mixed class, both in type & for ages.

1st Lush's: Ednaaron Moon Light; 18 month male, impressive on stand & moved easily here enough to win the class, wouldn't want him any bigger, wedge shaped head, with dark almond eyes & clear pencil line, moderate stop well placed velvety ears, plenty of ruff on moderately arched neck, well placed shoulders & depth of chest, firm back with high set tightly curled tail, enough muscle to hindquarters for age. Hocks well let down. Harsh dark coat.

2nd Lindsay's: Cosmic Dreams Dame You Look Good For Mezanda (Imp Nor); 10 month bitch, compact bitch with good breed type, feminine wedge shaped head & dark muzzle, dark eyes clear pencil markings, ears well placed, moderate neck with plenty of ruff, shoulders well laid back with good bredth & depth to chest, well sprung ribs with strong loin area, tail set high & tight double curl to tail. Rear angulations corresponded to front, shame she had been rushed from car to ring as wasn't quite settled on move, hence her place, but pleased to see later in day that she moved much better & more settled. Coat off standing with lovely depth of colour.

3rd Matthew's: Szaryk Aphrodite At Valindale;

4th Marshall's: Winklestar Serendipity With Devonia;

Class B Special Limit 4

1st Harris's: Neradmik Cary Grant For Watchkees ( Imp Can); liked this young male very much. He had a short compact body with a confident carriage, wedge shaped head with defined stop & dark muzzle, dark almond eyes & ears well placed with clear pencil line, strong neck with large ruff, shoulders well sloped & straight front with plenty of bone, parallel when viewed front & rear. Ribs well sprung strong loin & high set tail with tight curl, well muscled hindquarters with profuse coat on trousers, slightly sloping hocks. Tight well rounded feet, coat harsh & off standing with clear shoulder markings. Moved out briskly.

2nd Marshall's: Torrikees Made In Heaven At Devonia; Feminine wedge shaped head, soft expression dark muzzle, moderate stop. Moderately arched neck small ruff, shoulders well placed, short compact body, good tail placement, well muscled hindquarters. Just not so steady on move as 1st.

3rd Redler & Wheatley's: Byquy Kinky Boots At Keitakees;

4th Wilkes, Clarke & Peck's:Dakaraikees Haristotie

Class C Special Open 4

First two could have changed places, both had good attributes, but just preferred 1st more steady movement & compact body.

1st Hickson & Hickson's: Kichigal Only The Lonely; wedge shaped head with lovely dark muzzle, well defined stop & dark almond eyes set obliquely with small neat ears & correct bite, moderately long strong neck with profuse ruff, shoulders well laid back with good upper arm, straight front with good bredth to chest reaching elbow, well sprung ribs & strong loin, high tail set with tight double curl, well muscled hindquarters with large fluffy trousers, hocks in line with tight rounded feet. Coat harsh outer with enough undercoat not to make him look stuffy. Moved with brisk easy movement & good rear drive.

2nd Wilkes: Helkeesen Surfin At Dakaraikees; very darkly coloured male with clear markings, slightly heavier built than 1st which I felt made him not quite so brisk on move. But in a bigger ring would be better. Masculine wedge shaped head with well placed ears & eyes almond in shape, moderate stop & correct bite. Strong neck with large ruff, shoulders well laid back with straight front & good bone, chest had plenty of depth, well sprung ribs & firm loin, slightly longer in body than 1st. Tail set high with tight curl, well muscled hindquarters & hocks in line with tight rounded feet. Harsh outer coat with plenty of undercoat, presented well.

3rd Harding's: Amikirs Amour;

4th Lush's: Buchkees Love In The Mist;


Sue Bird (Bridus)