• Show Date: 15/10/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Northern Counties American Cocker Spaniel Club

The Northern Counties American Cocker Spaniel Club

Open Show

15th October 2017

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely friendly show. I was delighted with the entry and must thank all of the exhibitors for the pleasure of your dogs, the presentation was first class and temperaments exemplary. There was a nice atmosphere around the ring and applause for all the winners. I judge very much ‘on the day’, some classes were extremely close and positions could easily change. Thank you all for making it a very pleasant day, and my stewards for keeping me in order. Oh, and I think I travelled home a good few pounds heavier, from the super selection of home made cakes!

Minor Puppy Dog (1,0)

1. Mr D Jennings - Alibama Backmail

Delightful 8 month old black dog, for one so young he really did command my attention. So much to like about this youngster. He still needs to develop as you would expect but all the raw essentials are there. In profile holds an appealing shape, with good balance. Pleasing head, lovely tight clean dark eye, good stop and rounding to the backskull. He has a good length of neck, a firm topline, chest reaching to elbow with a good spring to the ribs. Nicely angulated hindquarters and being short hock to heel. Coat and finish still to come, time is very much on his side! A happy mover, holding the correct topline and tail having a very merry action, showing lovely drive from the rear and extension in front– RBD & BMPIS

Puppy Dog (0,0)

Junior Dog (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Glover - Mickcals Black Star

14 month old black dog. Like him for his overall size and shape. He is masculine all through. Having the desired compact body, slight slope to the topline and enough depth, would like a fraction more forechest. Good balance to his head, with chiselling around the eye, which is full and dark to give the kindest of expression. Being a little un-cooperative today for his handler. On the move holding a good shape, not quite the forward reach. Shown in good condition and coat

Special Yearling Dog (0,0)

Novice Dog (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Glover - Mickcals Black Star

Repeat of Junior

Post Graduate Dog (1,1)

Limit Dog (4,0)

A class of great variation of type, all having good qualities that I admired, the placings could easily change

1. Mrs Palmer - Glarus Highland Laddie At Spireyanks

Soundly built 5 year old buff dog, nothing is overdone on him, not a flashy dog but sound and solid. He presents a balanced overall picture when stood. Preferred his head over second, found it to be very pleasing and handsome, being well proportioned, squareness to the flews, good stop, well chiselled dark eye and pigmentation. He has adequate depth of chest and spring of rib, a fraction longer in loin. A firm well held topline, with a correctly set on tail. His movement was more steady than driving, but good parallel rear and clean in front. Shown in super condition

2. Steel & Jefferson - Misticolas Kickin Up Dust At Sharnamber JW

Very close up to winner, really liked this 3 year old Black & tan dog. Thought he had a super outline when stood, balanced and compact, having a good presence about him. Today preferring the head shape of winner, but thought he had a kind and gentle expression. Lovely length of neck, short firm back, good depth, well angulated hind quarters. Rear movement not quite as true as winner today, but certainly stepped out with style. Very well handled and presented

3. Miss Dummett - Almondsbury Paninaro ShCM

Open Dog (1,0)

1. Miss Sunter - Mycalleys Kennedy JW ShCM

Mature 2 year old buff dog, thought him to be an honest and workmanlike dog with so much appeal. When stood he is oh so smart, having a lovely flow from nose to tail. He is of the correct size, also having substance and masculinity. He has a pleasing head, with good rounding to the backskull, well defined stop, and dark soulful eyes. His slightly arched neck flowing well into a firm and well held topline, with a slight slope both stood and on the move. Super body, with good depth to the ribcage, ribs being carried well back with a strong short loin finished off with a well developed forechest. Well boned limbs and nicely angulated. Shown in full bloom and super condition. On the move his is true both fore and aft and shows good drive – BD & BIS

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3,0)

1. Miss Dummett - Almondsbury Domino Dancing ShCM

7 year old Tri coloured bitch, loved her overall size and outline when stacked. She has a super ring presence and showed herself off to advantage. She is compact and sturdy, yet she retains her femininity. She has a well developed head, well rounded backskull, full dark eyes, and lovely plushness to the muzzle. She certainly has super depth and spring to the ribs and short in loin. Moved with real drive, not quite as precise behind today. Considered for top honours - BVIS

2. Steel & Jefferson - Mycalleys Denisse Sharnamber ShCM

Black bitch at 8 years young. Another shapely bitch, not quite the substance of winner, but loved her elegance, so feminine all through. Appealing head, with gentle and intelligent expression. Clean neck of good length flowing well into her topline. Well developed thought the body. Moving out well, but not quite the rear drive. First class coat and condition

3. Mr & Mrs Glover - Mickcals Silver Chaser ShCM

Must mention this buff dog, coming up 10 years old, just loved him, what a sweet natured dog could have taken him home.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1. Mr Jennings - Alibama Backlash

