• Show Date: 07/01/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds

Puppy Dog (8/1) 1) Mr D and Mrs W Hall, Cliffmere Forester. Young red with good dark pigment. Overall a lovely size and outline. Top line held on the move and stacked. Moved with drive from the rear. Would like to see with more confidence. 2) Mr T, Mrs A and Mr A Rowell, Emmajesk Hotshot. Lovely cream with dark pigment. a young dog who didn't quiet have the maturity of 1. Again would like to see with more confidence but I look forward to watching both these youngest grow. 3) Mrs M Shutt, Dragonsteeth Cream Cracker at Donnadoon. 

Junior Dog (5/1) 1) Mr T, Mrs A and Mr A Rowellm Emmajesk Hotshot. 2) Mrs C McCarthy, Nagshall Digby Mac. Dark pigment in the eyes and nose, however pigment lost in the nails, well presented. Lay of shoulder was slightly forward, top line held on the move and stacked, longer in loin then 1. 3) Mrs J Pitfield, Luna Caprese D’Oroed’Argento of Follyfield (Imp Ita) 

Post Grad Dog (3/0) 1 & RBD) Mrs W Green, Neertanauf Jack Jones. This dog strode out when he went round the ring, used his drive from the rear to his advantage. Nice head shape, would like a slightly more oval eye. Good dark pigment. Held top line on the move. 2) Mrs McCarthy, Nagshall Digby Mac. 3) Mrs V Burr, Burrdach Freddie Mi Dreamer. 

Open Dog (6/0) 1 & BOB) Mrs H and Mrs O Buchan & Kerslake, Devonwood Crackerjack at Helenium JW. Black and Tan who covered the ground with ease. in good condition, well muscled. Nice head shape, good length of neck following into correct lay of shoulder. Presented nicely. 2) Mrs J Pitfield, Follyfield Firecracker. Another solid mover, with drive from the rear. Well muscled. Nice dark pigment and well presented. 3) Mrs D Chambers, Follyfield Francisco. 

Puppy Bitch (7/0) 1 & Best Puppy) Mr D and Mrs W Hall, Cliffmere Folksong. Litter sister to the Puppy Dog, moved when she got going, held top line on the stake and move. Nice dark pigment. Presented well. Same as the dog puppy would like some more confidence. 2) Mrs M Oxley, Dinkidax Cyenna Satin. Lovely expression with dark pigment. Just preferred the rear angulation on 1 in comparison. Moved nicely. 3) Miss A Bell, Tolberg Tilly’s Mirror Image. 

Junior Bitch (6/1) Ms R Jury, Torwood Spice of Life, Dapple and Cream. Nice expression with dark pigment. Moved well around the ring, correct rear angulation and size proportions. Was a touch narrow. 2) Miss A Bell, Tolbery Tilly’s Just The One. Cream, held top line on the move and staked. Nice rear movement, well presented. Not as mature as 1 just needs to tighten up on the move. Look forward to seeing her mature. 3) Mrs McCarthy, Nagshall Just Fizzical. 

PG (4/0) 1 & RBB) Mrs D Chambers, Rummerdax Harvest Moon. B/T lovely size, shape and character. Lovely head shape with good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Nice tight feet, movement clear going away. 2) Mrs C McCarthy Puttinontheritz, puppy in an older class just lacked in maturity but moved nicely. held top line on the move, handled well as she was shy on the table. 3) Mr S & Mrs S Millington, Burrdach Lucy Locket Mi Lady. 

Open Bitch (3/1) 1 & BB) Mrs J Pitfield, Follyfield Florence. I remember judging this bitch as a youngster. She has grown on so nicely. Drove round the ring similar to BOB. Lovely type, size and character. Nice tight feet, with true movement going away. Level top line held on the move. Well muscled and presented well. 2) Mrs McCarthy, Nagshall The Power of Love. Nice head shape with lovely oval eyes, similar with other dogs from this kennel is the length of loin is longer giving the shape of the dachshund longer and lower.