• Show Date: 17/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clare Robinson-Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Upperward Of Lanarkshire Canine Society

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Critique

Upperward of Lanarkshire Canine Society Open Show

Lawrie & Symington Agricultural Centre, Muirglen, Hyndford Road, Lanark, ML11 9AX.

Saturday 17th February 2018.

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of this society for inviting me to judge at their Open Show and to all of the exhibitors who entered their dogs for my opinion.  I really appreciate the support you showed, not only to enter but also to travel so far, in some cases, to be there with your dogs.  Every one of your dogs is special and you have all taken the best dog home, at the end of the day, I am just one person with my opinions on what I saw on the day – you are all winners and I hope that whatever your placing, you will continue to enjoy the special bond you have with your dog - no judges opinion can or should ever change this.

Thank you all for accepting my decisions so sportingly and to the two lady stewards, Madelaine and Margaret, who assisted me ably.  It was a long day, and a long wait, for our breed as we did not get into the ring until about 3.00pm but for me, it was well worth the wait as I had some lovely dogs to go over.

I was very pleased with the overall quality of dogs presented and it was also lovely to see that they were all presented in such excellent condition with clean coats, clean teeth and generally looking like they had undergone some thorough preparation for the show, as this is not always the case, and I thank you all for your hard work beforehand.

JUNIOR D/B 6 (2)

1: Boyle’s KARGONSTAFFS KATANA (CH Maxsta Prince Of Celts X Kargonstaffs Konichiwa)

Brindle dog with a beautifully typical expression.  He had the correct muzzle to skull ratio with neat rose ears and dark eyes and eye rims.  He had a correct scissor bite and was clean-lipped and had a clean face without any excess of wrinkle, which was lovely to see.  He had a strong neck leading to well-placed, muscular shoulders, a straight front and wide chest.  He had tight, neat feet and good overall muscle-tone.  He moved well, keeping a level topline when stacked and on the move.  He still has some filling out to do, being only 11 months old, and I expect that, with maturity, the development of rib and brisket will only improve his overall balance as he is a top size dog that still has plenty to come. My Best Puppy In Breed – well done!

2: McVay & Moffat’s KARGONSTAFFS KHARISMA (CH Maxsta Prince Of Celts X Kargonstaffs Konichiwa)

Black brindle bitch, litter sister to the first place dog, though very different to look at.  This bitch fitted the standard more closely in height and balance than her brother but I preferred his muzzle to skull ratio and expression, which is what clinched it for me on the day.  Strong bitch with ample bone, wide chest, straight front, dark eyes, neat ears and good pigmentation.  Level topline, short-coupled and moved well.  I preferred the overall condition of my first placed dog on the day but condition and fitness is always a personal preference but something that can be worked on.

3: Hamilton & Murphy’s MAGICGEM THE PHOENIX FOR SHAWRIGG (Hammystaff Hanky Panky with Idyllicstaff X Leebees Luxurious at Magicgem).

7 month old red puppy bitch who was giving a lot away due to her age on the day but held her own nonetheless.

4: Meikle’s TAGSTANE MISS MAUDIE (Kyraloebis Well Reem At Tagstane X Tagstane Fuchsia Struck)


1: Campbell & Irvine’s DIAMONDSTAFF JACK “N” BLACK (Kimstaff’s Harry Potter X Maiden Aberdeen of Diamondstaff)

A lovely black brindle dog, just 2 years of age.  He had the correct skull to muzzle ratio with neat ears, dark eyes and dark eye rims.   He had a correct scissor bite with large, clean teeth.  He had a good strong neck flowing neatly into strong, well-placed shoulders.  He had a good width to his chest with a straight front, tight, neat feet and lovely dark nails.  He had ample bone with a good depth of brisket and spring of rib.  He had a level topline which was held while stacked and on the move.  His tail had the correct set-on and carriage and he moved around the ring with drive and power and good economy of effort.  He was presented in gleaming coat with good muscle tone and overall fitness.  He is a top size dog who will, I am sure, continue to develop and mature for a little while longer, but a very good example of the breed as he stood before me on the day.  I was pleased to award him BEST OF BREED and was absolutely delighted that he later went on to take TERRIER GROUP 1 – well done!!

2: Meikle’s TAGSTANE JEAN LOUISE (CH Cashalee Charmer At Crossguns X Tagstane Bizzy Izzy)

A brindle bitch of almost 4 years of age.  She had a good muzzle to skull ratio, a correct scissor bite and neat rose ears.  I would have preferred a darker eye, which was a factor in my decision-making and subsequent placing behind my first placed dog on the day.  She had a decent width of chest and sufficient bone and substance.  She was a little longer in the back than my first placed dog but not excessively so and something I do not mind in a bitch, within reason.  She moved well and held her topline when stationary and on the move.  She won her second place on the day as I felt she moved better on the day than my third placed bitch.

3: McClelland’s TAGSTANE SHINING STAR AT ROCHLAWIE (Crashkon No Stoppin Me Now At Tagstane X Tagstane Bizzy Izzy)

A black brindle bitch who I have watched and admired from the side of the ring throughout her show career.  Now a veteran but still presented in gleaming coat and good condition, a real credit to her owners and a pleasure to asses.  Thank you for bringing her under me.

OPEN D/B 5 (3)

1: Boyle’s ASHSTAFF PAINTED LADY (Ruadonis White Blank Page X Skitazbell Bella’s Pride At Ashstaff)

A red and white bitch of almost 3 years of age presented in absolute tip-top condition and as hard as nails.  I applaud the hard work this bitch’s owners have put in to get her so fit, though personally,  I do prefer a little more covering than I found her to have on the day.  She had a good muzzle to skull ratio and lovely pronounced cheek bumps, a correct scissor bite, lovely dark eyes and eye rims.  Her ears tend to be carried a little higher than my BEST OF BREED, which was a factor in my decision on the day as the tidier ear carriage of the dog gave him a slightly more appealing expression, in my opinion.  She had good bone with ample substance, a wide, straight front with strong pasterns and correct slightly turned out feet.  She had a good spring of rib and was short-coupled and light in the loin.  She moved around the ring with drive and power, holding her topline while stacked and on the move.  Pleased to award her my RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2: Meikle’s TAGSTANE BRIGHT IDEA (Crashkon No Stoppin Me Now At Tagstane X Tagstane Bizzy Izzy)

A brindle bitch of 6 years of age with a good skull to muzzle ratio, neat ears, correct scissor bite and a lovely expression.  She had a strong muscled neck flowing into well placed shoulders and a wide front and neat, tight feet.  She was slightly longer in the back than my first placed bitch but still had a level topline which she held when stacked and moving.  She moved well around the ring, losing out to the preferred balance and overall fitness and condition of my first placed bitch on the day.

Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)