• Show Date: 20/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Edward McKenzie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Llandudno Canine Society

Llandudno CS 20/10/18



A strong group. I was very pleased with my principal winners.


Puppy (4) 1. Jones’, Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun, 8mths fawn bitch, pleasing head, arched neck, good depth of brisket at this age, well angulated hindquarters, moved with drive. BP, PG2.

2. Hughes & Bradleys, Nichrisar Greyling, 11mths fawn brindle bitch. Good front and hind angulation. Holding top line on the move, tail too rigid.

3. Brown’s, Tamalden Silver Surfer.

Grad (2,1abs), 1. Aliuskeviciene’s, Starkindler Galaxy Far Away, fawn/white bitch, a pretty girl but carrying too much weight, which spoiled her movement.

P.G (3,2) 1. Clarks, Coynachie Crazy Desire, fawn brindle bitch, has all the angles, pleasing head, neat rose ears, correct topline, good bend of stifle, throwing front left foreleg coming towards

2. Storey & Reid’s, Siam Princess, another fawn bitch that was well angled. Loaded shoulders spoiled her front movement.  


O (4) 1. Jones’, Jothryn Golden Glow, JW. Dark brindle & white bitch, excels in breed type, beautiful feminine head, small rose ears, arched neck into well laid shoulders, good front and hind angulation, a joy to watch on the move. My only complaint was, she was not going home with me! BOB, G2, pushed the Deerhound very hard indeed.

2. Aliuskeviciene’s, Shiner Shakira Tik Romantika, (Imp Ltu), fawn brindle & white. Another quality hound of the size I like. Not the head of 1 but still a quality head, arched neck, correct angulation front and hind, good top line, moved well.

3. Brown’s, Collooney Why Eye Man At Tamelden.

Dachshund (M/S)

Grad (1) 1. Lewis & Glasbant’s, Trixhund Bring Me Luck, Red young man of 13mths, good keel, well ribbed, good top line which he held on the move. BP. BOB.

O (1)1. Lewis & Glasbant’s, Trixhund Bring Me Sunshine, JW, ShCM. Older full brother to grad winner and much the same remarks apply, just felt he didn’t have the same oomph as the youngster.

Dachs (W/H)

O (2) 1. Hastings, Lesandnic Sleepytime, ShCM. Gorgeous girl of 7 ½ yrs. Loved her head and expression, correct keel, level top line, well angulated hindquarters. BOB

2. Hastings, Bardings Bar-K Truffles, 7mth old daughter of first, good head, front and hindquarters, not as together as her dam but showing great promise already. BP


Grad (2,1) 1. Bleasedale’s, Tulak No Strings Attached, houndy, cream 12 mth old girl, liked her style, good head with dark almond eyes, well laid shoulder and good hindquarters, movement impossible to assess due to puppy nonsense. Nice hound nonetheless. BP, BOB

O (1abs)


Grad (1 abs)

O (3,2) 1. Donnelly’s, Donskoi Ivanoff, s/r boy who may have been alone but was well worthy of his place. Lovely old fashioned type that I like. Well veined head, refined back skull, arched neck, well angulated in front and behind. Just tighten that front movement and he will give anyone a run for their money. BOB, G4


O (1) 1. Peach’s, Tiobraid Solo Venture To Kilbourne, my find of the day. He may have stood alone but he stood proudly and owned that ring. Masculine head with that far away gaze, neater ears than has become the norm. strong neck, well-muscled front, deep chest, good bend of stifle and length of second thigh. Again the ring didn’t allow him to get into his stride. BOB, G1 and I was delighted he went RBIS. 


O (4.1) 1. Bartley’s, Erylan Zeus Roi Des Dieux, handsome 9mth old boy, with a bright future I’m sure. Quality head with friendly expression, low set ears, well laid shoulders, deep chest, level top line, a joy to watch on the move. BP, BOB, G3, PG1 and again delighted he went RBPIS.

2. Bartley’s, Erylan Loki Maitre Du Mal, Another with good head and expression, good front and hind angulation, just not the pazazz of his kennel mate.

3. Whiting’s, Tangaer Enigma at Glanbeuno.



Grad (4) 1. Jones’, Barterhound Picasso, 8mth Beagle dog, best mover here. Soft expression, correct ear leathers, straight front, well sprung ribs, good tail set and carriage.

2. Jones’, Eardley Chocolate Éclair, sweet little 9 mth old Beagle girl, dark eyes and the most appealing expression, movement not as positive as 1.

3. Hughes’, Sanffraid Brenig, I.W.

P.G. (2,1) 1. Humphrey’s, Blevwill Kept Me Secret For Gloynbyw, BFDeB, handy size, good front and hindquarters, moved well.

 O (3,1) 1. Heath’s, Ch Boughton Back To Blighty, ShCM, Brindle/white Greyhound bitch, good head and expression, strong neck, well laid shoulders, good deep chest, good bend of stifle, carrying too much weight for me which spoiled her top line. BAVNSC

2. Humphrey’s, Blevwill Drop Dead Gorgeous Avec Gloynbyw, ShCM, BFDeB bitch, harsh coat correct top line, movement loose.

AV Hound Puppy (1) 1. J Blondes Av M F.

