• Show Date: 16/07/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Bon Accord Kennel Association

Flatcoated Retriever

PGrad (3)

1st Plummer & McPhersons Monteyrino Thistle Tea from Lochkander. Quality bitch with a feminine head showing strong jawline and balanced proportions with good planes. Flowing outline, well placed shoulders, correct upperarm and ample brisket. Strong topline leading to broad well muscled thighs, good rear action just needs to settle on the move.

2nd Thomsons Rotherfield Lady of Braeval at Badcall

3rd Pratts Candidacasa Almond

Open (4)

1st Cullens Orkhatos Lucas at Auchinbreck SHCM. Striking dog shown in excellent condition, lovely head with kind eye, correct amount of width and well set ear. Clean neck leading to laidback shoulder and excellent return of upperarm. Deep wellsprung rib under a firm topline and lovely rear quarters. Showed real power on the move. BOB

2nd Thomsons Steelriver Hot & Hazy at Badcall SHCM

3rd Pratts Littlehill Black Bryony

Golden Retriever

Junior (2)

1st Finnies Thistleyhill Country Chiel. Rich golden colour on this classic young dog. Pleasing expression from a soft brown eye, good length to foreface and width of skull. Balanced angulation front and rear, deep in rib. Showed good rear action

2nd Cullens Larena Ormsary at Auchinbreck

PGrad (5,2abs)

1st Younies Largymore Live to Love You. Clean outline with correct amount of leg to length. Lovely dark pigmentation with a cheeky eye and plenty of brainroom. Firm neck leading to pleasing front assembly, good spring of rib for me his coupling could be a tad shorter. Broad rear he really shone on the move with lovely reach.

2nd Greigs Nedlezah Take A Chance on Me at Cranngary JW

3rd Finnies Lochtaymor Jane Eyre at Thistleyhill

Open (5,1abs)

1st Greigs Nedlezah Stay My Charmer at Cranngary. Eye catching dog with a striking outline of correct proportions and a rich deep colour. Masculine head with good length and depth of muzzle and gentle expression. Lovely deep rib with plenty of backrib, clean through the neck and shoulder flowing down a strong topline held well on the move. Broad sweeping stifles with firm muscle gave freeflowing movement with plenty of drive. BOB Grp 2

2nd Mclean & Ritchies Brandane Celebrity Status

3rd Wardens Eyevalley Macallan of Glentochty SHCM


PGrad (1)

1st Lindridges Amidala Fast & Furious JW. Young bitch who still needs time to finish. Good head planes, tight lip, bright alert expression. Pleasing neck flowed smoothly into a laid back shoulder. Plenty of rib under firm topline. Showed true footfall. Just preferred her size and substance to the open winner. BOB


1st 1st Lindridges Amidala La Nina SHCM. Well made petite bitch with a feminine head and a tidy outline, correct angulation throughout and lovely defined muscling. Showed driving movement.


Open (2,1abs)

1st Bannermans Minama Believe in Me. Loved this girls head, very feminine with a good backskull and just the right amount of foreface to balance it all out. Clean through the neck, well laid shoulder and plenty of brisket, deep through the rib and finished off with a broad rump. Showed good reach on the move.

Cocker Spaniel

Open (1)

1st Mason & Clubbs Lynshow Khristian SHCM. Substantial black dog with excellent bone. Gentle masculine head with a kind eye under a expressive brow, lovely long lowset ear. Clean front leading to a good spring of rib, cobby body and a strong rear. Showed true merry cocker movement with great tail action.

Labrador Retriever

Coats were in varying stages of blowing so could not really take them into consideration

PGrad (7, 4abs)

1st Simpsons Exelby Eugene. Strong black dog, he was all male showing power and substance. Good length to foreface and a lot of brain room, I would prefer a slightly softer expression. Firm neck, strong topline and broad well muscled thighs. Showed plenty of drive when moving

2nd Longlands Velvetine Dawns Early Lite.

3rd Odwyers Azure Cairnvaich

Open (3)

1st Rollands Claychalk Costa Mila Strathlana. Well built bitch with a lovely balanced head showing a gentle expression. Nicely placed ear of correct size, strong through the neck and front assembly. Correctly balanced with a firm coupling, flowing topline, good depth of rib and strong quarters, good otter tail. Moved with reach and drive off decent legs and tight feet

2nd Longlands Alanwood Serene Oasis

3rd Odwyers Azure Cairnvaich


PGrad (3, 2abs)

1st Dervish-Umans Todlachie Love Devine. Solid liver with excellent harsh coat, clean in outline with strong muscling, needs to develop in body. Moved cleanly.

