• Show Date: 09/12/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherds

MPD (2) 1 Vanseer’s Skylake Quality Is Value, not an overlarge dog but just right for his age, this tri was beautifully presented & showed so well for one so young, good head coming with well placed ears & correct eye shape, he is balanced & moved so well on well boned legs & feet keeping a good topline & correct head carriage, feel he could win in any company, sired by the RCC winner & that same type; 2 Fitches’ Lamintone Epic Inferno, the r/w is still very much a baby & needs to pull it all together, which of course he will, lovely head & expression, good ear carriage & eye set & colour, tail carried well, in lovely coat & condition, he just needs time to get his act together. PD (6,2a) 1 Vanseer’s Skylake Quite A Handsome Man, b/m, same age as the minor puppy but a cracker, needs to grow into his ears which will come when his head breaks, but he has a lovely eye & expression, in excellent coat & condition, moved well, again lovely bone & good feet, good topline and excellent hindquarters & a well made front which gave a lovely extension in movement, very balanced. BPD; 2 Douglas’ Talard Lethal Weapon, tri who was very eager to move & gave his handler a hard time trying to get him to slow down as he was over-striding, very masculine in head & expression, good neck & shoulders, he a strong topline & well made hindquarters, in lovely coat & condition, a lovely type of male who is balanced set up & a lovely type, beating his brother into 3 on his maturity & finish at present; 3 Quinn & Douglas’ Talard Some Kinda Wonderful. JD (3) 1 Allan & Winfrow’s Allmark The Sequel, one I have judged & liked before & see no reason to change my opinion, he is maturing well & has an excellent head & expression, very masculine in outlook, he is balanced & moved well on well boned legs & feet, keeping a strong topline & correct head carriage, excellent forequarters & hindquarters, again in excellent coat & condition, showed well & was in contention for the RCC, just feel he needs the maturity on the big boys to complete the picture; 2 Milligan’s Jotars Lies And Deceit with Alfsden, this b/m with tan points, at present is just slightly long for balance but I am sure will tighten up as he matures, still needs to grow into his ears but are slightly large for perfection. Moved well keeping his topline strong using his excellent hindquarters to cover the ground with ease, in excellent condition with a well presented coat; 3 Clubley’s Mistyholly The Magician. PGD (6,1) 1 Such’s Soloyal Valentino, loved this dog’s sire, so there is no wonder that I was very taken with him, this well presented tri kept calling me back for his lovely type & balance, he is quality & very masculine in outlook, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good topline & excellent hindquarters, moved with ease & purpose covering the ground so well. Very impressed with him & wish him well as he matures as he is still so young; 2 Bradley’s Jenkova The Dark Lord, taller boy who was still balanced, moved well on good feet & well boned legs, typical head & expression, very masculine with excellent construction throughout, again still young so still needs to drop into himself & fill out to complete the picture, good coat of a good texture; 3 Scanlan’s Mistyholly Blues Brother of Franmar. LD (7,4) 1 Arnall’s Allmark Jo Malone, mature tri male who was well handled to make the best of him, masculine head & expression with well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, excellent hindquarters, in good coat & condition, well boned legs & feet, good moving dog who just occasionally dropped on his left foreleg today, he wasn’t lame I was just wondering if he was perhaps moving too fast round the corners as he was fine up and back, lovely type who is quality; 2 Parry’s Tribbrook Pavel Chekov, red who played his owner up, when he behaved you could see he was very masculine with a super head & expression & a good eye of the correct colour & shape, had a good balanced outline, nice neck & shoulders, good topline & hindquarters, in lovely coat & condition, when he moved he played the fool but I forgave him for his type; 3 Knott’s Lyveden Texas Ranger. OD (5,1) 1 Mee’s Lamintone Cloud Burst, well hello, where did you come from? I have never noticed you before but today you just shone, it was to be your day. You are a strong masculine b/m with tan points, who is balanced & so very typy, from the moment you first moved round the ring at the beginning you had caught my eye, when you set up to be gone over I thought wow what an outline, of a good size & shape & in lovely coat & condition, masculine head & expression, good width of skull & lovely plush muzzle, correct proportions to your head leading into a super neck & shoulders, strong topline which you held on the move, well muscled hindquarters which really took you round the ring with purpose & drive, today you just shone & I couldn’t walk passed you for the class & then in the challenge you continued to show your socks off to take the CC; 2 Spavin’s Multi Ch Hearthside Man Of Mystery at Dialynne, another I have liked before & see no reason to change my opinion of him, I see he is siring some lovely puppies too, has the most expressive head with a good, well shaped eye & excellent ear carriage, lovely neck & shoulders leading to a strong topline & well muscled hindquarters, there is no denying his quality & type & he is put down in tip top order, his presentation is a lesson in the art, won his place here in a strong class & went on to take the RCC; 3 Fort’s Ch Jotars Follow The Rumours from Shulune. VD (4,1) 1 Simmons & Strachan’s Sh Ch Allmark Licence To Thrill, very masculine 7 year old who moved so well really covering the ground with ease & purpose, so very typy & put down in excellent coat & condition, well placed & carried ears, masculine head with a good eye & a plush muzzle, he was balanced with good fore & hindquarters, showed well enjoying his day; 2 Timperon’s Ghostrider Of The Mightycrown at Triforce, lovely tri who is just losing his coat & present but this only emphasises his correct construction, heis a good type with a masculine head & expression, again well boned legs & feet, on the move you can see his good forequarters & strong hindquarters; 3 Alder & Haste’s Jacanshe Harvest Time with Aussiame. GSD (0)

MPB (3) 1 Mee & Holligan’s Lamintone Enchanted Fire, b/m baby of just 6 months but of a good size & outline, very pretty head & expression, in good coat for age which was beautifully presented, very balanced for a baby with lovely neck & shoulders, good topline & hindquarters, just the right bone on her legs & feet, good depth of chest for age, moved so well for a baby, this balanced baby has potential, I shall watch her progress; 2 Fuller’s Ones Passionate Affair Della Terra Del Falco, red who today was overawed by the day but as such potential as she moved so well for one so young when she settled, lovely head & expression, well boned legs & feet, another real baby who is a lovely type & at 7 months has time on her side, I see she is an import & I wonder how long she has been here but she certainly can only be good for the breed I think; 3 Myall’s Altussi Leia of Alderaan. PB (9,1) What a super class from which came the best puppy in breed. This class holds so much for the future & was very exciting to judge. 1 Such’s Soloyal Secret Romance, r/w nearly 10 months old beautiful, feminine girl with such a pretty head & expression, lovely eye & well set & carried ears, excellent neck & shoulders, again in excellent coat & condition, good topline & length of rib, she is balanced with well boned legs & feet & a lovely hindquarter, showed her socks off, this quality girl won the class on type, size & proportions, took BP overall & moved so well really using her excellent front & hindquarters to cover the ground with purpose & ease; 2 Douglas’ Talard Basic Instinct, litter sister to second in PD & not the dog given on Higham Press, which is a Bearded Collie! This wild child has so much potential, she just needs to fill out & body up to fulfil this promise, very pretty head & expression with a lovely neck & shoulders, when she decided she would settle, she moved well & correctly, I felt for the handler as she tried her patience! Lovely type on this quality bitch; 3 Angier & Stacey’s Ewbell True Blue avec Bilyara. JB (4,2) 1 Fort’s Saussurea Grand Entrance by Shulune, beautifully handled by a very sympathetic handler, this well balanced red is very feminine in outlook with such a pretty head & expression with well carried ears of a good size & shape, excellent front construction with strong hindquarters & a strong topline held both set up & moving, in excellent coat & condition, moved so well really covering the ground with ease, very close up for the RCC for I think she has a good future & today showed her