• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Domenico Santoriello Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at their show and to the exhibitors for their wonderful quality entry on this, my first CC appointment for this lovely breed. There was a great atmosphere with friendly, sporting exhibitors. Extended thanks to my stewards, Angie and Francis for keeping the ring running smoothly. 

Puppy Dog (3,0) 1 Colbourne-Baber & Stark’s Tubize Giovanni. A handsome 8 months Red of ideal size. He has a most lovely head, with dark expressive eyes, good underjaw, small, high set ears, leading into a well arched neck. Well boned. Short coupled, topline needs time to settle as he can look just a tad bum-high, bang on tail set which he carries well. Moved round the ring with style. Must have a bright future. BP. 2 Kirby’s Tubize Du Beke with Kirbsea, red, litter brother to 1 of a bigger frame but all in proportion. He has a nice head, dark eyes, ears need to strengthen. Good neck into well laid shoulders. Pasterns are a little weak at this time. Slightly longer cast than 1. Good tailset. Moves out with good action fore and aft. 3 Mitchell’s Alcum Blame It On Me.

Junior Dog (2,0) 1 Baldwin’s Nightstorm Ticket To Ride. 16 months Black and Tan, probably in the best condition I’ve seen him today. A typical head, with a strong underjaw, dark eyes and good ear-set which he uses well. Decent length of neck, into well laid shoulders. Well bodied, short coupled boy with a good tailset.Tight cat like feet. Well muscled. On the move, he has adequate front action and drive from the rear. His day will come I’m sure. 2 Park’s Rayjen Carrot Cake, 13 months red, taller and slightly longer in loin than 1. A strong head, with nice eyes & ears leading into good shoulders. Presents a lovely picture on the stand. Preferred movement of 1. 

Post Graduate Dog (3,0) 1 Harrison’s Rayjen Rumbaba at Trenson, 13 months red of a darker shade, a well made male, with a good head, dark eyes and good ears. Slightly sloping topline, good front, tight feet. Moves with some lift and drive from the rear. Could do with just a tad weight off him to complete the picture. 2 Iveson’s Carive Bobert. 20 motnhs of a complete different type to 1. Finer all round. Head OK, would prefer a stronger muzzle. Bang on earset. Good neck into compact body, tight cat-like feet. Moved slightly close behind, but has good lift in front. 3 Colbourne-Baber’s Bourneway’s Alfred The Great.

Limit Dog (1,0) 1 Park’s Calamis Mr Magoo JW (imp Swe) 2 years black and tan male. Head OK, dark eye, good ears. Presents a lovely shape in profile. He’s a clean mover behind but is a bit wide coming towards. Good feet and well set tail.

Open Dog (4,0) A nice class. 1 Smith’s CH Tubize Hudson JW, 2 years black and tan Male coming into his prime now. In excellent condition. He has the most classic of outlines that draws you to him immediately. An ideal size. Nice bone. A good head, small, high set ears, dark eyes giving a pleasing expression. An elegant neck leading into well laid shoulders and short cobby body and good spring of ribs. He holds his topline well on the move. Bang on tailset which he carries well. A clean mover with adequate lift and a strong drive from the rear. Dog CC & BOB. He gave a good account of himself in the group later on in the day. 2 Harrison’s CH Trenson Flummadiddle, 3 years red male of a bigger frame than 1. He took catches the eye in profile. He has a good head, dark eye, small ears, nice neck into well laid shoulders. Slightly longer in body than 1. High set tail which he carries well. He too is a clean mover and has good lift in front. He was carrying abit too much weight for me today. 3 Dunn’s CH Valetta Big Deal

Veteran Dog (1,0) 1 Collinson & Dare’s CH Collypins Lickety Split ShCM. 8 years old Black and Tan. An old favourite of mine. A balanced boy, a typical head with small high set ears. Slightly arched neck into good shoulders and short coupled body. Small cat like feet. Good tailset which he carries well. Well angulated. He really comes alive on the move and powers round the ring with typical movement. He is the ultimate showman. RDCC, BVIB and Veteran Group 1.

