• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Birmingham German Wire Pointer

Enjoyable entry. Coat texture was generally pretty good. A bit of a variation in types, some too short and some too long. Rears could be better. Minor Puppy D (2,1) 1st: 5667 EVANS, Mr J & MORRIS Miss S Bareve Brynderi Quite a shapely pup with plenty of bone. Masc head. Enough neck. Little forward in shoulder and upright in pastern. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Super rear. Super coat texture. Lots of promise. Puppy D (2) 1st: 5664 DONNELLY Mr & Mrs D Kimmax Knock Yourself Out V well-proportioned d. Masc head, just a bit strong in skull. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to his elbow. Well ribbed back, strong loin and form in topline. Well bent stifle. Fairly balanced stride, just needs to develop. Harsh coat. 2nd: 5687 THORNTON Mr M W & Mrs E M V Bareve Bat Out Of Hell Rather a short backed d. He has a v good head, long neck. Moderate front angulation and needs to develop in chest still. Topline ok. More hind angulation than front. Junior D ne Post Grad D (2) 2 v different dogs, both with many strong points. 1st: 5669 JACKSON Mr R Bareve Bruevictor Won the class on his easier and longer profile action. Has a masc head, which is well balanced. Enough neck. Forward in shoulder and could be tidier coming towards. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Well bent stifle. V good coat. 2nd: 5675 LOVATT Mr P M & Mrs D A Beechillawn Im Free With Shirostar (IKC) Strong d, a bit of a handful on move. Masc head, well balanced. Strong neck. Slightly better front than 1. Chest can fill. Super coat. Moderate hind angulation. Topline sloped on move, Limit D (4,1) 1st: 5684 PINKERTON Miss S Bareve Boschkloof Liked his outline and proportions. Lengthy head, well balanced with good strength of muzzle. Enough neck. Quite a good front, elbows could be tighter. Super body. Firm in topline. Well made rear. Fairly accurate with a lengthy stride. RCC 2nd: 5681 O'CONNOR Mr K W Karlejay Gump Kin Ya Work It Just a bit short in back. Head is lengthy, could have a stronger muzzle. Lengthy neck. Liked his front angulation. Well sprung ribs good rear with low hocks. Coat could be better. 3rd: 5688 THORNTON Mr M W & Mrs E M V Bareve Bokkraal (ai) Open D (3) 3 v good dogs, all different. 1st: 5677 MCCULLOUGH Mr P F & Mrs M Sh Ch Kimmax Kurious George He is perhaps a little long in back, however he has v long ribbing and a short loin. Liked his head, would look better with less beard. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be ever so slightly more accurate coming towards. Well sprung ribs. Super rear. In v good coat. Liked his easy profile action. CC & BOB 2nd: 5685 PINKERTON Miss S Sh Ch NL Ch Bareve Bontebokskraal W15 I found him just a little short in back. He has a super head. Strong, crested neck. Could have a slightly better front and easier stride. Firm in topline. Well ribbed. Good turn of stifle with low hocks. Not in full coat. 3rd: 5668 GEARY, Mrs A & HOYLE Mr S Germanus Black N Gold Veteran D (1) 1st: 5682 O'CONNOR Mr K W Karlejay Gump Zulu Warrior Sh.CM JW 9 yrs and a super long side gait. He has a balanced head with a kind eye. Lengthy neck. Well angulated. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Enough turn of stifle. Could be more accurate going away. Thick, harsh jacket. BV Minor Puppy B (1) 1st: 5676 LOVATT Mr P M & Mrs D A Beechillawn Amarillo Starlight Of Shirostar (IKC) Delightful pup. She has a fem head. Eye colour and expression ok. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm. Well bodied with a level topline. Enough hind angulation. V good mover. Super coat. Puppy B (1) 1st: 5678 MCCULLOUGH Mr P F & Mrs M Kimmax Koz I Kan Lovely pup. Just short of 12 mths. She has a fem head, furnishings could be harsher. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Enough fill of chest. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Maybe just a little moderate in hind angulation. Accurate out and back and goes with. V easy stride. CC Junior. Ne Post Grad B (4) 1st: 5662 CAFFEL, Ms J & KAVANAGH Miss H Hushwing Louboutin To Doberway Best mover in class, long free stride and fairly accurate out and back. She has a fem head. Neck could be longer. Little forward in shoulder and too upright in pastern. Well bodied. Topline ok. Strong rear. In v good coat. 2nd: 5671 JOHNSTON, Mr & Mrs P & L & JOHNSTON Miss N Canis Fortuna Harda Liked her proportions and she has a v good head. Medium neck. Elbows could be tighter, especially on the move. Well ribbed. Better topline than 1. Well made rear. Could just have a longer stride. 3rd: 5665 DONNELLY Mr & Mrs D Beechillawn Oooh Betty Limit B (3) 1st: 5683 PINKERTON, Miss S & BREWER Ms J Bareve Bruevinka Lovely outline and proportions. She has a fem head with good strength of muzzle. Long neck. Super front. Well sprung ribs that go back to a short loin. Good turn of stifle and low hocks. Could be better muscled. So accurate in front and goes with a long stride. RCC 2nd: 5663 COOKE Mrs A Tynsil Tennyson Also a v well proportioned b. Fem head. Could have a slightly stronger muzzle. Medium neck. Deep chest. Level topline. Slightly too much slope to croup. She needs more muscle. Just a bit untidy in front. 3rd: 5674 KIRKWOOD Mr G Helydon Inka Open B (3) 1st: 5686 PINKERTON Miss S Sh Ch Esmee Dragon From Rhona's Home And Bareve Liked her balance and proportions best in this class. She has a fem head. Enough neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and upper arm. Deep chest. Well ribbed back and firm in topline. Moderate hind angulation, producing a v even stride. 2nd: 5679 MCCULLOUGH Mr P F & Mrs M Kimmax Miss Kongeniality Liked her proportions and Shen has a really good forehand but isn't as good in rear as front. She has a super head. Long neck. Well developed chest. Slightly untidy coming too. Could have a shorter loin and firmer topline. In super coat. 3rd: 5673 KIRKWOOD Mr & Mrs G & Miss D Sh Ch Arielle vom Glinzegrund mit Helydon (Imp) Veteran B (2) 1st: 5689 TURNBULL Mrs E, Mr G D & Miss A Kimmax Kayenta at Elagram The better mover of these. She is v well proportioned. Fem head. Long neck. Well made front and rear. In good body. Coat could be better. 2nd: 5666 ENGLISH Mrs S A Sh Ch Karlejay Gump Guinea Bissau With V nice fem b in better coat than 1. She has a lovely head. Enough neck, although set a bit upright. Well bodied. Enough hind angulation, but not going as well as she probably once did.

Jeff Horswell