Veteran (5,3) 1. Lewis & Glasbant’s, Trixhund Mini Mouse, 8 ½ yr old red M/S Dachs, pleasing head, good keel, strong hindquarters, moved sprightly.

2. Clarks, Dancing Binty, sweet 10yr old Whippet, lovely dark eyes, correct rose ears, carrying excess weight affecting her movement.

G1 Deerhound, G2 Whippet, G3 PBGV, G4 Borzoi

PG1 PBGV, PG2 Whippet, PG3 W/H Dachs, PG4 Beagle.


Edward McKenzie (Judge)




Grad (1) 1. Humphries. Serbonche Breuddwyd Mam, 5yr old dog, flat skull, correct ear set, short back, good tail carriage, moved soundly, BOB

O (1) 1. Humphries, Penparc Skyfall, 3yr old dog, good head but incorrect bite, well ribbed, short back, moved well.


O (1) 1. Vaughan’s, Sweet Rose Of Melfon, 3yr old white bitch of the old fashioned type. Long in body, moved well and enjoying herself. BOB

Bull Terrier

Grad (1) 1. Khalfi’s, Aya Megumi, 3yr old fawn bitch with the most beautiful feminine head with incorrect bite. Arched neck, muscular front, good spring of rib, moved well. BOB

O (1) 1. Roughton’s, La Perla Warbonnet, Tri 19mth old girl, who I thought was my winner but her movement let her down. Feminine head, incorrect bite, deep chest, good spring of rib.


Grad (2,1) 1. Roberts, Glorfindel Effort At Sunabil, 2 1/2yr old cream bitch of correct size. Feminine head, beautiful dark eye, broad shoulders, level top line, deep long ribs, short loin. Handler needs to believe more in her charge, which will in turn travel down the lead and give the dog more confidence. This is a quality bitch, with a lot to offer. BOB, G1

O (1abs)


Kerry Blue

O (1)  1. Adamson’s, Clanciarrai Vigilantie Of Adabelle, Handsome young man who’s colour still needs to clear. Masculine head with well-set ears, good front and hind angulation. Happy disposition and moves well. BOB, G3

AVNSC Terrier

Grad (1) 1. Oldale’s, Foxfactor Felicia, Border, typical head, good bite, small ears, long body, would prefer more angulation.

P.G. (1 abs)

O (2,1) 1. Oldale’s, Tweslam Voodoo Child, plain in head but correct bite, well set ears, good front and hindquarters, moved well. BAVNSC

AV Terrier Veteran (1 abs).

G1 Skye, G2 Cairn, G3 Kerry Blue, G4 Welsh

Edward McKenzie (judge)


Shih Tzu

Grad (1 abs)

O (1 abs)

Poodle (Std)

Grad (1) 1. Bull-Harris’, Pendream In The Pink, black 9mth old sweet girl, feminine head with lovely expression, good font, well sprung ribs, short loin, moved well but wouldn’t co-operate in the challenge.

O (1) 1. Bull-Harris’, Pendream Rising star JW, loved this masculine boy, presented to perfection, well sprung ribs, deep chest, great hind angulation, ring really not big enough for him to get into his stride. BOB, G2

French Bulldog

Grad (6,3) 1. Tonkin & Pellow’s, Poison D’Acebo Opus Nocturne (Imp Esp). Dark brindle 15mth bitch, square head, dark eyes, correct bat ears, cobby, well rounded body, best mover here. BOB, G3

2. Cook’s, Jaquietus Careless Whisper, 11mth fawn bitch, feminine head, dark eye, good front, hind movement weak. BP, PG3

3. Watthey’s, Superrock Live Wire.

O (3,2) 1. Vidious Victory, 17mth fawn bitch, good head, bat ears, good front, weak hind movement.

AV Utility Imp Reg

O (1) 1. Winter & Unwins, Morningdream White Wizard At Snowtrekka, 11mth old Korean Jindo dog, who impressed me, good head and expression, muscular neck, strong shoulders. Well sprung ribs, correct high tail set, wonderful movement, never took his eyes off his handler. BIR, G1, PG1

AVNSC Utility

Grad (3,2) 1. Hudson & Steele’s, Alamiks I Got You Babe At Threadgold, 9mth Lhasa Apso bitch. Not the most glamourous colour but she makes up for that underneath. Feminine head, correct bite, good front and strong hindquarters allowing her to power round the ring. BAVNSC G3, PG2


 P.G. (2,1) 1. Hocking’s, Harivos Hot To Trot, 3yr old fawn Akita bitch, perhaps not the strongest of heads, good dentition, correct ear set, good front and hindquarters, moved soundly.

O (1) 1. Hocking’s, Go Getter Life, 3yr old pinto male, masculine head, dark eye, good ear set, level back, good tai set, his hind movement let him down in the challenge.

AV Utility

Puppy (1 abs)

Junior (1) 1. P D’Acebo O N

Veteran (1) 1. Evans’, Torrikees American Affair, 8yr old Keeshond bitch, pretty feminine head with bright keen eyes, good ear set. Short back, well sprung ribs, moved well, blowing her coat today.

G1 Korean Jindo, G2 Std Poodle, G3 French Bulldog

PG1 Korean Jindo, PG2 Lhasa Apso, PG3 French Bulldog


Edward McKenzie (Judge)