Puppy Bitch (4,2) 1 Smith’s Tubize Foxtrot 8 months Red. A pretty headed girl, with the darkest of eyes, small high set ears which she uses well. Slightly arched neck. Slightly longer in body than her litter brother, and has a tendancy to overstretch. She moves round the ring in style showing typical hackney action. BPB. 2 Neasby’s Churchbank Just An Angel for Ulani, 6 months black and tan of a finer type than 1, she has a pretty head with dark eyes, small high set ears. Short and compact, a good tailset. Small cat like feet. She moves well, just needs time to build her confidence which I’m sure will come.

Junior Bitch (6,2) 1 Stracey’s Kreiger Dark N Delicious, 13 months black and tan. She immediately catches the eye, presenting a beautiful profile. So well balanced throughout. Prettiest of heads, small ears, dark eyes. Small cat-like feet. Short in body with a slightly sloping topline. Well set tail. Straight front with elbows close to chest. A very good mover on a loose lead, just preferring the front action of the CC winner today.  She is so well schooled by her handler, a lot can learn from her. RBCC. 2 Kirby’s Vardenais Limini with Kirbsea, red girl in excellent condition, she has a lovely shape. A nice head, dark eyes, good ears, would prefer more underjaw to complete the picture. Nice tight cat like feet. Slightly arched neck into well laid shouders. Good topline and tailset. Moved OK. 3 Mitchell’s Alcum Bad Betty

Post Grad Bitch (5,2) 1 Griffiths Keljantzi Xciting Prospect for Amious, 16 months Black and Tan, another with a nice profile. She has a good head, dark eyes, nice ears. Slightly arched neck into good topline. High set tail which never stops. Small feet. A stylish mover. In good condition. 2 Dunn’s Valetta Cleopatra. Smaller and finer in bone than 1. Head OK, would prefer better set ears. Slightly short in leg. Nice feet, good topline and tailset. Moved OK. 3 Millington’s Dobenar’s Audrey Hepburn with Cunannun.

  Limit Bitch, (6) Best class of the day and I am sure they will change places on another day. 1 Chapman’s Carive Black Is Back at Vickstock JW ShCM, 3 years black and tan bitch of ideal size and breed type, one I have admired from the ringside. So well balanced throughout. Pretty head, dark eyes giving a good expression. Well set ears which she uses well. Slightly arched neck into good shoulders and shortest of bodies. Bang on tailset. Straight front legs and elbows close to chest. Small cat like feet. A typical showgirl with great front action and clean movement behind. Delighted to awared her her crowning CC, so very well deserved. 2 Whetter’s Tubize Macy at Mandolais, another I have admired, 2 years black and tan. She has a nice head, dark eyes and well set ears. Good neck into well laid shoulders. Slightly longer than 1. Today she was just not settled enough and threw it away so didn’t move as well as she could. 3 Coull’s Vardenais Mischief Managed.

Open Bitch (3,1) 1 Collinson & Dare’s Collypins Livin Is Easy, 3 years black and tan, a smaller girl but all in proportion. A nice head with dark eyes & good earset, nice neck into good shoulders and topline. Tight cat-like feet. Moved well. 2 Whetter’s Keehoo Bubblegum at Mandolais, 6 year old red bitch and starting to show her age, bigger than 1. Well proportioned throughout. Good topline. Moved well.

Veteran Bitch (1) 1 Iveson’s CH Carive Polly Pocket, 10 years black and tan, another one I’ve admired. In good condition today. Good head, eyes and ears, slightly arched neck into strong topline and tailset. Moved with great lift in front and drive from the rear. BVB

Special Beginners’ Bitch (1) Millington’s Dobenar Audrey Hepburn with Cunnanun, red bitch. Moved better here than in her previous classes. Nice head with dark eyes, good earset. Topline could be held better on the move. Beginners Group 3.

Domenico Santoriello