potential; 2 Crawford & McDonald’s Mistyholly More Magic for Louiston, she is still a bit bum high, needs to finish her growing now & fill out, very feminine head & expression & in profile movement had a good head carriage, in good coat & condition, she is a good type but just needs maturity to fill out & complete the picture. PGB (11,4) Another interesting class with some interesting choices to be made. 1 Turnbull, Clegram & Holligan’s Jenkova Dart Secret, workmanlike type of bitch yet still keeps her feminity, from her outline she is all girl with a feminine head & expression with well set & carried ears, just enough coat but this meant it hides nothing, excellent neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, lovely well muscled hindquarters, good ribcage & strong loin, she is balanced & moved with such ease with correct topline & headquarters, this is where she really comes alive & draws you to her, half sister to the DCC & that same good type; 2 Wilson & Cudworth’s Wilduc Syndicate, lovely balanced bitch but got distracted on the move, I got her to try again but she obviously thought she could see something that she wanted to investigate! Pretty head with a good eye & well carried ears, god neck & shoulders, enough coat which was well presented, well boned legs & feet, her quality & type took the place for her in this good class; 3 Haddock’s Atomic Bomb Elvikam. LB (6,1) 1 Jones, Gibbons & Blyton’s Mangry’s Need For Speed with Wispafete, young tri bitch who is still not 2 yet beautifully balanced & so very feminine, enough coat but with excellent presentation, such a feminine head & expression with well set & carried ears & good, correctly shaped eyes, lovely plush muzzle, good neck & shoulders, topline & tailset, well bodied throughout with a good ribcage & loin, well boned legs & feet, moved really well & true with excellent profile movement, it was effortless & stylish, well handed, this quality bitch deserved her place; 2 Longhurst & Gegory’s Wilduc Next To Me at Spotarton, r/w who was in lovely coat & condition, slightly larger than 1 yet still very feminine, there would be no mistaking her sex, very pretty balanced head with a good eye & well set ears, excellent bone & feet with good body proportions, well muscled hindquarters & a strong topline which she held on the move; 3 Meads & Fuller’s Silvarcea Reggae Fusion at Ozways. OB (6) 1 Collins & Uden’s Ch Allmark Razzle Dazzle Em at Jazdaze, on reading her breeding I can now see why she took my eye immediately, I love her sire & from a distance I always admired Babe! This b/m is so feminine, so balanced & quality, her body proportions area so correct & she is a good size, when set up there is no mistaking her sex, her head is beautiful with a lovely eye & well set & carried ears, excellent neck & shoulders, put down in excellent condition with a beautiful coat which was groomed to perfection, loved her topline & hindquarters, ribcage & length of loin, but where she wins is in movement, she moves a dream yet you can see that she is capable of working for she keeps a level topline with an excellent head carriage, correct front extension & good drive behind. Won a strong class and then fought hard to take the CC & the BOB, I understand that she was also shortlisted in the group; 2 Allan’s Ch Allmark Vanity Fayre, similar in type & this made for a hard decision on the day, she too has that beautiful head & expression, so very feminine all through with enough coat which was excellently presentation, in lovely body condition, again matched 1 in movement on well boned legs & feet, good hindquarters, how lucky to have 2 such good bitches, who I see are from the same litter! RCC; 3 Challenger’s Ch Lyveden Texas Rose. VB (0) GCB (4) 1 Venton’s Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans, r/w not a large bitch but so balanced, excellent type, so feminine in head with a good eye of correct shape & well set & carried ears, moved a treat using her excellent neck & shoulders & well muscled hindquarters to give an excellent profile picture, set up she is balanced & in good coat & condition; 2 Douglas’ Ir Ch Allmark Naughty But Nice, b/m who is well made. Just preferred 1’s expression but this does not distract from the fact that she still has a very feminine head with well set ears & a plush muzzle, in lovely coat & condition, moved a treat, she is a good type & is balanced, well bodied & showed well, lovely type; 3 Miss Atomic Bomb E.