• Date: 10/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Marc Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Rutherglen Canine Club




Thank you to the exhibitors and junior handlers for bringing their dogs and I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did. I was extremely pleased to find such wonderful type and temperaments throughout the classes, not just in my winners.

Afghan Hound

PG (4,3a) 1 Nisbet & Forrester’s Pramya Hot But Not Blonde at Finix (Imp FIN), elegant bitch stood alone but very well presented. She covered the ring effortlessly with correct head and tail carriage. I appreciated her feminine head, length of coat and overall proportions.

O (7,3a) 1 Nisbet & Forrester’s Zandahar Xclusively for Finix JW, elegant black bitch approaching two years. She caught my eye on the stack and on the move. She won the class on her feminine head and overall proportions and angulation. She was a joy to watch on the move and thrilled to hear she went on to top the hound group and go RBIS. 2 Langer & Langer’s Khamis Huckleberry ShCM, 4yo dog with a handsome masculine head and good coat. I appreciated his head carriage and angulations but preferred the overall balance of 1. 3 McDonald, McDonald, McQuade & Hindley’s Nightwind What A Girl at Birkhall (Imp DEU) ShCM

Dachshund (Miniature Wire)

O (3,1a) 1 Thompson’s Charansco Back To Black, 2yo bitch with a nice feminine head and good neck. She moved ok, although her front movement was a bit untidy. She won the class and BOB on her better topline. 2 Whyte’s Bothlyn A Whisper at Dachienne, 17m bitch of nice type and size. Another nice head in this class although her topline on the move wasn’t as good as 1.

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth)

O (3) 1 Whyte’s Cheguevar Paddington Bear at Dachienne, 16m red dog with excellent head and neck and topline. Elbows ok and was initially a bit unsettled on the move, but maintained a good profile once into his stride. Would like tidier rear movement and better tailset but was happy with him as my class winner and BOB today. 2 Whyte’s Dachienne Viva La Vida, nice head and proportions with ok eyes and feet. Good topline but preferred overall type and length of 1. 3 Klein-Woolthois’ Russtec Custard Cream over Haxalgate.


O (4) 1 Foote & McAulay’s Erylan Hebe La Fille Jeune, 23m bitch with excellent proportions and correct coat. Excellent head and neck and the best mover in the class, comfortably my BOB today. 2 Foote & McAulay’s IrCh Clonallan Just Beginning Avec Erylan ShCM, 6yo dog with v good proportions and appealing head and neck. Moved well but unfortunate to come up against 1 on topline and movement. 3 Brown’s Erylan Iris Dame Arc En Ciel.


O (3,1a) 1 Dollan & Ralston’s Donskoi Zanoza at Scotach ShCM ShCEx, 4yo feminine bitch in good coat who won the class and BOB her movement. I appreciated her excellent head, neck and topline, as well as her good angulation and ribbing, with sufficient depth of chest. 2 Arnold’s Ballenbreich Bogatyr, 4yo male with handsome masculine head, reachy neck and good coat. Although he moved well with correct tail carriage, and I preferred his topline to 1, I preferred the movement of 1.


O (2) 1 Barclay & Barclay’s Cotherstone Finlaggan, 2yo dog of good size with excellent head, good eye and strong, reachy neck. I appreciated his deep chest, good topline and sound movement and happy to award BOB. 2 Murray’s Seatonvalley Redcherygirl, 7m bitch still to mature but she moved well and I appreciated her feminine head, good coat, length of neck and angulations.

Dachshund (Standard Long)

No entries

Dachshund (Standard Smooth)

O (2) 1 Rodger’s Cedavoch Sophisticate at Thundergay, red 22m bitch with a feminine head and good neck. Although carrying more weight than I’d prefer and slightly untidy rear movement, she won the class and BOB on her purposeful movement, topline, correct feet and elegant head carriage. 2 Boss’ Clentry Mickey Mania, 11m bitch who had a better head and neck than 1, and she was also of appealing type and size. She moved well although lacking the confidence of 1, which I’m sure will come with age.

