• Show Date: 11/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Huddersfield & District Canine Association

Huddersfield and DCA 

11th February 2018 


Puppy (1) 

1 Dunn’s Meadowpoint Look to the Star 

10 months and full of life. Well shaped head leading to lovely neck and shoulders, good set on of tail, moved well with good length of stride. BP PG4 

Post Grad (1) 

1 Kelly’s Kelval Kato 

Just out of junior, has a masculine head with good stop clean in neck. Strong bone. Enthusiastic. Just needs to steady on the move. 

Open (1) 

1 Dunn’s Meadowpoint Spirit of Love 

Lovely b/w in good condition. Well-shaped head, good neck leading to straight front , balanced in body with firm couplings. Good rear angulation. Moved well to take BoB then Gp3 in a strong group.  

NSC Gundog 

Puppy (8, 1 abs) 

1 Davey’s Sussex Span Eald Village Scandal 

Promising 8 months. Lovely head with good eyes, straight well boned legs. Good length of body. Lovely coat colour for a young one. Moved out well.  

2 Copelands NSDTR Camusmor Bringmesunshine 

Good head with alert expression, straight front with good bone. Balanced body. Well angulated quarters. Moved well for his age.  

3 Roberts’ Eng Setter Wansleydale Frangelico at Mirkwood 

Post Grad (4,1) 

1 Roberts’ Gordon Setter Birchgarth Be Bop for Mirkwood 

Has come on since last time I judged this one, well put together with balanced body and good colour. Good width over the quarters. Just needs the coat to finish the picture.  

2 Davey’s Sussex Span Eald Village Gossip 

Balanced head with good neck and shoulders. Balanced in body with good legs and feet. Moved well.  

3 Clarke’s ESS TIgerrock Timmy Tim Tims 

Open (5,3) 

1 Davey’s Sussex Sh Ch Norriss Northern Charm at Eald 

My Best NSC and group winner. Quality through. Typical head with good eyes and ear placement. Straight well boned front. Good length and depth of ribs, strong over the loins. Well angulated quarters. Moved well. Won a strong group today.  

2 Mohan’s Irish Setter Anlory Keltic Legend 

Mature with refined well shaped head. Good depth to the body with firm topline. Lovely deep red colour.  

Gundog Group: 

From a very competitive group, I chose the Sussex Spaniel from my NSC classes, Group 2 was the WSS Clarke’s Ferndel High Fidelity at Tigerrock, Group 3 the pointer and group 4 was the spinone puppy Kaye Ackroyd and Sharp’s Afterglow Game Changer. 

Gundog Puppy Group 

1 Italian Spinone Kaye Ackroyd and Sharp’s Afterglow Game Changer, 2 Morgan and Schofield’s WSS Cwsscwn De Ja Vu, 3 Sussex Spaniel and 4 Pointer. 

AV Gundog Veteran (8,4) 

1 Clarke’s WSS Jeavart Different Strokes by Tigerrock 

Now 10 years, old fashioned type in good coat and condition. Liked his legs and feet. Good to see him still enjoying his time in the ring.  

2 Burley’s Cocker Suedons Pippin for Barnsbur 

Lovely blue with quality head and kind expression. Low set ears. Neat feet. In good coat and moving well.  

3 Dunn’s Pointer Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer 

AV Gundog Good Citizen (7,5) 

1 Shaw and Robertshaw’s Golden Ret Akenscales Eiri Na Greine 

Mature, well balanced four year old looking well and moving well .Deserved his win here.  

2 Mohan’s Irish Setter Anlory Keltic Legend 


Border Terriers 

Junior (4) 

1 Taylor’s Nottorg Nostalgia 

Just one year, smart with a good mouth, strong neck of good length, firm in topline with correct tail set. Moved well to take BoB and Gp3 

2 Jones’ Borterra Ruby Tuesday 

Lovely headed 13-month-old, with dark eyes. Neat straight legs and small feet. Moved steadily and soundly.  

3 Metcalfe’s Billyboy Blue at Chevinor 

Open (3,1) 

1 Taylor’s Picer Angelica to Nottorg 

Lovely head with dark eyes, straight in front good length of ribs and strong over the loins. Preferred coat of the youngster.  

2 Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor 

Pleasing in head with good neck, firm topline and good tail set. Moved soundly.  

Parson Russell 

Junior (2) 

1 Sewell’s Ansabak Robina’s Pick 

Two litter mates here similar in many ways. The winner was good in head with a correct bite. Good body properties. Lovely temperament. Should come on nicely. Best of Breed and Group 4. 

2 Bibby’s Ansabak Ryn 

Not as forward as the litter mate. Again, pleased in head with good ear placement and correct bite. Not as good as the winner on the move today.  


Junior (1) 

1 Pocklington’s Timberose Rhapsody in Blue 

Super junior who ended up a very good Group 2. Beautiful head with dark eyes. Straight front legs with good shoulder placement and good feet. Good depth of chest and correct in topline. Well developed quarters with hocks let down nicely. Moved steadily and truly.  

NSC Terrier 

Puppy (1) 

1 Vickers’ Airedale Eskwyre Sunny Day 

At 10 months, is beginning to look the part. Balanced head with strong jaws and good length of foreface. Typical expression. Clean strong neck leading to straight, well boned front. Short in back with powerful quarters. Moved well. Best NSC Puppy and PG1 

Post Grad (1) 

1 Vickers Welsh Eskwyre Wyatt Earp 

Another good one from this kennel. Good head with dark eyes and well-placed ears. Well-made straight front leading down to good feet. Well angulated quarters. Not quite as settled on the move as the WFT. 

Open (2) 

1 Vickers WFT Kentixen Most Enthrolling at Eskwyre 

Smart junior looking the part today. Good head with correct ear placement and keen expression. Well-made front with strong legs and good feet. Balanced in body with good topline. Strong over the quarters. Well-muscled throughout.  Moved well. Best NSC and Group winner.  

2 Vickers SFT She’s the One at Eskwyre 

Good to go over with balanced head and alert expression. Good neck and shoulders. Well developed quarters. Moved ok.  

Terrier Group 

1 The Wire Fox who looked so well in the BIS line up. 2 Bedlington, 3 Border and 4 Parson Russell. 

Puppy Group 

Won by the Airedale over the Border.  

AV Terrier Veteran (1) 

1 Gent’s SCWT Lytonlepraz Darbelllo Lad 

Seven-year-old looking well and good over all make and shape. Blanced in body with good depth and width. In full coat and moving well. Enjoying the day. A pleasure to judge.  

AV Terrier Good Citizen (2) 

1 Pocklington’s Bedlington Timberose Rhapsody in Blue 

2 Metcalf’e Border Billyboy Blue at Chevinor 

YKC Open Stakes (3) 

1 Sherlock’s Cocker Jayzander Blue Moonlight at Crimicar 

Although a veteran, moved like the better one here. Lovely type with kind expression and low set ears. Good width and depth of body. Well developed quarters. Looked well 

2 Kellet and Burrow’s Briard Fostebrie Romantique of Kellbry 

Looked well standing in good coat and condition. Pleasing in head with good shoulders. Just needs to settle on the move.  

3 Jacobs and Johnson’s Sheltie Willowthorn Dream Gazer. 

Jane Howarth