• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Yvonne Baverstock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Thank you to SKC for my judging appointment, my steward for keeping everything running smoothly and to the exhibitors who had a bit of a wait until we got into the ring and still had the Breed Club Show to follow after my judging finished.

Overall, temperaments were as usual excellent. All dew claws were present and all males were entire. All dentition was correct.

I found the type is still quite varied, movement has certainly improved but could still further improve. Some heads are heavy and deep muzzled with loose lips and round eyes and this totally detracts from the breed elegance.

I was pleased with my main winners who ended up being a brother and sister for the CCs and a different brother and sister for the RCCs. Both the BOB and BPIB were shortlisted in the groups.

Junior Dog (1/0 abs)

1. Cubello Night Owl

At 17 months he is a nicely balanced dog, masculine head, dark pigment, correct ear placement and a good expression and eye colour but eye a little round. Correct angulation. Sadly lacking in body which would have completed the picture. Steady mover that now needs to tighten in front

Postgraduate Dog (4/0)

1. Flounders Gillandant Spirit Of Xmas At Lakamoni

Maturing nicely, Excellent head shape with correct attractive markings. Exc pigment and tight lips. Dark eye. Good front and width of chest, level topline, well bodied. Stands straight in stifle but improves on the move. Sound mover.

2. Holmes Lisjovia Takahashi

Nice shape male, another with exc pigment , head okay, deeper in the muzzle than 1. Has a lighter eye than 1 which spoilt the expression. Better angulation than 1 and neat feet. Steady on the move but somewhat sluggish.

3. Thorne Kricarno Konstellation At Pyrajay

Limit Dog (3/0)

1. Downes Rivergroves All The Right Moves II At Belshanmish

Not the biggest boy but extremely well made. Attractive head of correct shape, super expression and pigment. Strong neck and level topline, correct angulation, good bone and neat feet. Moved very steadily but with purpose. Well presented.

2. Reilly Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror

Different type to the winer. Impressive looking dog, longer cast and heavier. Exc pigment, nice expression but too loose in lips. He is well angulated with good bone. Would like smaller neater feet and his movement was erractic coming back towards me.

3. Holmes Lisjovia Estevez

Open Dog (4/0)

A super class of quality mature males and I can see places changing on any given day.

1. Downes Belshanmish Orange Crush

Has everything I look for. Beautiful head with that pyrenean expression, tight lips, jet black pigment, strong neck and straight front. Super body and level topline. Correct front and rear angulation. Sloping croup, neat feet. Moved so true coming and going. Pleased to award him his 2nd CC and BOB. Shortlisted in the group. Am sure his crowning 3rd CC cant be far away on todays performance.

2. O’Loughlin Ir Ch Shiresoak Sitric Of Frenchfurze

Another handsome male with a lovely head of correct shape with dark eye, super expression and neat ears all with exc pigment. Straight front and good body, level topline, correct angulation, moved very well covering the ground and pushed 1. Had to settle for RCC today but his day will come.

3. Tadd Ch Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige Avec Kricarno

Puppy Bitch (1/0)

1. Bowker & Gibson Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus

At nearly 1 year old I found this girl quite exciting. Very pretty with a lovely expression, tight lips and a super body. Loved her shape for one so young. However, for me her head and muzzle was too fine but she has time on her side and one I will certainly watch with interest. Her movement wasn’t the easiest to assess today as the ring became her playground. BP and shortlisted in the group.

Junior Bitch (2/0)

1. Bowker & Gibson Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus

2. Flounders Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni

Feminine young lady, has a nice head with tight lips and exc pigment, correct eye colour. Nice overall shape with good angulation which showed when stood but another that was erractic on the move and close in rear.

Postgraduate Bitch (3/0)

1. Holmes Lisjovia Emilio

Won this class on her sound easy going movement. Tall girl, stands very square but is well made. Reassonable head, exc pigment and good eye colour. Has a good body with a level topline. Lacking coat today

2. Flounders Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni

3. Roberts Malika Du Pic De Viscos Avec Flickorna

Limit Bitch (1/0)

1. Roberts Flickorna Bright Light

2 years old, stood alone. Light blaireau colour and is well made, reasonable head, eyes too round but are correct colour, exc pigment and correct front and rear angulation, moved well for her handler when settled

Open Bitch (4/1abs)

1. Thorne Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay

Solid well made girl with the whitest of coats, superbly presented and didn’t stop showing, oozes ring presence. Feminine to look at, mature, well balanced, exc pigment and lovely expression, deep chest, straight front, level topline, decent bone and neat feet. Moved in unison with her handler. CC her second. Litter sister to the Dog CC.

2. O’Loughlin Ir Ch Shiresoak Winter Dream Of Frenchfurze

So much to like about this girl and was so unlucky that 1 was on such top form. Beautiful feminine head and expression, another all white girl with exc pigment which is great to see, correct angulation, good bone, neat feet and moves with drive but just carrying a little weight which showed in her rear movement and that cost her today. RBCC. Litter sister to the Dog RCC

3. Roberts Flickorna Bright Star

Veteran Bitch (1/1abs)