• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Debbie Wallwork Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chelmsford & District Canine Society


P(3,1) 1 Norbury’s Medogold Bamalam. 9 months old liver and white bitch. Great in outline, a lovely head with a well defined stop and good flews. Good front assembly with plenty of forechest and deep in brisket. Excellent shoulders and length of upper arm. Lovely topline and good rear angulation. Moved well for one so young. BPIB and Puppy Group 2.

2 Razzell & Hazeltine’s Hookwood Blondie. 6 months old lemon and white bitch. Smart little baby enjoying her day out. Kind expression and well set on ears. Long neck and good topline. Just needs to fill out all over but has plenty of time on her side. Moved well. 

SY(2) 1 Ovel's Plungevale Queen of Hearts at Jimaura. 2 years old black and white bitch. One I have liked as a puppy before. Has a lovely balanced head, with a well defined stop and good ears. Correct front and rear angulation. She is deep in chest with well sprung ribs, and excellent bone. Handler has a tendency to over stretch her which spoils her outline slightly. Good reach and drive on the move.

2 Crawte’s Sharnphilly Heidi Klum at Leascliffe. 16 months old black and white bitch. Lighter build than 1. Very feminine and with a lovely head and eye. Good length to neck and shoulders, brisket not to elbow as yet. Not the movement of 1.

PG(2) Liked both of these two exhibits and I am sure they will change places in the future.

1 Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnie Me. 3 years old liver and white bitch. Elegant in outline with a beautiful head and expression. Lovely straight front and tight feet. Correct layback of shoulder and deep ribs. Good bend of stifle and short hocks which drove her around the ring, sound mover.

2 Razzell’s The Artful Archer of Hookwood. 19 months old black and white dog. Loved his head and expression with a well defined stop. Good length to neck which flowed into a good front assembly. Well bodied with good oval bone. Super depth of brisket and spring of rib. Preferred the movement of 1 today and felt that he would have done better in a bigger ring.

O(5,1) 1 Norbury’s Medogold Milkshake at Heartbury JW. 2 years old black and white bitch. A lovely clean and balanced outline. Beautiful feminine head and melting kind expression. Long neck into good strong topline. Straight front with excellent front and rear angulation which showed in her correct ground covering movement. BOB and delighted to see her go Group 2.

2 Crawte’s Leascliffe Lorelei ShCM. 6 years old black and white bitch, thought her feminine in outline and a nice type. Straight front and overall proportions were nice. Lovely head and neck. Correct front and rear angulation with a good topline. She moved well on a good stride.

3 Brooksmith & Adams’s Nightgold Blackavar.


P(4,1) 3 lovely puppies in this class.

1 Brown’s Graygees Gigolo. 7 months old liver and white dog. Liked him for his type and balance. Good clean cut head with depth to muzzle and good ear set. Muscular moderate neck into well laid shoulders. Good front, feet and forechest and deep in rib. Short back and correct topline with slight arch over strong loin. Moved with good ground coverage. BPIB and really pleased to see him go Puppy Group 1.

2 Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell. 8 months old mostly liver dog. Another lovely boy of good type, with a super head and expression. Lovely front and super feet. Has good depth to chest just preferred the outline of 1 today. Another lovely mover.

3 Scanlon’s Zakova Hellz Bells.

SY(3) 1 Blay’s Barleyarch Skye at Longbarrow. 14 month old liver and white bitch. Super quality bitch with a lovely balanced outline. Beautiful feminine head with correct proportions and kind eye. Clean neck into well laid shoulders and straight forelegs. Short back and correct topline. Lovely short gleaming coat which was coarse to the touch. Great angulation front and rear which showed in her lovely movement. BOB.

2 Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell. As 2 in puppy.

3 Barrett’s Aytee Kalimar

PG(2) 1 Edwards’s Kacela Sweet Imani in Jadenco. 4 years old liver and white dog. Well proportioned in outline and head. Moderate neck into good shoulders and correct upper arm with a straight front. Short in back with a well muscled body. Depth to chest and spring of rib. Covered the ground well on the move.

2 Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Seasham A Kind Of Magic. 2 ½ year old liver and white bitch. Feminine and really liked her type and balanced outline but did tend to spoil herself by sinking her neck into her shoulders. Really liked her head, muzzle and ear set. Good depth to ribs, topline and bend of stifle. Moved well.


AV Gundog

P(13,4) I had some lovely puppies to choose from in this class.

1 Sandiford’s Hernwood Aphrodite. Gordon Setter. Almost 12 months old bitch. Loved her balanced outline and super head with melting expression. Straight front with depth to body. Excellent front and rear angulation which showed in her reach and drive on the move. Best AV Gundog Puppy.

2 Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move. Weimaraner. 7 ½ months old bitch. Lovely type with the correct balanced outline and height to length ratio. Beautiful head and expression, correct ear. Correct length to rib and short loin with level topline. Still a real baby and a tad bum high at this stage but that will change as she develops. Moved with reach and drive.

3 Bryant & Hollis’s Phenset Sparks Will Fly. English Setter.

J(14,10) 1 Wells’s Pearlbarn Peroni. Retriever (Golden). 13 month old dog. Has good body proportions and super head with gentle expression. Excellent bone and feet, layback of shoulder and length of upper arm. Level topline, deep well sprung ribs. Lovely movement covering plenty of ground.

2 Wallington’s Nicael Blue Diamond. Hungarian Vizsla. 15 month old bitch. Good proportions throughout with substance and good colour. Gorgeous head, eye and expression. Straight front and good angles throughout with depth to chest. Moved very well.

3 Pilkington & Ellis’s Molkara Faustus at Brimbeck. Spaniel (Cocker).

N(7,5) 1 Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move. Weimaraner. As 2 in puppy.

2 Bennett’s Helgen Romeo The Lover. Spaniel (Welsh Springer). 2 year old dog. Liked his outline, head and expression. Good bone, front and feet with good rear angulation. Moved ok, think the heat of the day affected him on the move.

PG(13,9) 1 Raynor’s Rossclyde Highland Jet. Retriever (Labrador). Black 2 year old bitch. Nicely balanced and strong throughout. Lovely head and ear. Good shoulders and upper arm, front legs placed under body. Level topline and well muscled. Thought she moved on a free even stride.

2 Caldwell’s Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan. Spaniel (Welsh Springer). 18 month old bitch. Pleasing in outline, feminine head with a melting expression. Good neck, straight front and tight feet. Well ribbed body into a short loin. Good profile movement.

3 Lewis & Levene’s Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch. Irish Setter.

O(13,6) A super class to judge.

1 Brooksmith & Adams’s Sh Ch Medogold Kiss N’Tell JW ShCM. Pointer. 4 ½ year old liver and white bitch. Super balanced outline with lovely head, ear and expression. Good shoulders and upper arm with strong oval bone. Excellent topline and good bend of stifle. She moved covering lots of ground. Best AV Gundog.

2 Thomas’s Bowdonia Anastasia JW. Spaniel (Welsh Springer). 3 year old bitch. Very pleasing in outline with a lovely feminine head and expression. Good angulation front and rear. Strong in body with a good topline, well sprung ribs into a muscular loin. Moved soundly with drive.

3 Thrasivoulou’s Ascarli Fancy Free at Skilaki. Weimaraner.

Judge: Debbie Wallwork