• Show Date: 18/06/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marc Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/04/2022

Newmarket & District Canine Society


18 JUNE 2016



Puppy (3,0)

Hicks’ Glyndwr Nell Glyne, pretty feminine bitch with a lovely head and expression, nice neck and although lost her topline slightly on the move, she did move well. She needs a little more confidence but that will come with maturity. BPIB

Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar Dream Believer, handsome young dog of 8 months with a nice head, neck, topline and forechest. He moved well but confidence will also come with maturity.

Post Graduate (2,0)

Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar It Had To Be Me, 14 month bitch whose proportions, head, confidence and movement won her the class. She kept her topline on the move although I preferred the rear movement of 2. RBOB

Nichols’ Tickleteckel Rooby Tuesday at Chapood, 13 month bitch, smaller type than 1. She moved well and had a sweet, feminine expression

Open (4,0)

Pearmain & Sherwood’s Lokmadi Crystal Wings for Delandmar, Winner of a good class. She had a nice head, neck, forechest and feet with a good length of body. She moved well, keeping her topline. BOB

Watkinson’s Manakoora Kharna, A tough choice between my top two. She is a pretty, feminine bitch with good proportions. I preferred her head to 1 but felt 1 had better rear movement and topline.


Puppy (2,0)

Rothchild’s Lyndarlea Urnbroo, 9 month old cream dog with a great head, neck and topline which he held on the move. He is confident, well-schooled and of a good size and weight with a correct coat. BP & RBOB

Pitfield’s Sanmik Milady Fudge, 9 month old choc/tan bitch who also showed well and only lost out on her topline on the move, although she did move well with confidence. I appreciated her head and correct coat.

Post Graduate (2,0)

Pitfield’s Luna Caprese D’oroed’argento of Follyfield (Imp ITA), a 14 month silver dapple dog who caught my eye. He is of a taller type but he impressed with his stunning head, reachy neck, great topline held on the move and a well-marked dappled coat that was neither too heavy or light. He was also a confident showman and took BOB.

Millington’s Cunannun’s Devine Dorcha, 13 month bitch who was a smaller type to 1 but also had a nice coat, good topline and movement. She was well-handled but just needs a little more confidence.

Open (1,0)

Pitfield’s Follyfield Florence, a 6yo bitch who was a great mover with lovely proportions and topline. She had a nice head, correct coat and good feet.


Puppy (1,0)

Grant’s Granhoward Edward, 9 month handsome, confident dog with a good wiry coat who moved well although he lost his topline on the move. BP & RBOB.

Post Graduate (2,1)

Hopper’s Arbennik Sootalina at Brynfaw, a compact, feminine bitch with a nice head, expression and topline. She moved well but I preferred the underline of 2

Smith’s Bingobongo’s Red Mijia, another nice, compact feminine bitch with a good topline and neck. I preferred the movement and front of 1.

Open (3,1)

Flowers & Smith’s Bingobongo’s Short And Sweet, a very feminine and pretty 18 month bitch with excellent coat, chest, feet and topline held on the move. BOB

Grant’s Barratini Fred Astaire at Granhoward, a handsome boy with a nice head and movement but preferred the overall proportions of 1.


Special Yearling (2,1)

Seago & Gibbard’s Amlida Asintended, a beautiful 10 month b/t bitch with feminine head into an elegant neck. She has a great topline which she held on the move and moved with confidence. BP & RBOB

Graham’s Morailsa Return To Sender at Gameron, a nice 20 month dog with a great topline stacked and on the move and of good overall size and proportions. A good class but I preferred the overall proportions of 1.

Open (1,1)

Seago & Gibbard’s Amlida Spirit, a handsome, eye-catching choc/tan dog who I judged as a puppy and was thrilled to see how he has come on. He has an excellent head, masculine expression and his overall size and proportions are what I prefer, neither too big or small. He is well-muscled and moved purposefully with drive, keeping his topline on the move. He also has a great temperament - a credit to the breed. BOB


Special Yearling (2,0)

Clarke’s Tekalhaus Million To One, a good class but this beautiful, feminine red bitch of 19 months won the class on her excellent temperament, coat, topline, movement and overall type, size and proportions. A bitch who I have long-admired since a pup, she made my choice for BOB difficult but the open winner edged it on his greater confidence on the move. RBOB

Horn’s Darsoms Zabbi, a handsome red dog who was of larger type. He is a sound mover with a nice topline which he held well.

Open (3,0)

Hagan & Borsuk’s Ir Ch Badamtam’s Via Baltica at Follypaws (Imp FIN), a handsome, masculine dog of good size and proportions. He has the most arrogant expression and carried his head confidently on the move. He has a good coat, neither too light or heavy, and kept his excellent topline on the move. Edged the close challenge for BOB on his sound, confident movement. BOB

Wilson’s Rogermardax Senor Dougal, a larger type b/t dog with a good topline and moved well.


Special Yearling (0,0)

Open (1,0)

Baldwin’s Aventine Scotts Bluff, despite standing alone in class and breed, this 2yo dog caught my eye today. My notes say ‘very hard to fault’ as my list of things I liked was long; he had an excellent head, expression, topline and sound movement and temperament and I appreciated his overall size, excellent coat, type and proportions. BOB