Dachshund (Standard Wire)

O (2,1a) 1 Christie & Christie’s Tannahill Bergen at Decalleigh, 21m dog who stood alone but impressed with his head and ring presence. Very good temperament, coat and feet. Tendency to lose topline on the move but he moved well and with purpose, and I appreciated his length of body. BOB


J (10,3a) 1 Finch’s Jothryn Jewel in the Crown for Zenobia, 12m bitch with very good head and was the class winner on her movement and head carriage. I also appreciated her neck, ears and tuck up. My BOB today in strong competition, winning on movement and overall proportions. 2 Webb & Webb’s Crosscop Shadow Dancing, 15m dog with a better head than 1 and also a good topline on stack and move. Good angulations but unfortunate lost out to 1 on movement. 3 Burton’s Cornstalk Caledonia Gold.  

PG (7) 1 Finch’s Jothryn Jewel in the Crown for Zenobia, comments as before, winning this second class on movement, head carriage and overall proportions. 2 Brooks’ Rushden Hello Look At Me, masculine 3yo dog of good size with appealing head and neck. Would like to see better tail carriage but otherwise a lovely dog who was unfortunate to come up against 1. 3 Swan’s Morrelham Mejare at Cygnetsnest.

O (9) Webb & Webb’s Khabaraytime Hello Crosscop JW, 7yo dog with very good head and proportions who moved with purpose. In a tough competition, won the class on head carriage, movement and angulations. In the BOB challenge, I was splitting hairs but just preferred the movement and proportions of 1. 2 Finch’s Jothryn Heaven Sent To Zenobia JW, 3yo bitch with very good head and neck, and moved with purpose. Was a close call to 1. 3 Cowie’s Cornstalk Buttercup at Benroy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

G (7) 1 Black & McKinlay’s Rottzridge Perihelium, 10m bitch with an excellent head and good eye. Good chest and correct ridge and was the best mover in the class, moving with purpose and correct head and tail carriage. Was tough choice and strongly considered for BOB. 2 Scanlon’s Kinabula’s All About The Bass JW, 2.5yo bitch with good head and neck. I appreciated her proportions and angulations and although moved well, preferred movement on 1. 3 Willunat & Cyprien’s Shavano’s Quality Of Life By Oliver JW (Imp NOR)

O (5,1a) 1 Buchanan’s Nehando’s Excalibur ShCM, 3yo eye-catching dog with excellent head. Good length of neck and topline and moved with purpose. Correct tail carriage and appealing angulations – my BOB today. 2 McKinlay’s Ch Azali Jamaa Azizi Tiberius (Imp DEU) ShCM ShCEx, attractive head but preferred 1. Moved very well and with purpose, holding an appealing profile. Excellent body condition and correct tail carriage. 3 Darling & Darling’s Sharufa Shadowing James ShCM.

Irish Wolfhound

O (2) 1 Hanlon’s Ranfurley Prince, dog of almost 3 years, very good head and neck into well-placed shoulders, with elbows well below chest. Topline and tail carriage good, excellent temperament and appealing angulations. Tough choice for BOB but won on head and neck. 2 Crawford & Poole’s Stonestorm Fraoch From Marlawm, 2yo dog with similar comments to 1. Although I preferred the head and neck of 1, he had a better topline.


O (5,1a) 1 Snedden & Snedden’s Fallowfield Evolution at Hardexspen ShCM, 3yo dog of good type and balance. He was the best mover in the class and I appreciated his head, neck, topline and tail carriage. His movement won him BOB. 2 Findlay’s Rhiconich Primrose, 2yo compact, feminine bitch of pleasing type with good head, topline and angulation. Moved well and unlucky to come up against 1. 3 Findlay & Findlay’s Rhiconich Jarvis.

Junior Handling

6-11 (4,2a) 1 Gallagher with Golden Retriever. Very well presented and professional attitude, and very much at one with her dog. She used the full ring to perform her required movements. 2 McCue, coped well with dog which wasn’t too attentive. Knowledgeable of breed and points of the dog, and used the full ring for required movements.

12-16 (7,4a) 1 Darling with Rhodesian Ridgeback. Expertly handled and good knowledge of breed and points of the dog. Performed required movements professionally and used the full ring. She was very much at one with her dog and demonstrated sportsmanship with the other handlers. Also best junior handler today. 2 Black with Border Terrier. Close call with class winner. She expertly handled her dog and demonstrated very good knowledge of breed and points of the dog. No errors made. 3 Deas with Boxer. Good rapport with dog and handled well, although not as polished as 1 & 2.