Open (3, 2abs)

1st Dempsters Benreeda All That Jazz. Upstanding male of excellent type. Attractive head with a soft eye, strong planes and a fine set of whiskers. Well built with plenty of bone and substance. Well made front, plenty of rib leading to firm coupling and strong stifles. Moved with enthusiasm BOB

Hungarian Vizla


1st Oroshaza Fiocchi of Din Searmor. Pleasing bitch of excellent colour presenting a good outline. Feminine head of correct proportions and planes with a nicely shaped eye and tidy ear. Balanced angulation fore and aft showing plenty of sternum, well sprung rib and firm coupling. Showed reach on the move.

Open (3)

1st MCDonald & Roes Kericastelli Czar by Pirospoint. Upstanding dog with a rich, deep colour Lean head with depth to the muzzle and pleasing earset. Strong arched neck flowed to level topline, correct front & rear angulation with a lovely spring of rib. Showed ground covering movement with excellent reach. BOB Grp 4

2nd Knights Alsziv Maine with Szolnoki SHCM

3rd No name given

Irish Red & White Setter


1st Dempster & Galls Dalriach Snow Grouse at Benreeda. Well build male with the best of heads and a melting expression. Strong in neck, well placed shoulder but tended to stand a touch wide in front. Deep chest with backrib, firm coupling and broad sweeping thigh giving driving movement. BOB

2nd Bartons Taniswood Summer Rose with Bencorragh. In the line up I thought she would be my winner, such a striking outline and so much breed type but her heart was not in moving today so had to settle for 2nd

3rd Mole & Knox Dalriach Silver Tassie

AVNSC Gundog

PGrad (1)

1st Llewellyns Slapstones Spendor of Kesstan WSS. Nice type of bitch, feminine with everything in the right place. Kind head and eye, clean in neck presenting a flowing topline. Well placed shoulders, deep rib with a good spring, firm coupling and strongly built stifles. Moved well

Open(7, 4abs)

1st Bowleys SHCH Gunsyn Aafia Bracco Italiano. My star of the day, from the moment she walked into the ring she grabbed my attention she just oozes class from tip to tail. Noble head with large spongey nose and lean cheeks. Shoulders nicely laid back with good width and a complimentary return of upperarm, deep rib with plenty of heartroom and broad muscled thighs. Fluid driving action on the move which covered the ground so well. BOB Group 1

2nd Bowleys Gunsyn Albarari Bracco Italiano

3rd Mole & Knows Tammano Cranhall WSS

AV Gundog

Minor Puppy

1st Masons Lynsohw Kubba Cocker. What an exciting puppy with lots of potential. Just loved his shape, gentle masculine head, lots of chiselling, dark eye and cheeky expression. Clean neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Deep in chest with plenty of back rib. Well angulated stifles, enough bone for size. A little unsettled on the move to start but soon got the hang of it. It was lovely to watch him take RBPIS

2nd Duncans Miss Figgy Pudding Pointer

3rd Bannermans Selhendo Late Edition Weimaraner


1st Thistleyhill Country Cheil.

2nd Candidacassa Almond

3rd Clacorick Scottish Lilt


1st Exelby Eugene

2nd Tamanno Cranhall

3rd Alanwood Serene Oasis


1st Sonnetend Dot to Dot to Cabharan. Field Spaniel. Mature bitch of good bone and size, feminine head with the noble expression so typical of the breed. Deep well sprung rib under a firm topline, good angles front and rear. She really shone on the move showing true breed characteristics.

2nd Exelby Eugene

3rd Yennadon Fairisle of Clacorick

Special Veteran

1st Bannermans Clalais Winged Song Weimaraner. Won a strong class of veterans. Pleasing outline with lovely construction, all male showing refined head, balanced in skull and foreface, lean in cheek and good chiselling. Firm, clean neck leading to correctly angled forequarters, deep well sprung ribs giving heart and lung room, good coupling and well developed rear end giving powerful driving movement.

2nd McDonalds Shadow from Canna at Donurie

3rd Littlehill Black Bryony

Gundog Group

Group 1 SHCH Gunsyn Aafia Bracco Italiano

Group 2 Nedlezah Take A Chance on Me at Cranngary JW

Group 3 Sonnetend Dot to Dot to Cabharan

Group 4 Kericastelli Czar by Pirospoint

Gundog Puppy Group

Group 1 Lynsohw Kubba

 Group 2 Miss Figgy Pudding


Carol Moore (Gadhelic)