• Show Date: 01/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Cavill FRSA Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Romsey & District Canine Society

Romsey and District CS 1/11/2017

Dalmatians PD/B 1(0) Thorne’s  Spotiray Billy Elliott of Castletop.  Standing alone this is a lovely promising puppy.  He has even spotting and a very nice head and expression.  He moved well once settled although a little close behind going away.  He has plenty of time and should do well. SYD/B. 1(0) Thorne’s Maddidalli Girlon Fire at Castletop.  She has a very good shape and conformation with a good head and neat ears.  Nicely marked. Was a little uncertain on the move. PGD/B 1(0) Finch and Bonner’s Sophtspot Hocus Pocus at Dalticino.  Beautifully constructed feminine bitch with a stylish sound gait: perhaps a little fine through even for a bitch and a little heavily marked but much can be forgiven for she has such a good typical outline. OD/B 2(0) 1 Wilkinson’s Gwynmor High Five to Hunacres (imp Ned) JW.  And-well structured bitch with correct, balanced outline.  Well made head if a fraction plain.  Moved very well. BOB 2. Ward’s Shulune Fantasy Red Dragon.  Sound and substantial dog with good construction although a little long in loin.  Well spotted.  Moved very well.

Shetland Sheepdogs  It was such a pleasure to judge this breed after such a long time. I was very impressed with the overall quality PD/B 2(1) 1Haensel’s Sherkarl Majic Touch.  A very pretty six-month-old bitch.  Ideal shape and good structure although tied a fraction at the elbow coming.  Lovely expression with well held years.  Coat still to come through and still a little fluffy but guard hairs indicated all will be well.  Very promising.  SYD/B 1(0) Laversuch’s Pacarane Polar Stormtime.  Good outline and overall structure although too narrow in front.  Nice head and expression despite slightly twisted tip on his left ear. PGD/B 6 (1). 1 Arnould’s Shadoway Rosa Esmeralda.  Absolutely typical of the breed in every respect.  Pretty and very sound with an excellent structure and musculature (RBOB).  .  2 Evans’ Shadoway Lucky Strike.  Super bitch, very pretty, lovely outline but perhaps a little long in the loin.  OD/B 8 (0).  A really striking class of mostly typical dogs.  1 Haensel’s Sherkarl Uptown Funk JW ShCM.  He is a really lovely example of the breed looking as good as it gets.  Super head.  Excellent construction and moved so very well (BOB). 2 Arnould’s Shadoway Perchance to Dream JW.  Another fabulous and very elegant Sheltie typifying the qualities of a superb bitch and running 1 very close.  Moved beautifully. 

Boxers PD/B 1 (0) Burnett’s Sushe Too Cool to Fool.  Just over six months and developing a really good structure and outline.  A lovely head too.  Movement still to stabilise and he does overreach a touch but this is a very promising puppy BP. SYD/B 3(1) 1 Burnett & Kelly’s Lahaina Sushetime with Casemates.  Well constructed and with a good typical outline.  Lovely example of the breed. BOB 2 Wheeler’s Hipkins Devious Maid.  Good structure and outline, lovely head and expression. Will move better as he matures and settles.  PGD/B 1(1) 1 Wheeler’s Hipkins Devious Maid. As seen. OD/B 1(0) 1 Wheeler’s Clarrick’s Bailey Ray at Hipkins ShCM.  A lovely feminine head and excellent structure a little sun settled on the move today but a quality boxer throughout RBOB.

Great Dane SYD/B 1(0) 1 Bouton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano.  This is a simple example of the breed with an excellent construction.  She moved extremely well and has a lovely feminine head with a typical Dane expression.  She is still very young but is very promising. BOB

AVNSC Wkg PD/B 3(1)1 Wickers & Minday’s Starviper Black Magic at Vukasin.  Good structure and a lovely brisk movement.  Typical head and expression.  A very promising puppy. 2 Ellis’ Goodsouls Roumour Has It it’s Falkor.  Another nice example of the breed showing promise.  Not the movement of one today. SYD/B 3 (1) Simthurst’s Halloween Lady.  A fine example of the breed with excellent structure confirmation outline.  Stable on the move. 2 Simpson’s Simberger Kolmarden.  A very promising youngster but still to mature. PGD/B 5(2) Sithurst’s Alibaba Dermontt.  A super well structured dog.  An excellent example of this breed despite these are all staff infected by the household’s cat. 2 Massey’s Jojavik Kissy Susuki ShCM.  OD/B. 6(1). Hatcher’s Winston the Warrior.  An excellent example of its breed. Super clean head, eyes and expression.  Very good outline and moved well. 2 Simpson’s Simberger Red Hot. ( BAVNSC Working).  AV Working PD/B 1(0) 1Wickers & Minday’s Starviper Black Magic at Vukasin as seen. SpV D/B 4 (3). 1 Cunningham’s Icehowlers She’s the one for Icebex.  Nine years old and still going strong.  A lovely bitch with excellent confirmation and super head and expression.  An absolute delight.  SpV D/B 10+ 3(1) 1 Wickers & Mundat’s Ch Jacalous Nephithy at Icekingdom Another superb example of the breed in great shape and moving superbly well. (BVet) 2.  Cunningham’s Azhard Tango with Snowpawz

Working Group: 1. Boxer - Burnett & Kelly’s Lahaina Sushetime with Casemates (as seen) 2 Alaskan Malamute Forsey’s Dark Diamon Snowflake of Engle at Muzoku  JW ShCM.  A very good example of its breed with plenty of substance and strong shoulders.  Good head and expression: perhaps a touch long in loin. 3 Siberian Husky Riaubyte’s Fire in Paws Unbelievable (Imp P) 4. Bouton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano

Puppy Working Group: 1 Alaskan Malamute: Forsey’s Muzoku Voodoo Dolly. 2. Wickers & Minday’s Starviper Black Magic at Vukasin. 3. Burnett’s Sushe Too Cool to Fool. 4 Riaubyte’s Fire in Paws Unbelievable.

David Cavill