• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chelmsford & District Canine Society




P – 1, BP & BOB Tousent & Ingram’s Jojavik Camorra. Promising baby of good size, full of breed type, feminine and clean head with good width of skull, foreface and dark eyes that were well set, ample forechest, good depth of chest, firm loins, moderate rear angulation, moved well.

SY – 1 Grase & Frost’s Tegrata Hopeful Harmony. In excellent muscular condition with good bone, nice breadth and width to head, good length of muzzle, eyes a little large, deep chest, sloping underline, feet could be tighter and topline could be firmer.


SY (2) – 1 & BOB Bodle’s Debbollinby Just Kruzin’Into Kitarn. Upstanding, well built balanced quality male, attractive pleasing head with dark mask with good front assembly, excellent depth of chest, and strong quarters, moved very well with reach and drive. 2 Hurren’s Debbollinby Mini Kruz Avec Shaleodust. Litter sister to 1 and also of very nice breed type, good body proportions, superb level topline which she held on the move, feminine head of good length and strong tapering muzzle. Not quite as straight in forelegs as her brother.

PG (3) – 1 D Just Kruzin’ Into Kitarn. 2 Niall & Rothery’s Davenheath Exciting Times JW. Very attractive bitch who oozes breed type, pleasing classic head with good width, breadth and medium sized eye almond shaped eyes, good width of front, super forechest, nice spring of rib, strong rear quarters, moved well in the heat but could be tighter in rear movement. 3 Simmond’s Miilijor’s Smuggler With Condalf.

O (7, 2a) – 1 Hurren’s Angel Kingdom Cake Caramel Ekkor Shaleodust. Won this class for her balanced outline, strong topline and side gait. Excellent lay back of shoulder with long upper arm, good width of front, presented in beautiful condition, long and low set tail, could have a little more rear angulation to complete the picture and skin around eyes could be tighter. 2 Brown’s Davenheath Feeling Lucky to Brenaljay JW ShCM. Very pleasing head which had the correct dark mask, super eye set and shape and medium sized ears framing the face, another in hard muscular condition and in good coat, a touch soft in the topline and could have a little more let down in hock, but a good tail set and carriage. 3 Bodle’s Dobbollinby Travelin’ Light.


P (5) 1 & BP Vanson’s Vonkassel Jade at Tiesto. Makes an impressive picture in side profile, good clean head with strong back skull and short muzzle, dark eyes, well off for neck and bone, good shoulder placement, firm body, strong rear quarters, powered around the ring covering the ground with a long economical stride. 2 Parker’s Coltrana My Cool Dude. A little longer cast and finer in bone but really showed good reach and drive in the side gait, accurate coming towards and away too, good front assembly and firm hindquarters, held her topline. 3 Kitchenside’s Jaegerot Man In The Mirror.

SY - 1 Sobkowiak’s Dahlroo First Impression. A real showgirl, pleasing head which was in proportion, calm expression, almond eye shape, well set and close fitting eyelids, front could be straighter, holds a great level topline, strong well muscled rear and accurate especially when moving away.

PG – 1 Kitchenside’s Cheroho Gamorian Guard. Powerfully built male with excellent bone, type and substance, superb clean head with super width and depth and strong muzzle, in super condition, makes a balanced picture in profile, very good solid and economical movement with plenty of reach and drive.

O – 1 & BOB Tousent & Crawley’s Minaelea Taylored By Choice JW ShCM, very substantial four year old male with a masculine head who is constantly on his toes, he is well balanced, good lay back of shoulder, correct length of upper arm, super straight topline, strong and well muscled rear, good width of front and straight forelegs, well off for bone, moves with power around the ring, covering the ground with a long stride.