What a poppet this 8 months old bitch is, litter sister to MPD winner. Another quality puppy showing lots of promise and character. She does not as yet have the balance of her brother, needing to come up on the leg a fraction. She is well made and very much a show girl. Totally unfazed in the noisy hall and never stopped showing. Lovely feminine head, dark eye with a hint of naughtiness! Long clean neck, firm topline and ever wagging tail. She has good depth and spring to the ribs for one so young. Moved true both ways and with drive and verve. Well handled and shown

2. Miss Sunter - Mycalleys Finoula

Another nice youngster, 7 month old black bitch. Looking a little more rangy at the moment, just needing to drop into herself. Most feminine of heads, lovely rounding to the backskull, good stop, low set ears and full dark eye. She has a nice flow to the topline finishing with a well set on tail. Enough depth for her age, short coupled and well held topline stood and on the move. Not quite as composed on the move today, liked her happy and outgoing demeanour

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1. Mr Jennings - Alibama Time Fly’s

Thought this 9 month old black bitch a little cracker, totally fell for her. Thought she had beautiful lines and balance when stood. She has quality in abundance and never stopped showing. Her zest for life shone through. Her head is most feminine, being well proportioned with the desired chiselling and plushness to the muzzle. Found her to have a lovely compact body, with good substance and depth yet the refinement of a feminine bitch. For one so young held a super firm topline standing and on the move. A joy to watch on the move, she has enthusiasm and pizzazz, coupled with drive and reach – BB & RBIS & BPIS

Junior Bitch (2,0)

1. Mrs Morris - Mycalleys Suck It Up Buttercup

Honest 17 month old buff, who I see is younger sister to my BIS winner. Loved her balance and clean outline on the stack. An elegant and graceful bitch yet with substance and strength. Having an appealing balanced head shape, with nicely rounded backskull, full dark eyes, good width and depth to the muzzle. Super length of neck showing the slight arch. Well developed through the body, deep with well sprung ribs, nicely angulated, and being short hock to heel. On the move she keeps her outline, with a firm topline and correct tail set. Her footfall was accurate showing power and drive - RBB

2. Mr & Mrs Glover - Mickcals Black Velvet

14 month old black, beautifully presented with a shapely outline when stood. Feminine all through with a lovely head piece, well chiselled, deep stop and clean dark full eyes. Good length of neck, well developed in the body, with a good ribcage and forechest. Her limbs are well boned and with good angulation. On the move she showed good animation, but the topline levelled off and her tail carriage a little higher than I would like. Well shown and in first class coat and condition

Special Yearling Bitch (1,0)

1. Mrs Morris - Mycalleys Suck It Up Buttercup

Repeat of Junior

Novice Bitch (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Glover - Mickcals Black Velvet

Repeat of Junior

Post graduate Bitch (2,0)

1. Glendinning & Jenkingson- Plaiglen Gigi With Eastriding

What a glamourous bitch this is, fabulously presented Tri and at 21 months old very mature. When stacked she has a well balanced profile, a real eye catcher. Just for me there is a little too much of her all through. She has a well balanced head, good dark eye, plush muzzle giving a kind expression. Long neck flowing into a firm slightly sloping topline to a well set on tail. Her body has depth and strength, and well angulated fore and aft. A pleasure to watch on the move. Put down in super coat and condition.

2. Mrs Morris - Nasailleen Witchcraft At Mycalleys

Beautifully presented 19 month old black bitch, when stood showed a pleasing outline, with good balance. Not making things easy for her handler today! More refined than winner, with a lovely head, plenty of work to it, giving a soft and gentle expression. Good depth good spring to the ribcage and short coupled. She has well boned limbs. Not as collected on the move as the winner or with the front extension. Put down in first class order

Limit Bitch (3,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Glover - Afterglow Moon Reflection At Mickcals

Buff bitch just 4 years old, liked her for her overall size and femininity. There is lots to like and nothing is overdone. She is so pretty, having an appealing head shape, lovely rounding, well chiselled, good width and depth to the muzzle and those soulful eyes. She is well developed through the body, with a good ribcage and forechest. On the move she is positive and true, showing good drive, she did tend to level out her topline slightly at times. Nicely presented

2. Mr & Mrs Madigan - Aesku Lady Million For Tricajon (IMP ISL)

This 19 month old tri bitch is a real eyecatcher, thought she was going to be my winner. When stood she has lovely balance and body lines. Her head is a fraction stronger in backskull than the winner. Good length of neck, firm topline, good depth throughout. On the move showing good drive from the rear, but was not as tidy in front today. Turned out in super coat and well handled

Open Bitch (1,0)

1. Mrs Morris - Mycalleys Lydia

Buff bitch coming up 4 years of age, and still wanting to cause mischief like a puppy! Loved her happy and outgoing temperament. Found her to be a very neat package, with a pleasing outline. She has a balanced feminine head and sweet expression. Neck showing the slight arch, which flowed nicely into her topline. Liked her depth and compact body. She is nicely boned, with good rear angulation and lovely short hocks. On the move she is free flowing striding out with positive footfalls